K.O. by Eoin, Week 19.

I felt washed out. I was nearly there, on the edge, the brink, the fringe of a world title, yet I simply couldn’t muster the energy, the will, the determination to fight on. My eyes were flickering, open, shut, open, shut. I wanted to keep going, but the blue gloves kept stinging, pounding into my flesh and vibrating across the impact point. As I fell to my knees, just about to black out, I wondered, ” Was it worth it? The 3 a.m. starts, the sweaty gym workouts, the meticulous mindset training, the gruesome protein shakes, the slimy raw eggs, the time, effort and money?” I don’t know.


The Chase by Stephen

Kyle swerved around another corner clipping the kerb. He was driving in darkness, relying only on his memory of the town. He had his headlights turned off in case anybody spotted him . He was heading towards the tunnel which was the only way out of town. Kyle clipped another kerb and decided to slow down a bit. 10 minutes on and he was midway through the tunnel. Kyle could hear something coming towards him.Suddenly a truck came  out of nowhere. The light blinded him. He skidded off course and was heading towards the cliff edge. He tried to brake but it was too late.


Week 11. Evidence… By Darragh Q


Yes, finally, my first case! I immediately started looking for the murderer. Where could he be, I thought? As I read the newspaper I discovered that as he escaped from the crime scene, he stole a bike and cycled away. I decided to search the forest. I don’t know why I chose to search it, I just had a feeling there would be something interesting there. And I was right, as I strolled through the forest I could see something in the distance. When I advanced closer to the mysterious object, I could make out a bike. But the thing that shocked me was that the bike was stuck in the tree. Evidence! Finally, I thought…



I slowly walked into the swamped corridor of our sinking ship. I was down here looking for my friends that were trapped behind a huge metal door. As I reached for the handle, I wondered what was behind the door. Well there was only one way to find out, I thought. I wrenched open the door. Immediately gallons of water rushed at me like a bus. I was knocked off my feet and got swept down the corridor and forced against the wall. Suddenly something hit me. I opened my eyes and saw something horrifying, one of my friend’s motionless body. That’s when it hit me. I had to find a way out soon.


The day Someone Bought Me By Charlie Barry

The day had come! Somebody had finally bought me! Soon I would be out of this sweltering hot packet and into fresh air and light! Suddenly I heard a loud rumble and I was jolted back. I was excited as we drove around the bumpy road. So bumpy that someone dropped me and I fell out of the car. I got sick and dizzy as I flew through the air. Then my packet hit a hard surface and ripped open. I never expected things to go like this. I walked awkwardly out of the ripped packet. Then I saw these red bugs all around me. A chill went down my spine.


The bull by Noel

Once upon a time there was a farmer. The farmer had bulls , horses, goats, sheep and geese. He was quite proud of his bull. He weighed 1.5 tonnes in weight. At this time the farmer was very sick but nobody knew. One day the bull broke out chasing the horse and the sheep around the yard. A neighbour came to tell the man about the bull. When he realised he was dying he called an ambulance. The man came out the very same day. If the bull didn’t break out the man would have died. In memory of the animals three statues were built.

Week 21: The Talking Teddy Bear by Michael

It was 5 past 1 and I was walking in the middle of the city. Suddenly I spotted a  white, fluffy teddy bear on the recently renovated footpath. I wondered, “What could he be doing here?” Without  thinking I knelt down and scooped the bear from the footpath. In a blink of an eye the bear said, “Hey, who are you?” I stood in shock. Was I dreaming? The bear stared at me with a strange face. “Don’t tell anyone, please.” said the bear. At that point I didn’t have a clue about what to do next.

A Wacky Day! By Cillian Week 21

One day while I was sprinting to the shops, I heard someone shouting “Help! Thief! Thief!”

I scattered through the streets and eventually found the supposed ‘thief’ but to my surprise it was a teeny, tiny bear! The second he saw me he hit the deck as if playing dead but he wasn’t fooling me. Suddenly a loud car pulled up and a group of men started shouting at me. I asked them what the problem was. They responded with “You.” Then I blacked out. I woke up in a hospital and a nurse began to ask me general questions but the only thing I remembered was my father’s phone number.

