Week 5: Gazing Gary By Naglis

Gary was a scientist. Not a normal scientist. He didn’t wear a fancy lab coat, instead he wore a goofy jumpsuit from the 80s. He was as arrogant as an overbearing politician. He was trying to prove that gravity wasn’t real. He lived in a bright pink cottage covered in graffiti. Every night at exactly 21:56 he would tilt his head upwards and stare into nothingness. As the years passed the people of St. Louis built a roundabout there. In a fit of rage, Gary let a roar out of him. Haughtily, he would stand there, tilting his head upwards and never moving.

Week 5 The Bent Head By Matthew D

Nobody ever mocked him.

Nobody ever spoke about him.

But that has all changed since he has moved.

Everybody mocks him.

Everybody speaks about him.

One day a small, scrawny man with a brown leather jacket and a black hat came up and had the nerve to ask him why he was so tall.

His reply, ” I eat my vegetables.”

The small man sneered at him. He then pushed the small man.

The small man hit him so hard that his neck and head bent back and got stuck.

He now stands in the same spot every minute, every hour, every day and never moves.

Week 5 The Dreamer By Ciarán

I always wondered what that statue was that I pass everyday on my way to school. Some of my classmates call it,”The Dreamer” because he looks like he is day-dreaming.

A few weeks later….

Something amazing happened, the head moved.. So I went out to investigate. I walked up to it and I was surprised because it was made out of tin foil. I let my curiosity get the better of me so I ripped it open and what I saw was inexplicable. It was the void. Then I heard a guard. I didn’t know what to do. I jumped in. I turned around and I got farther and farther and farther away from reality.

Week 5, The Nicest Man By Tim

In 1935, a worker named John Hudson died in a car accident in the city. The people of St. Louis were shocked because he was the nicest man in their state. Every single day after he finished work he would go around helping people in the district. People called him Biggy because he had big feet and he was tall. It was a compliment. He would help people finish painting their houses and others look for missing stuff. His death was devastating. He was held a massive funeral. People from all over the state went to it and a statue was built on a round-about in his honour. R.I.P John Hudson.

Week:5 Triple Trouble By Marc

“RUN!!” I shouted.

They were running from an alien attack. He ran to the wretched, dreary shed. They wont’ come in here, I thought.

Suddenly, I heard someone scream”Why can we see the moon so clearly?”

Bang Bang!!!!! It was a giant coming. It was true, there was an abominable giant crushing all the houses. The aliens started to attack the giant. The giant was destroying all the space ships. The the moon started falling. The giant stopped fighting and looked up. Suddenly, he froze from the aliens. The aliens captured everybody and were coming for me.

“Come on, John, its time for school. “

It was only a dream!!

Week 5 Litter Collector By Danny

Denny Double Chin was a famous person who used to live in St Louis with his two children, John and Millie. His wife had died a few years after the children were born. Denny used to work as a litter collector and used to go around town picking up rubbish. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Though the worst thing was that he barely saw his children. He was gone before they got up and was home when they were in bed. He usually only saw them at the weekend.

When he died 10 years on, everyone decided to make a big sculpture of him made out of rubbish. And of course they put his neck bent back because he used to always look up at the stars.

Week 5 The Attack by Szymon

At that moment, I knew I should’ve moved out of the way but all I could do was shout. My shouts warned some people but I couldn’t run. When my consciousness came back to me, I started to run and I took  one last glance above me. The fighter planes hovered above our town like eagles waiting for their prey. I told my friend to run and I ran into the church and rang the bell to warn the others. People straight away started to run but I couldn’t see the planes and I knew it was too late. I could hear bombs exploding in the distance.

The Amazing Alien Attack BY:Tadhg week 5

The world looked up as they saw our spaceship. They never saw it again. We went by the name of Draxians. Our code name was very secretive, our code name was…

AAA: A.K.A. AMAZING ALIEN ATTACK. We gathered a lot of intelligence on this planet about Area 51 and many more things. We thought we could take over the planet with our heads in the air. But we were wrong. Area 51 caught us off guard and we were stuck here ever since. A chill runs down my spine whenever I hear about it. But I am telling you this to come to Earth and free our kind.


Week5 AREA 51 By Kacper

I ran. Everyone ran. I was running as fast as I could and I saw people getting shot and lots of blood EVERYWHERE. I slid inside and ran through the hallway. I ran left and my friend went right. He was greeted by a huge half-bear, half-gorilla. I ran and I saw a huge alien-type creature and he was looking up. It only took a split second to try and attack me. I thought that it was over and then… BOOM… The military ran inside and finished it off. I ran but it was too late. I was arrested and sentenced to death.

Week 5 Andy by Mathew O’G

Once upon a time in St.Louis, there was a giant named Andy.                                  He  was over 8 feet tall!                                                                                                               Once he was walking over a roundabout when something shot through the sky.                                                                                                                                                       It was green and blindingly bright.                                                                                      He gaped in awe.                                                                                                                       He was watching it for hours.                                                                                           Every time it passed there was an “ooh”and an “ahhh”.                                           He was still standing there when it was dark.                                                                  Mother was concerned but the beautiful lights eased her worries.                    Andy was staring for so long that somehow his body was frozen and it became fossilised.


