Week 11. Evidence… By Darragh Q


Yes, finally, my first case! I immediately started looking for the murderer. Where could he be, I thought? As I read the newspaper I discovered that as he escaped from the crime scene, he stole a bike and cycled away. I decided to search the forest. I don’t know why I chose to search it, I just had a feeling there would be something interesting there. And I was right, as I strolled through the forest I could see something in the distance. When I advanced closer to the mysterious object, I could make out a bike. But the thing that shocked me was that the bike was stuck in the tree. Evidence! Finally, I thought…



I slowly walked into the swamped corridor of our sinking ship. I was down here looking for my friends that were trapped behind a huge metal door. As I reached for the handle, I wondered what was behind the door. Well there was only one way to find out, I thought. I wrenched open the door. Immediately gallons of water rushed at me like a bus. I was knocked off my feet and got swept down the corridor and forced against the wall. Suddenly something hit me. I opened my eyes and saw something horrifying, one of my friend’s motionless body. That’s when it hit me. I had to find a way out soon.


The day Someone Bought Me By Charlie Barry

The day had come! Somebody had finally bought me! Soon I would be out of this sweltering hot packet and into fresh air and light! Suddenly I heard a loud rumble and I was jolted back. I was excited as we drove around the bumpy road. So bumpy that someone dropped me and I fell out of the car. I got sick and dizzy as I flew through the air. Then my packet hit a hard surface and ripped open. I never expected things to go like this. I walked awkwardly out of the ripped packet. Then I saw these red bugs all around me. A chill went down my spine.


The bull by Noel

Once upon a time there was a farmer. The farmer had bulls , horses, goats, sheep and geese. He was quite proud of his bull. He weighed 1.5 tonnes in weight. At this time the farmer was very sick but nobody knew. One day the bull broke out chasing the horse and the sheep around the yard. A neighbour came to tell the man about the bull. When he realised he was dying he called an ambulance. The man came out the very same day. If the bull didn’t break out the man would have died. In memory of the animals three statues were built.

Birthday Diaster wk12 by Nathan

I got up out of bed happy because it was my 13th birthday and I was going to the cinema with my friends. They came to my house and we started to walk to the cinema. When we reached the city centre, we went into Starbucks to get food and drinks. We sat down by the window and started to eat. When we were finished our food we went outside and continued our journey until we saw a red ford try to pass a Luas that was leaving a station and was picking up speed quickly. We looked in horror as the Luas ploughed into the ford sending it spinning into another car. News vans,police cars and ambulances came rushing to the scene. That night my dad switched on the news and we seemed to be on the television.

The Escape Week 13 By Cillian

They had to continue but they were exhausted. Sgt. Alex Mason and Corporal John Woods were escaping from a Russian Gulag during the Cold War. They had been imprisoned for the past 3 months and were getting tired of it. So one night they decided to escape. So here they were sprinting helplessly through the cold, wet, dense forest. Then they caught up with their former squad. They told them what had happened. So that night they decided to launch an offensive on the camp and they saved more than 500 prisoners from the camp. You see, when I say prisoners, I mean innocent people snatched up and put to work for the duration of the war. Although people were saved, the war wasn’t  over yet.


One day a boy named Eoin flew his blue and yellow spitfire into a green bin. He hated bins. Then three men pushed Eoin into a black van. I shouldered one side of the van  and he burst out of the  van. He went zooming down the hill. He then spotted a road at the side of the mountain. The three men then spotted me but they were exhausted and didn’t bother catching me. The sign then said, “Dead End”. What would Eoin do now? He jumped out of the rubbish bin just in time but he had forgotten his plane.

The Race Week 13 Seán O’S

We had to do it. We had got so far and couldn’t give up now. But they were all exhausted, and I was too. It was the last 30 second stretch. Only a few meters away and I tripped. At least another 6 people fell over me. After all of them getting off me I finally got up and crossed the finish line. After the race we got a sheet that had our place in the race. I checked it and it said 92\100. I wasn’t too happy because I was probably coming like 10th. But that rock messed it all up.

