Week 18 Released by Matthew D

There I was, driving down the M50. I was in a big rush. My son was playing in his first ever inter-county match. I couldn’t resist speeding because I didn’t want to miss the match. I came to a red light and broke it. Two minutes later, a Garda car comes up behind me and I’m under arrest. I mooched into the station with my head held low as I was embarrassed. He questioned  me about why I had broken the red light. My reply: “but it is SO slow and I couldn’t miss my son’s match.” I was released. Thankfully.

Week 18 The Ultimate Snail Race

Today, I found a snail in my garden. He was slim and not chubby. I started watching videos on how I can get my snail to slide faster. On Monday, I came to school. A few seconds after sitting down, a friend challenged me to a race. He would then keep ranting on about how great his snail was.


I was focusing on his to see if he would really dash out with speed…but it is so slow I thought he might have fed it a bit too much. It died at the end of the race. He took the failure badly and never raced again. My snail also died later.

Week 18: Eerie Estate By Naglis

“Bye, Mom!” I shouted cheerfully.

Strolling peacefully through town, I walked past an estate I’ve never seen before. But there was one house that stood out. The dry, bare grass was turning into a sandy colour, the tree was losing its leaves and the windows were boarded up carelessly. I tried to erase it from my memory while listening to joyful catchy songs. I glanced down the hill and I could make out the bully, Seth, darting towards me. I hopped on the nearest bike and skedaddled away.

“But it is so slow,” I muttered.

I dashed into the eerie house without thinking. As soon as the door slammed shut I knew I was doomed…

Week 18 The Broken Kettle By Danny

One morning, I woke up and walked down stairs. I put on the kettle and went up to get dressed. About 10 minutes later I went down stairs to see if the kettle had boiled. It was still boiling so I sat down and drifted off to sleep without meaning to.

When I woke up I looked at the kettle and it was still boiling. I went to get my mother to tell her that the kettle was broken. She said it was grand when she used it so I said, “But it is SO slow I could run a marathon and it still wouldn’t be ready.” I then copped on to what my mother had said, she said that she used it early on so it must have been her who used it.

Week 18: Never going to be the same By Marc

I was going out to my garden, but while  I was going there I saw something in my neighbours’ garden. Me, being the person I am, I walked into  their garden. I saw a piece of paper with some writing on it and I read the writing. Suddenly the board lit up. Everything seemed normal at the start but then everything was definitely not normal. I was going back into my house but my Mom was as slow as a slug. I walked outside on the road and the car looked normal but it is SO slow I can run to the shop and back and it will still be there.

Week 18 UPS by Mikolaj

So I was lying down, watching some T.V and I heard this really loud car outside my house. I decided to check on it because I didn’t know what brand it was. I went out and I knew it was going to be Lexus. I liked the sound of the engine so I decided to invest in the car which had the price of $37,000, not bad because I’m a billionaire so it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. I got it and it was so slow I sold it right away, although it had a nice engine sound.

Week 18 The Bus by Mathew O’G

It was a dull and dreary Monday evening.                                                                          I was on the bus home from Dublin…UGH!                                                                         The line of traffic seemed endless.                                                                                       Will we ever get home? I thought.                                                                                          After about 45 minutes we moved only inches though.                                             Finally, we were on the move again but it is so slow I nearly lost my head.          My head was like a balloon

It was about to burst…and eventually it did burst!                                                                            I screamed as loud as a mega phone.                                                                                    Babies began to cry and some people covered their ears.                                            I got thrown out of the bus onto the main road.

Week 18 Road Trip by Szymon

My family and I decided to go for a road trip from Poland all the way to Venice. It was very boring for the first 12 hours but when we reached the hotel, I was excited. We stayed there for the night. I was also excited to finally eat an actual meal. When we were on one of the main roads, we got stuck in traffic. Cars reached further than I could see. When we moved, I was excited but it was SO slow I became immediately disappointed. I had a great time in Venice.

week 18 My Car By:Tadhg

I LOVE MY AMAZING,FANTASTIC,AWESOME,INCREDIBLE,MIND-BLOWING ,HIGH TECH, FUTURE CAR♦ It has wheels that fold inwards so it can float on water ♦ It also has wings that shoot out from the side of the car and anti-slip wheels with chains on them so the car can climb up mountains♦ It has a big boot for carrying things and it has seven seats♦ It can teleport and it has tinted windows♦ It is almost flawless but it is so slow I decided to sell it on amazon for 9.5 million euro and if somebody buys it I will be RICH!!!!!!!!!!! ♦                                                                                         ♦©

Week 17 Wheelie By Matthew D

The best morning of the year, Christmas morning, sprinting down the stairs and there I saw it: my new, yellow bike. I immediately rang my best friend and questioned him about his presents and he got a bike as well. I suddenly had a light bulb moment.We should go for a cycle.There we were, dashing down the big hill which every child in the town was afraid of except for my best friend and me. All of a sudden, I lost control of the bike while doing a wheelie and crashed into a tree. Ouch!