The Star Gazer By Jack Week #5

This is the story of a man who, in pursuit of his dream, got the name “The Star Gazer.”

He heard the cock-a-doodle-doo in the morning at half past seven. Wait? HALF PAST SEVEN! He got out of bed and got dressed as quickly as he could.

He was already late for his lesson with Miss… he didn’t think she had a name, everyone just called her Miss.

He was on his way to the secret place where she taught him when bang! crackle! pop! He heard a noise. He looked up. Oh no! Miss had warned him about this. He shouldn’t have looked up. He tried to move but couldn’t. He was looking straight at what looked like a cloud but it wasn’t. It was an evil spirit that would bind him to the place for all eternity. His body would freeze but his mind would still be operational. The thing that froze him was moving. He had no doubt it would go after Miss next…

week 5 Bad Nightmare by Oisín

I walk to school day after day and every day there’s this weird-looking statue, but in a good way. I was leaving school on a Tuesday and they were taking it down. I ran towards the statue. As I tried to stop them, I started pushing them in all directions. The police arrived and they pulled me out of the area and only then I started to think, I don’t know how I’m going to face my parents. I was on my way home in a police car. Then I found myself in my bed. Thank God, it was just a dream (a very bad dream)!

WK#5 What Its Like On Death Row by Abdul

I just finished my food. Knowing you’re going to die is weird and so is being the tallest man on earth, I see humans as ants.Well, it’s time for bed. This prison has my gratitude for this great jail cell.

Wow, its morning and the boys and I are playing soccer fast.Then a guard comes up and tells me it’s time. I’m angry. I was asleep for a day. I come in the room and see a boulder.It’s falling. I see masons. I see people trying to take a picture. I look up and see the boulder.I see…I see… I see…what is that?  Is this heaven…..?

Week 4: Pungent Pipe By Naglis

“Lights out!” roared the guard.

Earlier that day, I secretly snatched the keys off the guard. I cautiously sauntered across the cells, keeping my eye out for guards. I could see a dark grey pipe and it looked to be never-ending. It was my only hope. I dived headfirst into it and started crawling. The smell was pungent. I had no flashlight so I didn’t really know where I was going. I could just about make out a carcass of a dead rat. I was wet. I figured it was sewerage.

“Finally, the end,” I sighed with relief.

I got out and I could see an old dusty car. I could hear the sirens going off. I pressed my foot against the pedal and groaned when it just wouldn’t take off...

Week 4 Enemy By Matthew D

After the failure of the Stormbreaker, I decided to make my own product. Usually it would be all over the market. Usually the shops couldn’t get them on the shelves quick enough. But not this time. When it just wouldn’t take off, I didn’t know what to do. I modified it. I did everything that was possible, but it never worked. One dull, dreary day I was in my office on Liverpool Street when a small man with black hair and tinted glasses walked through the glass door. There in front of me stood my worst nightmare: Herod Sayle.

Week 4 The Plague by Szymon

It was the middle of summer and my parents decided to go to Africa. A week later, while we were still there, we turned on the news.
“An outbreak of plague is in Africa, please evacuate immediately.”
The words filled the room. I dashed to my room and started packing up. Within half an hour we were already driving to the closest airport. When we got there, we stopped our car in a parking spot. We went through security and on to a plane. We were waiting and waiting when it just wouldn’t take off.
” We can not take off because there is someone with the plague on board.”
I heard the people behind me start vomiting continuously.

Week 4 What would I tell my parents? By Danny

The day after Hurricane George hit Kanturk, I went to see what kind of damage it did to the town. I was strolling down gradually at my ease when I noticed that there was a bird on the ground. I checked if it was hurt and it was. He had broken its left wing and couldn’t fly so I took it home.

I darted upstairs so my parents wouldn’t see me and I then made a nest for it.

Four days later and his wing was fixed. I tried to leave it off into the wild but when it just wouldn’t take off, I kept it.

(Without telling my parents of course!)

Week 4, The Launch by Tim

I was excited to see the rocket launch so I got up early in the morning, ate breakfast and dressed. I woke up my parents and they also got ready. We got there in time, before the entire place was full. People were taking pictures and others taking videos when we heard the countdown. I could see the president along with the other famous Americans. The countdown finished and when it just wouldn’t take off, I heard something hit the ground. All of a sudden the rocket burst into flames. The whole station was destroyed along with everyone in it. Pieces of metal were flying and people screaming. It was the worst thing I’d seen as a child.

Week 4 Terrorist By Ciarán

The sun was blinding me when I was coming out. I was ready to fly the silver, metallic jet. My best friend, Marcus the pilot, was beside me with those dark, gloomy eyes.
BANG BANG! PEW PEW ! There was pandemonium everywhere. I asked Marcus what was going on. He said there was a terrorist in the building and he ran off. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to fly. I got in. I didn’t know how to fly so I started pressing random buttons. It started up but when it wouldn’t take off, I knew it was over.

Week 4 Disappointment by Mathew O’G

It was Saturday and it was also  my brother’s birthday.

He saw a stupid toy in  the window of the local newsagents .