The Missing Bear by Sean O S week 21

Mission to find the missing teddy bear. It was last sighted outside a petrol station in a girl’s hands and all of a sudden it was gone. She said she didn’t feel it drop out of her hands. We were pretty clueless as to where it could be gone so we just sent a few of our staff out to search for it. They looked down all the alleys and in most bins but there was no sign at all. One person thought that they had seen it over by a corner shop so they contacted our agency. We immediately set out to solve this mystery. We got to the area where it was last seen and there it was. We returned it to the girl and she was delighted. We had solved our mystery.

The Truck By Charlie 6th class

Patrick the Bear felt thoughtful as the truck rumbled into life and started moving. He did not know where he was heading but at least he was leaving the terrible and hostile environment of the factory. Another bear, Tim had told him that they were going to place called a shop. Tim explained that his brother was in the shop for 5 days. But Tim’s brother was fortunate. Some bears stay in the shop for weeks if not months! But in the blink of an eye, Patrick and Tim flew out of the truck with the wind blowing in their faces. Patrick hit a rugged terrain… He looked around and Tim was nowhere to be seen….

Lost by David L

I started to it was feel ill-fated but still I had to keep faith. I was Tom’s  best friend for 3 years. Unpredictably and out of nowhere, I slipped out of his arms when he was sleeping. I was determined to fight on. I knew I had to find my way back to the loyal, loving toddler that I belonged to. After a few desperately hard hours of finding my way, I saw the nasty broken sign showing ‘Kemswerth’ on it . So I knew I was close. Minutes later, I came across my estate. I went for a  peak to see the house I lived in. When I approached the door, I knocked and then acted like a normal teddy bear.I was back home…

Lost by Stephen

Timmy the Bear looked round. He had been flung out of his owner’s pram and couldn’t move as he was in the middle of the park. Just then a teenage gang spotted him and decided to throw him. The leader of the gang, who looked about 100kg with beefy arms, picked him up. Nobody dared move as their leader began to spin his arm. Timmy felt himself soaring through the sky before hitting gravel. He had come just short of the road and was sprawled out on the footpath. He needed to find his owner now… and fast!

100 WC week 21 Loss of a friend by Krzystof

The school bell rang.

“Ok! ” shouted teacher. ” Line up!”

Jim was last to walk out, alone but for his one friend, Benny Teddy Bear, his best friend for life. Sitting alone in the shed, holding Benny, and thinking how it would be to have a real friend. How would it be to play with some one? As he was thinking of that, Thomas came up. He was the person who bullied him. Thomas, in a mean voice said, “Give it!”

” What?”

“The thing in your hand!”


Thomas grabbed the teddy bear and threw it over the fence. Jim shouted “NO!, NO!” He lost the only friend he had.

Home… By Darragh

I lay there on the dirt footpath, unwanted. I used to be nice and soft and clean, but now I lay on this footpath, dirty and lonely. Several people passed me everyday but they just ignored me. As I looked about me, in the distance I could make out a figure. I thought I recognised him. As he advanced further he picked me up! I was shocked. Before I knew it, I was sitting down by a fire. I recognised the soothing warmth of it. Just then the figure that had picked me up, sat down beside me.  I looked up into his face and I knew that I was home…

The Bear 100 Work Challenge Week 21 by Noel

Anna loved me. She brought me everywhere, whether it be a walk in the park or on a plane. If there was even a speck of dirt on me, she would scrub until she could see her own reflection on my red bow. I lived in the countryside so Anna spent a lot of time with me as there was nobody her own age around. When she started Junior Infants, she was so scared that going in the school gate she clutched me to her chest. A few minutes later, 2 girls started playing with her, making her forget about me. When the bell rang, she darted off, dropping me without realising.


Every day I passed Sally the Bear. She was left at the bridge when she was only three. She now just sits there with her face just on the bridge and the only time she ever got up was when her only friend, Anna, a little frog died. She was the only friend she ever had and now she puts the left part of her face on the dirty old bridge. Nobody ever talks to her any more. The only thing she has to remember her family by is a red bow that says, “My God, keep my baby safe. Please God please.”


Tired,cold and wet ,Bill traveled through the streets of Dublin trying not to be spotted by the people. He stopped in an alleyway to rest and thought about to whom he had previously belonged.  The child’s name was Toby and had been out shopping with his mom when he dropped Bill. After stopping for a while he continued his journey to find Toby’s house but that was on the outskirts of Dublin and he was in the centre of the city. As he traveled on and on he felt himself getting weaker and weaker until finally he died of exhaustion on the side of the road.

