Maths test week 32 Dara

“Okay, children, its test day so no looking into your partner’s work. Sam, you hand out the booklets to all the children. The instructions are: do the whole book. If you are stuck skip it and go back to it. There are 17 pages so I want all 17 pages done by 3’oclock.”

At 2.30 all I could hear was: “Sir, I’m done.” There were 11 other people doing the test. I was on page 14. I skipped some questions. I was the last one doing the test. I was on page 16, almost on 17. The minute I was done the bell rang. The next day I went to school. The teacher looked straight at me. He said “You didn’t finish the test. I said “But I didn’t understand the instructions…!”

100 word challenge by dan

It was Saturday the 19th and I had somehow found myself in a supermarket with a shopping list that contained over one million words.

As I progressed down the fruit and vegetable isle I happened to spot something on the list. But I didn’t understand the instructions, I argued with myself a thousand times. As I reached checkout area I happened to spot yet another mistake at the end of the list I just realised that it was signed, your favourite sibling, Mark.

I should have known, I knew mom wouldn’t want this much full sugar coca cola.


I was really excited about the day ahead of me. I was going to Spook Town for my friend Tom’s birthday party. I was being dropped off by Tom himself with another few friends in the car with us. We finally got there  and agreed to go on the roller coaster first before the line got longer. The rollercoaster was called the RollerGHOSTer  because it was in Spook Town. It looked amazing with all the tunnels and loops. I was really excited until it started moving. Afterwards I felt like I was going to be sick. We then walked over to the haunted house. The instructor told us the rules but I didn’t understand the instructions because I was still really dizzy from the RollerGHOSTer. I ended up getting sick after all in the haunted house. Nobody else knew because they all thought it was fake vomit.

Week 32 The Money By Michael

One ordinary morning I was walking down the street. I saw two men running up the quiet street. They gave me a big, black bag with lots of money in it and gave me some instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions. I dumped the bag on the street and ran down. I hid behind a smelly bin. A few minutes later 4 police cars went speeding down the road. I went back on the street and saw a tall policeman shout “Hey, put your hands up! You’re under arrest”.

The Robot by Alex

it was 2008 and my first test began. It was all going to plan until the last test came: the standing test. Every day my programme changed but I didn’t understand the instructions . BY 2009 I was the war robot I was built to be. I finally got into the army and more robots were made. By 2018 there were no more soldiers, there were just robots fighting robots. EMPS were regularly used to disable the robots. Everything was manned by robots: planes, tanks and boats all manned by robots.

Week 32 The Bamboozling Instructions By Kyle

One day I woke up and got out of bed. I went downstairs and ate my breakfast. I went up stairs got dressed and went to work. When I arrived our boss was giving us a lecture about this house that we have to build. He said that if we mess up then we will get fired. I had to have a look at the instructions although I am good at weird instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions so I said let’s wing it. A month or two later the house was finished and when the creator came  he said, “Who made all the changes?” When I put my hand up the creator gave the house to me and now I live in a lovely house.

Out of this world by Eoin

Oh my God, literally. Zeus himself called me yesterday via this kind of a hologram  telling me to find this Golden Fleece thing for him, but I didn’t understand the instructions. In fact, I have no idea what either of them are on about . Oh I forgot to mention , Poseidon, God of the sea asked me the very same thing except to give it to him . I don’t know what to do, if I give the fleece thing to Zeus I’ll never again be able to go to the beach but if I give it to Poseidon I’ll never get to go on an aeroplane . But wait, how do I even find the God damn thing!

Week 29 You’re next by Julius.

“What are we doing here?” I asked Tom in an uneasy voice .

“Stop shouting” he replied back .

We walked for a while but suddenly our torches went out and Tom started shouting with pain .

“Where are you?” I asked ” I don’t know .”

Suddenly our torches came back on and there it was the grave –  the gravestone was in crimson which was a strange choice for the stone .

Mist began to gather around the grave. I frantically waved my hand through the mist but suddenly something grabbed Tom and began dragging him outside the circle.

There was nothing I could do and all I heard was screaming and I knew I was next…

100 Word Challenge The Frantic Escape By Cillian

John frantically shouted as he was running rapidly. He had visited the grave yard on a cold, misty night. His father had died a few years back when he was 15. John decided to visit the grave on the way home  – now he wished he hadn’t.

It was around 8:30 but it was dark. While John had been standing by his fathers grave he heard a mysterious sound. It got louder and louder. John got startled and ran. He looked behind him and saw a ghost like figure. When he got to the car it wouldn’t start-  he was crimson with embarrassment and full of fear.

He realised he used the wrong key he left the ignition key behind when he got startled and ran. He got out and ran down the road- he saw a car and thumbed up and the car stopped. He got in. He told the driver the whole story and said he had seen a ghost like figure. Then the driver looked at him …and he was one of them too.

Week 29 World war 3 Dara


World war 3 has begun.The captain for Britain shouted so loud his face turned Crimson. It was very very misty out on the battle field. Frantically there were gun shots every where left right and centre.

I was hidden behind a small barricade. It was made of sand bags that were about 10kg heavy. Lots of people died so we need lots of grave stones. It was after about 5 mins. I got up and started the shoot at the enemies.

Yes we won!!! What a war!