Continue The Quest by Stephen Wk 13

Gary, Lily and Tom needed to get up and continue their quest but they were exhausted. Tom tried to get up but his body wouldn’t let him. They decided to set up camp for the night.


The next day the campmates were feeling better. They packed up and set off again. They were aware of animals prowling around them. Suddenly an animal leaped out of the bushes.

“Duck!” shouted Lily.

“What duck?”asked Gary before a tiger pounced on top of him.

Lily went to help him  but Tom held her back. It was just too dangerous and they needed to keep moving…

The Marathon Week 13 Dara B

Bang!!!The race had begun. There were 75 people taking part in the race. I was in the middle of the crowd of runners. We were in a bit of a swampy forest. Everyone was all dirt and I got stuck in the mud so I took my shoes off and jogged so I could preserve my energy. So it was near the end of the race. It was a sprint between me and my friend and I had more energy than him so I won by falling over the finish line. I didn’t mean to fall.

100wc by David Lehane Week 13

So I had just woken up to find my friends and myself in a desert. It was the Sahara Desert. How the hell did my friends and I end up all the way over in the Sahara Desert? I knew this journey would most likely be ill-fated. It was very complex for my friends to understand but the fact was that we were stranded in a desert. I wanted to be meticulous about planning our rescue but they were exhausted and didn’t want to attempt anything. Then thoughts flooding came in. Where will we find water so we don’t dry out and die…

Week 13: 3rd one stuck? By Michael

It was my first solo mission and probably the biggest one I’ll ever do. Two men were stuck at the bottom of Ross Cave. They had been stuck there for around 2 days. My heart pounded as I lowered my heavy rope into the deep and dark cave. I was relieved when I reached the bottom, but the mission wasn’t over. I predicted that the two men wouldn’t be very tired and would be ready to get out of here. But they were exhausted. Could I be the third one stuck?

RUNNING RIDING by Ronan wk#13

To Braz and Chil the path was endless. Their quads were going to be going at full speed on the longest, hardest,  bumpiest path of the country. All of this was just in the fields behind their back yard. One day the two boys sprinted over to the bike shed to find that their quads were missing. They heard the quads in the distance. Nobody was on them. It was as if the bikes had ghosts riders. They sped over to  catch the bikes but they were exhausted when they got the starting line. They were gone.

The Snake by Charlie Wk 13

My jungle research team and I trudged down the damp rainforest. There were only 3 people in my group: myself, Matt and Dan. We were warned of the dangerous animals roaming the rainforest around us. Suddenly Matt nudged us and used the sign that they taught us at camp. It meant stay still and don’t move. Within a second Dan roared,” Snake, snake, snake!” But it was too late. Matt was already in agonising pain caused by the snake. I shouted Dan to drag Matt to the river and I would look for help. I looked back and they were exhausted. Help was 30km away… There was not much hope…..

Week 13 by Alan the race

One day I woke up in my cozy bed. I didn’t want to get out but I needed to get out because it was a special race day. As I went to my parents’ room I woke them up but they were exhausted . I ran downstairs and ate as fast as I could . As we were in the car we got to the location . I went to the starting line and I was ready to go ! The man said 3..2..1 go! And I sprinted as fast as I ever did and I finally won by a split second.

Attack by Killian M Week 13

We were a part of a push on German lines. As we mounted our horses we attempted to move. But they were exhausted and couldn’t get themselves to move. When we finally got going the Germans were awake. We went even faster to try and make it but the Germans got to the machine guns. And as I felt the blast of the bullets hitting my skin and heard the screams, I felt I had failed everyone. I looked down to see the damage and there were holes and blood all over me. I saw medics rushing over to help me but I knew it wouldn’t work…

