Week 37 The Ancestors By Matthew D

My ancestors found a gold viola in the eighteenth century . It has been passed down to the eldest son at midnight on their eighteenth birthday. And tonight is my eighteenth birthday. This viola is so ancient, it is worth millions. While I am at my party, I can see my father is beginning to get a little stressed. Then I hear it is lost. We searched until 11:30 pm and when we thought that there was no hope left, we stopped. I was heart broken I looked up to the ceiling and saw it dangling. I climbed up there and retrieved it as the church bell struck for midnight.

Week 37 Viola’s Adventure By Danny

Viola is a twelve year old girl from Italy. She is not like a  normal girl, normal girls love dolls but Viola loves exploring. She is also very mischievous. One day she went exploring in her dad’s rowing boat in search of lost gold in the ancient city of Atlanta.  She rowed to a nearby island not far from her home.

She searched for hours hoping she would discover the treasure. As night fell and it got darker she decided to head for home to leave her treasure hunt for another day.

Week 36 The Beast Next Door By Danny

It was a bright Saturday afternoon and my friend had come over to mess around and play some hurling. We were out in the  back garden when my friend hit the ball over the fence, into my neighbours’ garden. I said I would get it as I went over there often when my sliotar went over.

I first checked if the neighbours’ dog was there or as I liked to call him, ‘The BEAST’. He is a rottweiler.

Before I jumped over  the fence, I looked over it to see the rottweiler but thank God I couldn’t see him. I then jumped over the fence and got the ball but when I looked up he was there growling at me and that’s when I knew I should run.


Week 36 The Dangerman By Matthew D

There I was with my dad at the local bank when all of a sudden a badly dressed man came in. I could see something under his coat but I couldn’t make it out. He stood at the back of the line with a big smirk on his  face. I could see his golden teeth inside his rotting mouth. Then a gun emerged from his coat. That’s when I knew I should run. I sprinted down the street, my dad tearing up behind me. I could hear gunshots. I turned the corner and a bullet whizzed past my head. Then a man in front of me collapsed…

Week 35 Swept Away By Matthew D

There was Lola and her little puppy walking along by the stream on a lovely sunny morning. The rain had been  pouring out of the heavens the night before. There was a strong current in the river and Lola and her little puppy were running along the side of the river bank. Next thing, Lola fell in. She was barking ferociously as she was swept down the river leaving her little puppy behind. The puppy gave a little cry as he stared into the dark brown water that his mother was swept away in.

Week 35 My Own Little….. By Danny

It was May 11th  2020. Lockdown was here because of the Corona Virus. My dog and I were messing with a ball outside. I would throw the ball and she would go and get it. But one of the times I threw  it,  it went  a bit too far and it went into a bush. She  leaped into the bush to get it. She didn’t return for a few minutes so I went looking for her and I found her swimming in a lake. I had never seen or been in it before. I now had a load of things to explore and the best thing was that only I knew about it.

Week 35 The River by Tadhg

Jake was a Labrador. When we got him from the animal shelter downtown ,he was sick and had lice and a nasty rash. After a while Jake got better. The vet said he was just a year old. Jake and I would play all the time. One day Jake was missing. I checked the park, the forest and our field. I finally found him by the river sitting down and watching it flow. I called for Jake but he didn’t move. I dragged him back home and he didn’t do anything. He just sat on the ground looking back at the river. I wonder what he saw that frightened him so much.

Week 34 The Raccoon. By Danny

It was Monday morning again, start of the week. The sun was in the sky. I got dressed and then skedaddled  downstairs to eat my breakfast as I was running a bit late. Then the worst thing that could happen happened. There was a raccoon in my house, trying to get some food out of the cupboard.

When I saw it, I got a box and put it over it and then I hopped on a chair as I was still kind of scared. After a few minutes I picked up the box and brought it outside. I lifted the lid of the box and he jumped out of the box and landed on some leaves.

Week 34: Clumsy Canter By Naglis

“I need money,quick!” I gasped nervously. “I must do the one thing I’m great at, stealing.”