Week 17: All Just A Dream By Marc

It was a dark morning when I was going to school. I had a torch but it wasn’t too bright. The road was also extremely bumpy. Suddenly, I saw a deer on the road. I turned sharply and fell off my bike. After that I saw a house with lights on. I saw a pole so I tied it on a pole. I  walked briskly towards the house. I knocked on the door looking for a bandage. Just before I was got there an old woman tried kidnap me. Suddenly I was in my classroom again. On the way home, I saw a bike on the same pole.

Week 17: Whoosh By Naglis

“Thank you so much, Mom! It’s exactly what I wanted!” I shrieked with joy.

I was buzzing, I couldn’t wait to take it for a test drive. I pedaled rapidly to my friend, Mathew whose jaw instantly dropped when he saw what I was riding. He hopped on his rusty bike and skidded over to halt in front of me. We cycled down the back road until we reached the eerie silence of the woods. I was practising and I dashed over briskly.


I looked around. It was pitch black. I turned around and you’ll never guess what I saw…

Week 17 The Bike Race By Danny

John and I were in my back garden spray painting my old, rusty bike for the crazy, colourful bike race. We spray painted it yellow as we were trying to make it look like a banana bike.

As we were walking briskly down to the starting line, I felt extremely confident about my chance to win.

BANG!!!!! and the race had started. I wanted to get a head start so I pedaled to the metal down the steep hill. I was in the lead  when suddenly I looked back but when I looked forward again, I was heading for a telephone pole so I jumped off my bike but the bike had gotten stuck in the pole and I couldn’t keep going.

Week 17 My Bike By Kacper

” What happened?” my dad asked me.

I answered, ” I’ll tell you in a second.”

“So I was riding on my bike when I avoided a cat and flipped off my bike and I rolled down the hill where a car nearly hit me so I skidded along and I hit a tree. Then my yellow bike got stuck there. Ugh worst day ever!”

My dad just smiled and asked me if I knew that it was Friday the 13th. My mouth collapsed and after a few seconds I just said, ” Thanks, now I know.” walked off and took a shower.

Week 17 The Billionaire by Mathew O’G

Mr. Zelinski was crazy, always coming up with wacky ideas and bizarre inventions.                                                                                                                                       He once made a motorbike with doors, windows and wipers. Madness!             One of his most recent and successful inventions is the painter bike, he made it for people who paint markings on roads.                                                           They could simply cycle along and the wheels would do all the work.                 It is also a great way to get fit. Genius!                                                                               The eighty year old man is very famous  and is a world known character.


#Week 17 What Was I Thinking? by Abdul

My mother got me a new bike,it was yellow.So I thought bringing it to my friend’s birthday party would be cool.I packed my stuff and I got my bike and made my way to his house.The house was big.As I was moving in to park my bike, a car dashed in.I was pretty angry and exhausted from the cycling.I shouted at the driver and said they should park somewhere else,which I would regret saying later.The man jumped out the car with a big grin.He looked like he was going to kill me.So he trashed my bike after.What was I thinking?

Week 17-OOF, by Mikolaj

I got this bike just to use it when I’m coming back from school because there are these two bullies who always bully me because I am slow. So I’m going to make them change their minds now. Oh, and I got this body guard just in case something goes wrong. So I got on my bike because it was the end of school and I started pedaling. I thought I’d got past them but they brought another 2 so I jumped off my bike and my body guard scared them away. From this day my bike is stuck to a tree.

Week 17, Seeing Things by Tim

Ever since my brother died things haven’t been going well. Every day when I’m outside with my friends, I see my brother’s bike wherever I go. It freaked me out because I was the only one who could see it and no one else could. People say that I’m seeing things. I got sick of it and locked that bike in the shed. A few days later my dad asked my why there was a big hole in the shed. There was no sign of the bike anywhere . I told my dad that I was seeing things but he started laughing. I finally did something and tied that bike to the pole across the street and later that month we moved out of the country.

WK:17 Notice By Ciarán

I whizzed past the scout girl who was selling lemonade on this scorching day on my way to my best friend Mike’s house. Past the weird yellow bike on the pole, past the… Wait! What..? When was there a bike stuck to a pole here? Beside it was a notice board which looked to show why the bike was here. It said:

“He who taketh the bike from the pole would be cursed for eternity!”

So the fool I was, I cut the chain and moved the bike away from the pole. My mistake behind me, a ghastly storm arose. The first thing I thought of was that I was going to be late.

Week 17 My Brand New Bicycle By Jack

Thud ,thud, thud…

I was currently banging on my house door.

Oh no! I thought as they stalked up the driveway, they were going to catch me! I ran around the side of the house and hopped over the fence. I then climbed into my little sister’s tree house and opened her dollhouse I took the emergency key and ran inside. I turned and locked the door behind me, I was in home. I was safe, I thought as I panted for breath… I thought wrong.

To tell you how I got here…

My uncle had bought me a brand new yellow bicycle. It was the newest version and everyone was jealous of me…  and I knew it.

