The day Someone Bought Me By Charlie Barry

The day had come! Somebody had finally bought me! Soon I would be out of this sweltering hot packet and into fresh air and light! Suddenly I heard a loud rumble and I was jolted back. I was excited as we drove around the bumpy road. So bumpy that someone dropped me and I fell out of the car. I got sick and dizzy as I flew through the air. Then my packet hit a hard surface and ripped open. I never expected things to go like this. I walked awkwardly out of the ripped packet. Then I saw these red bugs all around me. A chill went down my spine.


The bull by Noel

Once upon a time there was a farmer. The farmer had bulls , horses, goats, sheep and geese. He was quite proud of his bull. He weighed 1.5 tonnes in weight. At this time the farmer was very sick but nobody knew. One day the bull broke out chasing the horse and the sheep around the yard. A neighbour came to tell the man about the bull. When he realised he was dying he called an ambulance. The man came out the very same day. If the bull didn’t break out the man would have died. In memory of the animals three statues were built.


Last week I had the worst day that ruined my life. I was on a date with a girl called Noreen. She was a very smart,pretty girl and I thought she was very beautiful. We went to the zoo. When we got there, there was a man with a yellow jacket. He gave us our tickets . There were children running from all directions. We went into the gorilla habitat first. We saw the gorillas behind the yellow brick wall but then they broke out. I went in for a kiss with my eyes shut. Her lips were very wet. I opened my eyes. Noreen was not there. It was the gorilla…………l

The Yellow Gorilla by Alex Week 10

“No, not the zoo again!”

It was the second time in a week.

“We may as well live in the zoo at this point,” I told Mam.

We went to the new gorilla habitat first. His home was made out of brick. The gorilla was a pretty yellow colour. He was running at the glass at full speed. The glass cracked. With out hesitation, I ran out of the habitat not evening looking back. I ran the rest of the way home. All of a sudden I woke to find it was all a dream.

The Gorilla by Charlie Week 10

I trecked down the muddy rainforest path hoping to see a sign of civilization. My wooden boat hit off a rock,  making it useless. But then I saw something that caught my eye. It was a gorilla! In my head I knew not to panic. But then in the blink of an eye, I was already running away from a gorilla that was chasing me. I saw bricks in the distance. I thought that maybe there might be people there. But suddenly I fell and landed pretty badly, ripping my yellow shirt. I could not stand up. I knew what was coming.. ©

The Maze by Stephen Week 10

I backed around the corner and began running. It was a pretty scary sight.  Seeing those gorilla-like eyes had freaked me out completely. Glancing back briefly, I saw that the weird men were beginning to chase. They had the upper hand though. I had been blindfolded walking through the maze. Suddenly a bright yellow light shone into my eyes. I raised my hand slightly to shield my eyes… and then I heard it. Something fell in the distance and then they all began to fall. I just kept running, aware of bricks falling around me. Just then I saw a door and jumped.

The Yellow Gorilla Dara Week 10

One day I was at a zoo and I saw a yellow gorilla. He was sitting on a pile of bricks. He was huge. He surely weighed a tonne. He was high up in the air. If I was up there and I jumped off it I would break my legs. Suddenly the gorilla broke the bars open and everyone was running all over the place. There was a pretty woman under a table and the gorilla saw her so she ran inside a shop.

The Zoo by Sean Week 10

We were going to the zoo. I was delighted . It was in Dublin, almost 3 hours away. When we got there we got our tickets and entered. The first thing we saw was the big pretty yellow- eyed gorilla. The man told us that they could only put one in there because if they put two in there they could start a fight. When he saw my sister’s red shirt he started running towards the bricks on the wall. He smashed through the bricks and my life flashed before my eyes.

Week 10: The Escape By Michael

Hi, I am Bill, a gorilla who lives in Dublin zoo.  I am planning to escape the zoo tonight. My plan is to climb over the yellow wall made out of bricks behind me. I literally have no idea what is behind it because I have not been out of this space for around a year now…

When it hit 11 pm I started to climb over the wall. After, I started running down a random path. Suddenly I heard people shouting and running towards me. 4 seconds after that a loud alarm went off.

First Time At The Zoo 100 WC Week 10 By Dacian

It was my birthday and my mum took me to the Zoo. As I went in I saw a long brick wall around the Zoo. First thing I saw was a child running after his balloon . After that I saw a yellow lion. It was so pretty, I wanted to touch it. So then I went to see my favourite animal, it was a Gorilla.It was so big I couldn’t see my shadow. Then I saw a tiger and all the animals. Then I fed the elephant peanuts. It surrounded my hand and snatched the peanuts out of my hand.Then I went home.