The gang don’t know me as Canter Krychowiak, they call me by my well-known nickname-‘The Raccoon’. I was known as that because I could hide well and steal yet can be clumsy sometimes. They all helped me think of where I should steal from. Suddenly, Pavel suggested the bank. I grinned evilly. I waited till the sky was pitch black. That was my cue. I hid behind a tree and stepped on a crunchy leaf but luckily no one heard me. I was at the vault but I couldn’t reach it. I stepped on a box but I was still too small. Next I stepped on a chair and grabbed the money easily.

“BOOM!” I slipped of the chair.

“Who’s that?!” the guard shouted angrily…

week 34 The Raccoon in the Box By: Tadhg

It was late afternoon. The midsummer sun was beating hard down on my chest and there was no sign of a cloud in the sky.  I rushed down the footpath heading to our new house.  I’d just got a message that the boxes had been delivered.  I arrived at the house and it didn’t look at all like the photo.  It was a rundown old house that needed more than a lick of paint.  I opened the door to the house and it creaked so loud the neighbour gave out.  I looked into the house and spotted a raccoon running upstairs.  I ran upstairs and I didn’t leave a leaf unturned searching for the raccoon that I finally found asleep in a box.

Week 34 The Noise by Szymon

The sky was so dark you could barely see anything and clouds were covering the moon. I was in my kitchen making myself tea.I sat down on a chair to drink it. Suddenly, I heard a noise in my garden. I decided to go and check it out so I grabbed a flashlight. A leaf fell in front of me. I saw a box turned over on its side and something in it. When I got closer I heard a hissing sound. I shone the flashlight into the box and I was so relieved when I saw that it was just a racoon.

Week 34 The Sky Diving Box By Matthew D

I was a normal boy on a normal street on a normal day when all of a sudden everything changed. I went to tie my shoe lace when a box dropped from the sky. I could see a racoon inside. It hopped out of the box chewing a leaf. The next day, I was walking on the same street at the same time when it came flying from the sky in a chair. It landed perfectly in front of me and ran. The next day it was plummeting from the sky on its own. I knew I had to save it. I dived forward…

Week 33 The Deep Dark Woods by Danny

It was just coming up to 10 o clock on Saturday evening when I went out to lock my dog Bella into her kennel for the night. I noticed that she wasn’t there. I called her name but there was no sign of her.

I went into the wood next to my house calling her name. |Suddenly the deafening screams echoed through the cold night. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me hoping no one was following me. As I was running something tugged on my pants and there was Bella running along side me and she looked as frightened as I felt.

Week 33 The Campsite by Matthew D

My friends and I were going camping in the local camping site . We had it all planned out. It was going to be the best night of our lives. We set up the tent and put the barbecue on. We were having a midnight feast when we heard  footsteps. We all ran as fast as the wind. My friend and I hid in a cave. We heard screams. The screams grew louder and louder. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night and into the early morning. Then a shadow appeared. My  friend and I backed away and then BOOM!

Week 33: It Was All A Dream By Marc

“No, I’m not going in there, it is haunted.”

I was dared to go into the woods that were said to be haunted. It was said that whoever went in never came out. I walked in about 1 km. Suddenly, I fell and got knocked out. I woke up and it was night. I could hear screams and they were scaring me so I tried to fall asleep so I could go back home in the morning. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Eventually my friends jumped and  scared me. It was them the whole time. Suddenly we heard a real scream and a shadow came towards us.

Week 33 Jacob’s Demise: by Tadhg

Jack was happy. He could finally do what he’d been waiting 10 long years to do . Simon Jacobs was his neighbour. He was a grumpy old man. He went missing a while ago. Jack was ready to climb the wall into Simon’s backyard. For years he lost balls, kites and a bike (don’t ask!) . Jack climbed the wall and spotted a massive black hole that filled up most of the lawn. Jack looked down the massive hole and saw Jacob. He was skin and bone. There was something behind him. It was moving towards him. Jacob screamed and was dragged away by the vicious beast. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. Jack cried himself to sleep. 