I got this great idea to make fun of the bully in our class as I was cycling past and it went wrong and they caught me. I ditched the bike and ran. They zip tied the bike to a pole and ran after me.

And that’s how I got here.

Week 14 My Super Duper Bees By Danny

Hi my name is John and I love BEES. My friends are into things like music and sports just to name a couple but my hobby is looking after and caring for my bees. So you could say I have an obsession with bees. I have 2 hives in my back garden and I love seeing bees come and go from there.

On the day of my birthday my parents got me a big hive with metal bees on it but inside those bees were little houses for my bees. It was the best present ever.

PS: I called it Eureka Tower because that was the first word I said when I saw it.

Week 14: We Should Have Listened By Marc

“Our world is being destroyed by us,” announced every president in the world.  “We are killing all the bees which is killing our crops at the same time.”

That was 50 years ago and we should have listened. There was now only 1 bee left. After that bee died we had no crops left in any country. Suddenly the sky just turned black. The sun was being blocked by something but nobody knew what it was. Straight after that happened, it looked like the sky was falling. A massive bee came out of nowhere. Then swarms started coming. They were coming for their revenge. 

Week 14 Repay By Matthew D

I was patrolling up and down the hallways of Melbourne Bank. It felt strange. It felt like eyes were watching me. It felt suspicious. I then went for a cup of tea and some biscuits but I’d to leave my tea and biscuits as bees were somehow robbing the bank. I chased after them as quick as I could and saw them on top of the computer manufacturing building. I asked them why they stole the money .Somehow they could write and they said that they help our world and now it’s time for us to repay them. I found the courage to say no but that’s when they attacked.

Week 14: Stupid Simon By Naglis

“Almost finished..,”I groaned with frustration.

“I only have to get the batteries.” I rushed out the door enthusiastically .

“Where’s Scientist Sam?” questioned the new intern Simon. “He must have left  this strange, eerie looking gun for me!”

Meanwhile,  I was strolling down the street peacefully, searching for the nearest store. I purchased my batteries and headed home.

“At least I have batteries handy,” sighed Simon.

ZAP. Uh oh. Walking back without a worry in the world my eye caught a glimpse of the Eureka Tower.


Week 14 Beastly Bees By Szymon

Bees were rapidly becoming extinct. Scientists were continuously trying to stop it from happening. They decided to make a mutated bee that would live forever unless someone killed it. For the first couple of weeks, it was fine but then they started attacking humans for no reason. If you got stung there was a high chance you would die. They started to grow in size and after a couple of days they were the size of footballs. The scientist couldn’t find a way to exterminate their hive on Eureka Tower. They decided to bomb it.

WK#14 How I Got Here by Abdul

(pinch, pinch, pinch)


You’re probably wondering how I got here. I’ll tell you anyway. So it all began like fourteen minutes ago, I’m pretty sure. I hated bees,it got to the point where I can’t sleep cause of them. It was beginning to be summer and those insects where heading my way. So as dumb as I was, I thought of bringing a dead flower  in my garden and I laid it there (yeah, you probably know where this is going). So then the bees started coming. So I went outside to find that there is a hive on my door, it hits my head and(pinch)(pinch pinch)”Aw.”

Week 14, I’m a Zoologist, by Mikolaj

“Woohoo, Yes, Yes, Yes!”

I have finally trapped my first bee in a jar. I looked up what to do with a bee and all it said is to let it free because without bees I’d be dead. I obviously didn’t believe that so I researched more about it and I automatically believed it. I let the bee free and gave it a little bit of nectar. Later on I decided I should look for more bees and I found a group of them stuck in their own honey. I let them out to be free.

Week 13, What a Surprise, by Mikolaj

“No, No, No!” I shouted while I saw my sister run away from an ostrich. I ran up to it and scared it away. My sister is always afraid of those stupid creatures. I told my neighbours to either sell them or keep them away from my house. The next day my sister went out to exercise and was waiting for me in our garden. I didn’t go out because I knew the ostrich would attack her so I waited till it did. I saw it approaching and tried to catch it but I didn’t realise they could fly…

Week 13 Busby Twins By Matthew D

There I was, revving up my car at the starting line when all of a sudden the craziest people I know, the Busby twins, arrived. They came in this so-called hot air balloon. I chuckled to myself as I heard them say that they created a new mode of transport.

” Cars travel on the GROUND at a much quicker rate!” I exclaimed.

I saw the starter making his way up to the corporate box.  I prepared myself. He fired his gun  and then the Busbys and I set off but theirs flew into the air. I didn’t realise they could fly, I thought to myself.

“See you at the finish line,” they announced.

Week 13 My Pet Hamster By Danny

I have a pet hamster. He is very unique in his own special way. His name is Hammy the Hamster. He is 2 years old. I got him when I was 10. He used to live under my house until I caught him one day and kept him as my own. He lives in my bedroom in a little cage. It’s a two storey with a little bed, a hamster wheel and some food and water in there.

One day when I went to my friend’s house (he also has a hamster) we put them in the same cage. They then started to fly. I didn’t realise they could fly. But how would we keep it a secret?