RAGE Week #10 by Ronan

I was running down the road sprinting as fast as I could until the road ended. It all started at the zoo. It wasn’t all my fault but it still happened. I was with my family for a day trip. The sun was yellow and the sky was blue. We were just leaving the monkeys when something red caught my eye. The brightest, biggest red button I have ever seen. The temptation got to me. I had to press it. It opened all the pretty little monkeys cages. But it also opened the gorilla habitat door. They broke through the wall made of bricks and started chasing me.

The Forest. Week 10: By Darragh Q

I wandered through the forest. It was a very pretty sight. I looked up at the bright yellow sun. Suddenly a fearsome roar brought me back to reality. After the loud roar the ground started shaking. Without even thinking I turned and ran. I kept on running until I thought I had lost it. What had been chasing me was a gorilla! Just then a brick wall exploded behind me. One of the heavy bricks hit me in the leg, I immediately crumpled to the ground. Was this the end?….

The Gorrila 100 Word Challenge Week 10 By Noel

Last week Mr and Mrs James had their wedding in Yellow Park right beside the zoo. Everyone was dressed up in beautifully coloured clothes. The bridesmaids were dressed in pretty purple dresses with a blossoming rose on their collars. Just as the bride and groom were exchanging rings a gorilla tore out of his cage, throwing bricks and cement everywhere. Guests were running left, right and centre as the ferocious beast was charging his way through everything. A team of guards with tranquilizer darts arrived. When they caught the gorilla’s attention its eyes turned maroon. They took aim and fired . What was a rampaging beast was now a slumbering ball of fur  with a dart in its neck.

Week 10 Camp by Anthony

One day, I was going to a camp by myself. I put my stuff down and went to find some branches to light the fire to make me warm. I saw an abandoned house made of bricks. Went I came near the house, I saw  a yellow furry creature sitting and eating beside the wall. When I went in the house, I saw a gorilla. It was pretty big and scary. It looked at me and stood up and chased me. I was running as fast as I could. I hid in a small cave and the gorilla ran past me. I climbed up and ran to my camp. I got my stuff and ran back to my car, and I drove off.



Week 10: Overestimation by Paddy

I thought Lego bricks could withstand 300 pounds of force. I thought gorillas only lived in jungles and rainforests and I thought gorillas were not yellow. Then a yellow gorilla  burst through the wall of my room casting a looming shadow over me and my now ruined lego set.I’m pretty sure gorillas are faster than twelve year olds, but I started running anyway. I was shouting for help and the residents of Kanturk were screaming and calling animal control. Then I remembered why it was chasing me. My banana pattern T-shirt! I threw it off and prayed I would not die.

The Gorilla Gone Mad week 10

Once I saw a pretty yellow gorilla running down the street so then I got my phone and took a video of it. He was bashing through walls, making bricks fly everywhere and one hit my phone. It instantly shattered, glass flying everywhere. One shard hit my face and cut me. I was pouring blood, all down my top. When I saw the blood I passed out but I  woke instantly when I hit the ground. I looked and saw the gorilla running towards me at full speed. I tried to get up but it was too late…


In WW1 by Nathan #wk10

It was a wet, cold winter’s day before Christmas in the trenches of No-Mans land. As they watched the pretty sun disappear over the horizon , the guns stopped roaring like gorillas and snow started to fall upon the British and German trenches. Next, the Germans got out of their trench and the British got out of theirs and they made friends , exchanged gifts and played a game of football. Later, they said goodbye and went back to their war the very next morning. Friends killed friends and the guns boomed in the rain. Men were running as bricks rained down on them. As shells hit farmhouses and to think 9 hours before they were playing a game of football.

The Attack. by Eoin, Week 10.

Boom ! Bricks flew everywhere as I shielded my face with my already grazed and gritty hands. All around me people were running for their lives like something out of a movie. Except this was the latest of 3 major terrorist attacks on the world’s popular capitals. It wasn’t a pretty sight, and to think that intelligent human beings were carrying out these immense acts of cruelty was insane, madness even. The Gorilla Gang were the cause of this, I knew, but back to the situation at hand. Three huge figures were advancing towards me, billowing smoke out of a kind of vacuum. Suddenly I started feeling weak, my arms drooping, my legs sapped of strength, my stomach feeling queasy, and that’s when I blacked out.

Secret Mission By Cillian Week 9

I crouched down silently, opened up my bag, took out my walkie-talkie and whispered in,”M16 Agent Green reporting at the Spetsnaz Recruitment Camp.”

I then asked the operator if I should infiltrate the main building. He said it was now or never so I did but it was a big mistake. I pulled out my device detector to see what devices I could identify and I quickly wished I hadn’t. I saw gu poison mines, grzmot stun mines and even bear traps! I then wandered over to a door. I wondered what was behind the door. I guessed I would soon find out.

The Australian Leprechaun by Stephen Week 9

I wandered down towards the rainbow house, planning in my head what to say. Legend has it that if you charm the person who lives there that he or she will give you a wish. My plan was to charm the person there and then ask for a genie. I wondered what was behind the door as I approached it. I rang the doorbell and three seconds later the door opened. There was nobody there. I looked down and there it was… a leprechaun.