Week 32 Bandits By: Tadhg

It was getting dark. We raced through the woods towards the town. I jumped off my horse and sprinted towards the town square. The village was being attacked by bandits. I pulled out my pistol and glanced at my best friend Harry. He nodded and we shot our guns in the air. The bandits stopped for a second and stared at us. There were six of them in total. One of them had a gun. He shot at me. It hit my gun and knocked it out of my hand. Harry shot at one of the bandits and he fell over clutching his stomach. We chased after the bandits as the village people watched us disappear into the night.

Week 32 I Didn’t Mean To Do It!!! By Danny

One dark  Autumn evening, my friends and I were playing hurling on the road near my house. We were having great fun until, ” BANG!!” I had put a hole in my neighbour’s car window. When we  heard the bang we disappeared into the night so that nobody could see us and blame us but we were too late. My neighbour came out just as we were running away and told us that she was going to call the guards.

The next morning our parents came to bail us out of jail.

My mother said,” Why did you do that ?”

But all that came out was,” I didn’t mean to do it!”

Week 31, by Mikolaj

I was on vacation with my family and we went to the local shop to buy some food. I wanted a roll with butter and cheese and my sister got reeses. We went exploring the city and it was beautiful. We got to a castle and you could’ve gone up one of the towers of the castle and I decided that I wanted to. I had to jump over a 50 feet drop and I asked myself, “Should I really do this?” But then I decided to not be risking my life on a view. I loved the city!


Week 32 Vanished By Matthew D

My friends and I were playing a massive prank on the class bully. At 9 o’clock tonight we were going to the soccer pitch. We knew he’d be there because he’d training with the local soccer club. We decide that we should wear white garments as he wouldn’t know who we were. We came at 8:59 and there we saw him. The coach blew the whistle and the training was over. We went over and started asking questions. He didn’t know who we were. We then ran. He followed us. We disappeared into the night. He almost fainted with the terrifying fright.

Week 31 Emerged from the Dark By Matthew Deady

The ghost of Milltown comes around every thirty years on the 1st of May. And today is the 1st of May. It comes out for three hours between 9 and 12. Everyone in the town is preparing for a horrific night.  In a press conference, the town mayor ordered the people to batten down the hatches. I want to see the ghost emerge from its grave so I’m going to go down there…

It’s 8:59 and I’m waiting anxiously. The moon is behind the old horse chestnut tree. And as the town bell dings for 9:00 the ghost bursts out of the grave and goes tearing down the path towards Milltown.

Week 31 The Hunt: by Tadhg

I stared at the glimmering moon, listening to the wolves howl. The pack of wolves were hunting, hunting me. I raced past the old shack on the hill almost tripping on the stones at the abandoned graveyard. I glanced back and saw the first wolf appear by the shack. It was pure muscle, you could tell it was the alpha. I knew I had no chance. The wolf leapt at me and I closed my eyes waiting for impact when suddenly a man knocked me onto the ground . I knew I had to repay him for saving my life, but only if we survived the night.

Week 31 I Will Never go to That House Again!!! By Danny

It was 5 o clock on the 31st of October. My two friends, John and Tom, came over to go Trick or Treating. We went down Wall Street to Mr and Mrs Walsh’s house first as we knew them very well and they gave children more than a fair amount of Candy.

As the night came to a close, we skedaddled  down O Brien Street to Mr George’s house. When we came to the gate we noticed there was a slight breeze blowing the trees in his garden and from my point of view it looked as if it was haunted.

We walked along the dreadful, rocky pathway when out of the house we heard a scream and that was the last time I went Trick or Treating to Mr George’s house.

P.S. I never saw Mr George AGAIN!!!

Week 30 Moving House By Danny

I was walking down the street and then I got to my house. I thought I was dreaming but really I wasn’t. I saw a sign on my house  but I couldn’t see what it said because a big flower was covering  it. Well, I’ll go back to the start where it had all began.