He really wanted it so I got it for his birthday.

It was one of those rockets that you pump water into and supposedly they launch 400 feet in the air.

That morning I woke up very early, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping.

I attempted to wrap his present.

That didn’t go too well.

I brought him out to the garden .

I pumped and pumped.

The look on his face when it just wouldn’t take off!

Week 4 The Day My Heart Stopped by Mikolaj

I was ready to go on the private jet that I ordered for $10,000.00. I packed all my clothes the day before so I would be done and dusted. I got a limousine to get me there. I took about 500 pictures before going in. I took a seat in the jet. I called my Mom and said that I would be a new person after this ride and when it just wouldn’t take off I was so disappointed. Eventually the pilot realised there was no fuel so he called the fuel truck to help us in this sticky situation. It finally came and gave us the fuel that we needed and we took off. That must have been the best day of my life.

Week 4: Abominal Alan By Marc

Cops don’t lie .                                                                                                                                   Usually.                                                                                                                                                 I get away.                                                                                                                                         Usually.                                                                                                                                                I get the money I want.                                                                                                                Always. 

The useless cops, I thought. They were going on strike and they somehow tricked me to go to Best Bank. I called my partner, Vast Vicson, and said lets take the wretched, old car to rob Best Bank. We got out of the dreary, abandoned house. We slithered through the long grass behind the bank. We stole the money and suddenly saw the cops. We ran like we were about to get killed by a demon. We jumped into the wretched car and the cops were on us when it just wouldn’t take off.

Week#4: My Teacher Is The Devil…By Sean

One amazing, sunny day our nice teacher was ill and so we got a substitute teacher.

Now if you thought your teacher was bad, this one was the worst.

She made us clean the classroom until the place was as shiny as a  diamond.

After school, I tried to fly my rocket but when it just wouldn’t take off, she caught us flying the rocket to visit our old teacher.

When  we saw what happened to our teacher we were very upset.

There was a doctor and he said that she was diagnosed with cancer.


WK#4 From stone to car? by Abdul

Hello, my name is Budal. I’m 11 years old. One day, I saw a green light and before I knew it I was turned into stone. It has been 3,700 years since that day and I broke out. Then I went to wash my dirty clothes. Then I saw oil. Brilliant, I will build a car!I got wood and got all the parts I needed and built it. I thought about my teacher telling me how cars work and what they’re made of. I built it, a car! I thought about my first test drive and when it just wouldn’t take off I decided to go to history.I now will set sail on a ship.

Week# 4 SPACE By Kacper

“Kacper, you have 5 minutes left!” Houston spoke softly.

” Hey Houston,do you think I will die?”I asked sadly.

” Possibly, yes.” Houston spoke softly.

You might ask how did I end up like this? I was meant to go and check what was new on the moon. So I said yes. I stayed up in space for 3 months. I was meant to go back to Earth on the spacecraft when it just wouldn’t take off and then… BOOM…it exploded and I was launched back. And with that I have 30 seconds and here I am going to die. Goodbye world, I am never to be…

Trouble Down South By Jack

It was while we were doing research in the seemingly endless icy desert that is the Antarctic that the team I was assigned to first struck trouble.

It was always known that I had bad luck. Even for something that seemed like it couldn’t go wrong, my luck always found a way.

And this was a trip to the Antarctic.

I was assigned to collect samples from a lake we had found that wouldn’t freeze because of the amount of salt in it.

On the plane to go back home my luck showed itself.

“Ummm, Captain, the plane won’t start, ” is what the pilot had said.

We tried everything in the book to get it going but when it just wouldn’t take off we knew we were in trouble.

And I knew that my bad luck had struck again.

Week4 The locked door By:Tadhg


I woke up that morning excited for the day ahead. I hopped into the car but when it just wouldn’t take off, I decided to cycle. When I arrived at the building, I hopped off my bike and left it by the shed. I walked happily into my office and then realised… I had forgotten to lock the door of my house. I ran to my house desperately trying to get there in time. I rushed through the alleyways, taking all the shortcuts. I ducked. I didn’t have a long time to duck so. CLANG. I hit the metal vent. When I finally got home the door was locked.

Week 3: Rotten Rottweiler By Naglis


I could hear a loud, alarming voice in the distance. I had to find out what it was. My parents had warned me to never go past the Potter’s house, but curiosity got the better of me. I quickly hopped onto my bicycle in a desperate effort to get there in time. In the distance, I could see a vast amount of houses but one stood out in particular. I could see the dried- out yellow grass in the garden, and on it a massive brown rottweiler. I could see its bulging, red eyes staring into mine. It darted towards me and greedily bit my leg. “AARGH!!”. 

Week 3, The Only Bike I had, by Mikolaj

The only way that I could travel was by bike or by a  fast sprint. It was all because there was a yellow Labrador dog in my estate that was desperate for food. There were signs but they only warned a few people because the others ran for their lives. Suddenly my bicycle chain came off, so all I had to do was RUN! I was running but I knew I would have no energy in a minute. Meanwhile, I realised he was not chasing me so I greedily guzzled from my water bottle and came up to the sign and leaned on it.