Present by Alan

My mom bought me a present. I opened it and inside there was a white, fluffy teddy bear. I was in love with the bear. I called it Koy. Koy went everywhere with me, to school, shopping and on holiday. Just everywhere. One day I was sprinting and Koy was in my backpack and Koy fell out of my backpack. I didn’t know and I lost him. I was heartbroken. I didn’t want to tell my mom but I had to. When I told her she was not mad at me but sad. I cried for a long time that day. After a few days I got over it.

The Attack (Week 21 Paddy 6th)

“Minion!” said a voice from the massive leather chair in the centre of the room.

“Ready the Deady Bears!”

“Yes master,” replied a whimpering voice.

There was the noise of a button being clicked and an enormous mechanical claw came down from the ceiling, holding a crate. From within that crate a scratching noise was echoing ,with the occasional grunt. The crate burst open with a splintering noise and out came… millions of adorable, plush bears.

“Gaah! Minion what have you done?! My weapons!”

“I’m not your minion. I’m FBI Agent Turncoat and you’re under arrest!”

“Dang and blast!” roared the evil villain. And that is how teddy bears came into the world.

LEFT EMPTY WK#21 by Ronan

The big Dublin City. Busy shops packed with people and streets full of babies, grown ups and children. Even with tidy businesses with clean shelves and storage rooms, things still get lost. Take this small, fluffy teddy bear neatly tied with a crimson red ribbon. This teddy bear is, to you, only filled with stuffing, but it is not. It is lonely, with other feelings inside. Lonely and empty. Overall just disappointed until his owner, a small little girl who goes by the name of Grace, came to pick him up. He was no longer disappointed. They went home together.

All Alone By Killian Week 21

At first, I was loved by my owner even though I couldn’t talk. We played every single day. You would never see us apart. We would go to the park together, go bowling and go to cafes. But one day I  was sitting in her bag when a cyclist crashed into us and knocked us over . I flew out of her bag and onto the path. She quickly got up and walked off swearing angrily at the cyclist. She didn’t realise I was still lying on the path. I felt heartbroken. As I reached out to her I knew she was never going to come back…

My Teddy Bear wk 21 by Craig

It was my 6th birthday, Mom got me a super cute white teddy bear with a nice red bow around its neck. We sprinted as fast as we could to my Gran’s house. As we arrived, out of breath, I’d just realised that I dropped my bear somewhere along the way. I was devastated that I just lost my cute white bear. I told my Gran and she said she needed to go shopping but instead she went and got me the same bear with same red the bow ’round its neck. I was really and truly delighted with Gran.

The Lost Teddy Bear by David

Jenny was walking down the street after a great day. She bought a new teddy bear. But as she strolled along the street her teddy bear fell without her noticing. Then when she came home she did notice. 1 hour later she walked down the street. It was gone of course. Someone took it, well, probably. Then she went back to the workshop where she purchased it and they had run out. Jenny was very unhappy throughout that day. She managed to find a shop with the exact same bear. But it wasn’t the same thing. Jenny went outside to see a little girl much younger. She then placed Jenny’s teddy on the street. She explained why she took it. Then Jenny let her keep it.






Gone. By Eoin week 21.

“C’mon, Tom, time to go,” called his mother cheerfully in a sing-song tone. Reluctantly, he disbanded the playgroup  and raced after his mom who was breathing a sigh of relief at the thought of finally getting 5 minutes peace. In all their haste to leave, they forgot to collect Commander Fluffy from his strategic position under a slide. Nobody noticed for 2 nights as Tom’s collection of stuffed bears spanned three huge shelves. Meanwhile, Commander Fluffy, who was feeling neglected and outraged that he had been forgotten about, set about getting home to Tom. Eventually when he arrived,  carried by a friendly dog, he was heartbroken to find him asleep with another teddy. He tried banging on the glass but it was futile, he was gone…



In the studio week 20 Shane

I was in the studio recording my new song for my album :Rap Songs by Shane. I was recording my new song called “These Days”. The studio was after getting new installations and it was completely out of tune and I had to get the sound back like it used to be. So we had to mess around with sounds on the microphone through the PC. It was half past 2 am before I started actually recording the new song. The tune was back on track and my album was growing every day.