The War by Craig Wk 13

It was the year 3000. The war had been going on for seven years now. Tyler and his best friend Ben were in the tower sniping at their enemies and then a guided missile was headed towards the bottom of the tower. They started sprinting as fast as they could go. They only fell a few feet. Tyler and Ben were okay but they were exhausted from all the fighting and then to run down the stairs didn’t help at all. They were so close to winning the war. Three weeks later they had won, celebrated all day and they were delighted

Temple Of Shadows (Week 13 Paddy 6th)

The beast chased me down the cold, dark corridor. The stone stronghold was falling into folds of deep inky black in the beasts wake. We never knew that the promises of treasure from the ruins of Templo de las Sombras in Peru would hold such a vicious guardian. I had comrades on this adventure, but they were exhausted and decided to set up camp outside the temple. Lost in my regrets, I almost missed my escape. It would be tricky. I would have to leap towards the trap door, twist my body and pray that I didn’t miss it. I leaped…

100 Word Challenge Week 13 By Noel

The race had begun. The journey from the most southerly point in Africa to the most northerly point at the Mediterranean. The vast voyage would take two teams of highly trained men. The race was about endurance and about who would get to the Mediterranean first. 10 days in, the team found it a struggle. There was the endless need for air conditioning and a refreshing glass of water. Meanwhile Team 2 were in crucial need of medical supplies. It seemed like all hope was lost for team 2, they had lost a crate of supplies. They could go to a town for supplies but they were too exhausted.

Week 13 , Exhaustion, By Darragh Q.

The jockeys guided their horses  forwards. The horses galloped as fast as they could but they were exhausted on the inside. I flashed my whip in front of my weary horses eyes. Immediately he darted forwards despite his tiredness. We had to win this race. We were coming 2nd place at the moment. I started to panic as the finish line came into sight. Once again I sliced the whip through the air.

“Come on, Johnny!” I shouted…

100 WC Week 13 NO ONE by Krzysztof

Fire burned, the sea was shallow, stars shone and a little breeze came upon their shoulders. Luke shouted out to his men, “WE ARE GOING WEST FOR SOME FOOD!” He picked out his 5 men and marched west. When they reached the Dry Valley, Luke heard abnormally big steps. The person was a Giant with an awful smell and he had a huge hammer. They started to sprint down but they were exhausted after a kilometre. Luke, John and Ben were those left. The Giant grabbed Luke and spoke out with a loud voice, ” WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”

“My name is No One!”


Unlucky by Nathan wk13

John and Billy were sprinting and leaping over stones and tree stumps in the dense forests of Nothern France to try and get away from an entire division of German tiger tanks that were so close to  them  that they could hear the roar from the engines and the snapping of trees under their immense weight. They continued to run but they were too exhausted and dived into the bushes to try and  hide from the German tanks but the tanks stopped right where John and Billy were hiding. The crew of one of the tanks got out and captured them. What they would do now, they didn’t know.

Coincidence? Week 12 by Cillian

It was the year 2065 and gameshows on T.V were pretty much extinct as the government was spending their money on military enhancements. But one gameshow fanatic wanted them back on T.V. He was even on the news! What’s funny is we seemed to be on the television. I told my mother and she was bamboozled.

“What!” she exclaimed.

“Yes” I said “Look.”

We were all amazed. Was it a coincidence? Turns out it wasn’t. We were later invited to be the first family on the show. On the show, we were treated amazingly well. But later on that changed. It was all a setup. What we didn’t know (but the government did) was test subjects had escaped from Area 51 and they needed more military personnel. That was the last time I saw my family.

The Robbery by Shane 6th 100 wc

It was an extremely cold and dark morning today. It was the day of the solar eclipse. We were on our way to the supermarket for this week’s shopping. We were standing outside the shop and we heard a load of shouting. We rushed in. I saw one man, a robber,  and I drop kicked him in the face and my cousin took out another one and my dad took out 2 of them. We were told to take what we wanted so we did. We went home and sat down to watch TV and we seemed to be on the television. We were all so excited and known worldwide.