We looked at each other for a few seconds before he said one word: “G’day.”

I ran away from the house and never went near it again.

Week 9 The Red Eyed Technician Part Two by Alex

” We have to follow him,” I whispered to Jimmy. ”

“But how? The door is locked from the other side.”

“I know but…,”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw it, another door.  I wondered what was behind the door but there was no time to think, we had to run. We bolted towards the door and to our surprise it was unlocked. Jimmy turned around and locked the door behind us. I looked forward trying to identify a figure in the dark corner…. It was the red -eyed technician. He looked at us and ran. I sighed. Not again.

Surrounded by Eoin Week 9

I zigzagged around the trees like greased lightning, my bike caked in sopping wet mud. Scarily close, shots rang out ferociously through the air forcing terror -stricken me to dive desperately into a weather beaten ditch. Oddly, there was a minute door. Sitting in my bog- like surroundings I wondered what was behind the door. I prodded it open very genteelly, barely twitching my finger. All of a sudden, butterfly -like creatures swarmed out of the door like bees from a broken hive or almost like an approaching army. Within seconds they had surrounded me. If only I had left the door alone…

My House IS Haunted, Week 9 By Craig

My house is haunted. Every night at three a.m. I get woken up by banging and weird noises. So one night I went to investigate all the sounds I’ve been hearing. I searched everywhere and didn’t see a single person or thing. But there is one room I didn’t check because I always have it locked. There is no way anyone could get in the room. When I went to open it I heard something say “Don’t open the door, leave and never return!” so I turned and ran quickly and never went back. I wondered what was behind the door.


Hi, I’m William. I go to St. Colman’s Military  in Washington, USA. We have to do very difficult jobs for the lazy workers there but there is one person I hate the most of all. Billy the cook, he hates me and I hate him. I am very curious about what he does behind that green door down in the basement. Tomorrow  I will find out what happens down there…

So I sneaked down and   I wondered what was behind the door. I was shocked to see all the teachers were taped onto the wall. What is life coming to? I asked myself…

The Odd Picture by Charlie Barry Week 9

Everyday when I was walking in my school hallway there was a rather odd picture hanging up on the wall. The thing that was very strange is that every day or two the picture would be slanted either left or right. One day I got too curious and I decided to see what was behind the odd picture. I could not believe what I found! A hole that was just enough for me to crawl through. But then suddenly after like 5 seconds of crawling I fell brutally to a place similar to a dungeon. I saw a door. I wondered what was behind the door. Then I heard footsteps….

The Bomb Week 9 by Sean

We were getting on the plane. Our destination was Florida. 20 minutes into the flight I said to my mom that I was going to the bathroom and she said that that was fine but I was really going downstairs because on my way into the plane I saw a window at the bottom of the plane. I went down the long stairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs there was a door. I wondered what was behind the door. I struggled to open it but I eventually did. I saw a time bomb. It said 30 seconds.



It was the most complex thing  I had ever seen. A corridor full of doors, all different shapes and colours. But which one should I take? I settled on the green triangle because I didn’t have much time. They were chasing me. Past the door was another corridor full of even more doors. It kept going on for a solid ten minutes until I was left with just one door. The blue circular door was creaking and shivering. I wondered what was behind the door but the curiosity got the better of me. They had finally found me. Oh no!

Week 9 Behind The Garage Door by Dara

Bang! Crash! My dad was in the garage for the last week and I think he was working on something for my birthday. I hoped it was like a robot or something for the future or a hover car or some thing that actually hovers. One day I was giving my dad his lunch and some coffee and I saw what it all. There were about 20 robots and I was like, “What the hell is all this stuff Dad?”

“It’s for work. As you know, I work as a spy. Don’t tell anyone.”

100 W.C week 9 Caught By Krzysztof

The hall was wretched and dark. I got myself up from the desk and looked around where I was. The hall was ten metres long, I was too weary to walk but I sprinted through it. I stopped  and looked back to see if someone was after me. Then I heard,”COME BACK!”. In the front of my eyes stood an old wooden door with a smashed, broken window…. I wondered what was behind the door… an escape or a trap? The voice got near so I opened it…

The Office 100 word challenge week 9 by Noel

When I was little, Dad told me never to set foot inside his office or there would be trouble. I always wondered what was behind the door. But I am twelve now I’m not small anymore. After dinner I crept quietly and slowly towards the office. When I entered the office, rows upon rows of dockets and papers filled my eyes. I spotted a computer at the far end of the room. I powered up the ancient piece of work. Just as I was about to investigate, I heard footsteps outside the door. All the windows were locked so I grabbed a book and threw it through a window. I leaped out. I didn’t know how long I could hang on for dear life while those jagged shards of glass were piercing my palms.