It was a few weeks ago now, on a warm dry day with the sun shining high in the sky. My parents were divorced and I  was stuck right in the middle of it. Who was going to pay for my operation? By he way, I had fallen into a hole and had broken my leg. They kept fighting until I said I would pay for my own operation and guess what? My parents got back together because they were proud  of me for being so grown up and they paid for my operation.


Week 30 The Coppers by Matthew D

I was dashing down North Avenue Street when I found a wallet. I considered my options. I decided returning it was the best way to go. So as I took the right corner to Abbeyhillside Road. The cops came lifting down the road, sirens blaring. They immediately stopped when they saw the wallet in my hand. They said I was under arrest and was forced into the back of the squad car. The cop said I was arrested for stealing.

“It doesn’t matter what I say, does it?” I asked this with a feeling there was no getting out of this. I was sure there was no getting out of this. I put my head in my hands.

Week 30 Imagine By: Tadhg

Jack was furious, he had to clean his room.

He was cleaning his clothes when he thought, “Maybe I could tie all my clothes together to scale down the wall in Alcatraz and I’d be the only one in Alcatraz who escaped and saw the sun?”

When he finished cleaning the clothes, he cleaned the toys. When he put the ball away he thought, “Maybe I could be Pelé and I’d kick the ball top bins and win the game.”

Then he put away his toy shovel, “Maybe I could see a sign for a flower shop, dig a hole and plant all their flowers? Then I’d have the biggest garden in the world!”

Week 30: The Genie By Marc

My friends and I were playing truth or dare and I was first so I said dare. They told me to go into a deep dark cave. So I did go in by myself. When I crawled through a very small hole I could see a bunch of gold and a lamp on top. I heard of a story of a magic lamp. I grabbed  the lamp and a big blue person came out and said, “You have three wishes”. I said I want to be the best soccer player in the world and the richest person in the world. He said no, I shouted It doesn’t matter what you think , does it ? Suddenly the cave roof fell in. 

Week 20 St. Stephen’s Green By Jack

It was Tuesday of Easter Week. All was quiet around the GPO. Pádraig Pearse had read the proclamation yesterday and the British flag had been taken down and replaced by the Irish tricolour. I am stationed in Stephen’s Green and am safely tucked away in a cold,muddy trench. I must say it is better than being out of it.

“It’s nearly dusk, Conor,” my friend Sean was shouting to me.

“C’mon you lazy lumps, we’ve got work to do!”he said in a joking voice.

I got up out of the trench and just then I saw something sailing over our heads. As it flew towards us, I couldn’t see what it was but then I recognised it.

“GRENADE!” I shouted as I jumped back into the trenches and it exploded 10 feet away from me. Last thing I remember was the sound of gunfire,men shouting and the bitterly cold evening of Tuesday 25th of April.

Week 25: The Jail Break By Marc

It was a dark, cold night. There was a plan to escape from jail tonight. It was pitch black outside but it was perfect for us to escape. We all had stolen food for the night so we would have energy. I stole a banana, there were 3 of us escaping. There was me, Silly Sam and Dangerous Dan. Silly Sam also had a banana. We broke the toilet and it was extremely heavy. The toilet was really damaged. Silly Sam threw his banana skin away. We jumped over the wall. Suddenly we all slipped because of the banana skin on the ground. We all got caught!

Week 20, Being a Guard by Tim

Most people think being a guard is simple, just walking around making sure people don’t do anything bad or not get inside a certain building. But guarding AREA 51 ain’t simple. As you may know a lot of people are trying to get inside. It’s so annoying. Last week’s encounter was very weird. Jim and I were on our night shift when I heard a rustling noise coming from a bush. I ignored it and then WHOOSH! Something flew out of the bush. It made a loud annoying noise and as it flew closer to us. I couldn’t see it until I saw blinking lights beneath it. A drone. Jim shot it down and two teenage boys ran out of the bush. I was surprised because people never use drones trying to get inside the facility.