Week 12: Bad Timing by Michael

It was a normal day in Southville town.  I was exiting the grocery store until I saw a big black van speeding down the street.  I was carrying two big bags with common items such as bread and milk. As I walked down the busy street two big police cars darted down they street.  Was it a robbery? Was it a kidnapping? I walked home, puzzled, thinking what could’ve happened. When I arrived home, I quickly turned on my TV. I seemed to be on the television.

The Junior B Final by Stephen Week12

Well, this is awkward. I never even thought for a second that our sketch would have been put on television. Our sketch is about Noel, myself and my partner, Johnny. What we do is just put on funny Irish accents and pretend that we are in a Junior B final. But now we seemed to be on television. We hadn’t been notified about it but  we were on RTE 2. It was a lot to take in but I found it extremely funny. I was going to have to call Johnny and buy some chicken goujons!!!


Hello,  I’m Dave, a sixty year old man that works at Crispy Cream. I am getting very little wages. I’m very cross with our boss. He spends 90 percent of the money we get from customers on himself. I am so sick of this rubbish and the way he acts. We then seemed to be on the television. It was all just a prank.

“What a prankster!” I shouted out the kitchen window.

We then shouted,” Hey, back to work Dave.”

I thought  it was a joke but maybe it wasn’t a joke………

100 Word Challenge Week 12 By Noel

My friend Stephen and I live in a housing estate. Our houses are side by side and we play football everyday on the green. Behind our house is a roadway. One day we climbed over the fence and went down the road. At the end of the road was a a dilapidated sort of spooky, old house. The door was hanging on by thread so we let ourselves in. I cautiously tiptoed down the hall while Stephen clambered up the falling -in stairs. I peered in the sitting room  door and glanced at the tv, it seemed we were on the tv. I knew what had to be done……. RUN!…….

FAMOUS by Ronan wk#12

The horse racing was beginning at our local racetrack and my family went to enjoy our Sunday. At the track there was a sign on the gate saying that the races were being recorded to be on television at seven o’clock tonight. When the races ended at five, my family walked over to the car to drive home. At home my family sat down on the couch to watch the racing which we had already seen today. While watching it, we noticed something small in the corner of the screen, we seemed to be on television. I was famous.

Bigfoot but a Human Week12 by Dara

One day I was walking on a footpath with my friend. There was a man in front of us. He had huge feet. We didn’t take any notice until these people came running over the him.

“Oh my God, you are a celebrity!”

“Ya, why?”

“I need a photo with you, please.”

Okay so I went home and turned on my t.v and we seemed the be on t.v. My friend said we are going the be famous, right? No we wont.

by David Lehane Week 12

It was a Friday night and just like usual my family and I were going to get takeaway as a treat. So as soon as the pizza came, I rushed down to my room and turned on the television. “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” was on tonight. And I was never going to be missing that show . I had noticed minutes later that there was an echo. It sounded like it was  coming from the television. So I then tried to turn the volume down. But that didn’t work. Soon I found myself in a television set with the other kids. We seemed to be on television. My first thought was will I see my parents again?

The Briefcase by Charlie Week 12

I tapped the indicators to get off the highway going through the Mojave desert. The vast sandy plains of the desert amazed my eyes. The car trekked along the dusty one lane road. Something about fifty meters away caught my eye. As my mate and I approached it, it seemed to be a briefcase covered in sand and dust. I threw it in the back of the car but little did I know the words “Area 51 Untouchable” was written on the briefcase. When we arrived at the motel we switched on the T.V and we seemed to be on television. The reported announced that we had stolen money. A chill went down both of our spines…..

Week12 The Robbery. By Darragh Q

I threw the bag of cash on the carpeted floor and collapsed onto the comfy sofa. Immediately, I turned on the half-working TV. Just then my friend, James, strolled into the room. At the same time the news flickered on.

“Hey” I said nervously. “We seemed to be on the television a minute ago.”

“Did it show the robbery?” asked James, also getting nervous.

“Yes, it showed everything, even our faces!”

Suddenly we heard the door collapse.

“Upstairs!” I shouted…