The End .

…the fight… by Dominic

Today I was going to listen to music but it was completely out of tune. I was bored so I went to drive my car and it was fine until I saw something in the sky. It was two people fighting and it looked like they had magic. Then something red was coming at me. I jumped out of my car and then my car exploded. Then something else was happening. There was a meteorite going to hit one of the people fighting. Then BOOM.

The Boring Orchestra by Stephen

John woke up with a jolt. He had fallen asleep as usual at the weekly orchestra his mum always went to see. As per usual it was completely out of tune. John stood up and headed for the toilets. As he stepped in he heard a series of bangs. John assumed he was hearing things. When he stepped out though, he saw bodies scattered across the floor. Hastily, he began to retreat back into the bathroom. Suddenly a hand caught hold of him, smashed his head off a wall and everything went black for John.

The Ecouter by Alex week 20

As I clambered down the ladder, I heard a noise like a distress signal but it was out of tune with the robot. My friend Bobby gave the robot a smack and it worked. I looked round to realise that I had been down here before when I got attacked by zombie robots. All of a sudden a door opened and the mad scientist that I had seen before stood in front of me and Bobby. Scared that he was going to run away again, I jumped at the opportunity to seize him. He tried pulling a runner but couldn’t run fast enough.

The Street Man (Paddy 6th)

He stepped up to the edge of the side walk and closed his eyes. He then muttered something under his breath, and began to play. He played not for family or any  noble cause, but he played to make ends meet. Although his rickety old guitar was falling apart and was completely out of tune, a crowd had gathered, entranced by the strangely beautiful music that was coming from his instrument. His fingers, plucking swiftly at the strings, looked as if they were dancing. And then, as suddenly as it had come, it stopped. and the street man turned and lay on the street corner.

Invasion by David Lehane week 20.

I  was trapped inside my mansion. There was just a little hole that a small child could get through. A big house invasion  was happening. They didn’t know where my family and I were hiding. This was a good thing. But it wasn’t safe sitting in my son’s room with the door blocked off and a hole through the window. Suddenly, I heard this extremely loud noise. I looked behind to see my phone ringing. It was completely out of tune. I could hear the burglars coming. The panic room wasn’t far away. I smashed the window. My family hopped out. We got to the panic room but the doors were closing slowly when…

THE LOUD HOUSE wk#20 by Ronan

My house was never quiet for a minute. With one sister bringing friends over all the time and the other watching videos with the volume at full blast. One played music all the time and the other screamed her head off when she sees a spider. It wasn’t just the house, it was the whole estate. The  house on my left had 10 children and the one on the right was owned by teenagers who held big parties  all the time. Most of the time it is actually good music but today it was completely out of tune. It was horrible.

100 WC. week 20 APOCALYPSE by Krzysztof

Just as I turned in on Sunday night, the noise of some bizarre music came from outside. It was completely out of tune. People  dashed through the street screaming in horror. Everything seemed to change: the sky was grey and black, roads collapsed and steel started to rise up in the air and fall down in seconds. Roads broke, houses smashed. As fast I could run, I sprinted through the estate in which I lived. Everything changed from that day on and turned into the most real of living nightmares.

The Rebellion By Cillian Week 20

Hello, my name is John Adams. I am the Sergeant of Squad A for the British Army. The year is 1916 and the Irish Rebels are starting a rebellion. I was sent out to ease this issue. One day I was passing Jacobs Biscuit Factory and I saw many workers run outside. I asked them what was going on. They said, “The rebels demanded the factory so we had to leave”. I immediately left to tell this to my Commanding Officer. As I was walking down the hallway to his office, I heard him singing. It was completely out of tune but I still enjoyed it.  Once I told my Commanding Officer about the rebels he said we would attack that night.


The Kings Violin Week 19 by Charlie

The king’s servant roamed through the dense forest with the king’s violin. He made sure not to put food on the king’s most prized possession. An old legend had it that anyone who damaged the violin would be put in the damp, dull dungeon underneath the castle and would be left there until death. But suddenly the servant heard a crash and was amazed to see the violin on the wet, soggy grass. A chill went down his spine as he picked it up. He tried to play it but it was completely out of tune. He was puzzled as to what he would do next. Run away? Or get put in the dungeon?