Week 29 The Battle of Midway by Nathan


A torpedo struck the front left side of the USS Midway. All around us Anti-Aircraft guns boomed.The lieutenant`s face was turning crimson in colour as he shouted at the deck hands to get us up in the air to fight Japanese fighters .

It was like a misty morning in summer on the carrier. Eventually we were in the the sky shooting down Japanese fighters. I knew the ship was in grave danger because she was listing to the the side the torpedo struck .

Suddenly I got hit by an enemy fighter – Flames were belching from the engine of my plane. All of a sudden my left wing flew off. I was tumbling down to the sea . Frantically I took off my harness,slid off the canopy and jumped out and yanked on the string –  my parachute shot out. I looked down and saw my plane slam into the ocean.


Week 29 The way By Krzysztof

Ship was boarding port Perth. When the stairs were dropped on the land , the crew went first and Ben after. One of the men shouted “I’ am  taking Clark O’ Donnell and his son to Tony’s farm ”

When his father  came down Ben exclaimed ” Someone is there to take us” repeated Ben.

Frantically , Clark and Ben ran up to him. Then he said ” My name is  Bruce. I am taking you to my friend Tony.” They sat up on the camel’s and were on the way. Going through the burning sand Clark saw a creature coming nearer and nearer.

” We’re in grave danger!” he repeated.

Week 29 Misery By Kacper

I stood there, miserable, in front of my dad’s grave. I felt guilty for not spending more time with him. Suddenly, I collapsed and shouted “WHY?”. I knelt in front of the grave. I realized it started to get misty, maybe it was a sign from the spirits for me to leave.

So I left and entered my car. I drove to my dad’s house, hopefully to remember some good times I had with him. Instead I saw horror, crimson blood was on the door, in the shape of a hand. I frantically drove away. Hopefully I would forget about what I had seen. I was wiping my eyes, not realizing there was a child running across the road…

Week 29 Paddy:THE TOMB

Grave danger is what lies ahead!” croaked my old man just before he kicked the bucket. No joke I think to myself as I frantically search for the tomb in the misty graveyard. I remember what my mam said before I sprinted out the door: “DON’T go looking for that tomb again, Mick, It doesn’t exist!“.

But the stories I heard sounded too horrible to be just made up. I ambled on, my new crimson sneakers full of stones and covered in mud. My mam is going to kill me.,but my thoughts were interrupted by what I saw next…


It was the 19th of April 2018 and me and my Mother were visiting my Fathers grave. He had died in a car crash. We were putting some crimson roses on his grave when we heard somebody scream.

We ran frantically over to the person and she said a man had taken her handbag. I then spotted the robber getting into his car and I shouted get back here but he just drove off. Suddenly the grave yard became very misty and foggy. I heard somebody open something. Then the fog cleared off and then I spotted dad …but he was not human…………


It was a misty ,dull night and I was standing inside a grave yard praying for my dead blood relatives, when I suddenly saw a blacked out figure standing in the corner. As soon as I finished praying  I thought that it would be a good idea to go over and confront whoever was constantly staring at me.

Before I could move an inch, this crimson faced woman shouted that I wouldn’t be going anywhere. I immediately tuned around to run but all my exits were blocked besides one, I frantically ran and ran… to anywhere but here.


Week 29. 100WC. Crawling. By Darragh Q.

Frantically I crawled across the endless field. I knew I was in grave danger, as I looked around the field. As I crawled and crawled, I finally saw what I had been looking for. I shouted and shouted, at the figure. But he couldn’t hear me.

I looked down at my leg to see the wound pouring with crimson blood. But I kept on crawling through the field hoping for shelter from the misty night. And of course to get proper care for my wound. But no matter how far I crawled I knew that eventually I would hear the crack of a rifle and I would fall into the well known darkness…

Week 29: Titanic By Shane O’M

Sitting in the Uber on the way to the docks                                            where the Titanic awaits for us.                                                                  Everyone shouting impatiently in the line.                                            “Everyone make you’re way on to the ship”                                    shouted captain Misty.                                                                                  Still sitting in the Uber waiting for the rain to stop.                        Billy looking out the window at the graveyard                                    calling out what every headstone says.                                                      The rain stopped

We ran as fast as we could –  we reached captain Misty “room 68” she roared.   We frantically run until our faces turned Crimson………….

Week 29 by Dominic

Today it was misty and raining. There were floods everywhere and our garden was flooded.

Then all of a sudden I saw a tsunami right in front of us. We went underground to survive and the door was strong enough. We had lots of food in the bunker and energy so we are safe. We were all waiting until the tsunami passed by so we can get out.

When the tsunami passed by we went out of the bunker and we were safe so if there was another one I think I would be safe at that bunker.  We had to  build our house again.

The end.

Week 29 : Creepy night by David

I was walking through the misty wind on my way to my best friend’s house. It was seven thirty at night.The dark sky was turning from black to crimson every few minutes. It was a really scary night. But I had to do it if I wanted to meet my friend at his house.

And so I had come to the scariest point when I had to cross the graveyard. So I saw my grandfathers grave as I walked past.I  came to the end of the graveyard when some man shone his headlights at my face … offering a ride to my friends house.

I said no and ran…..







WEEK 29, Sorrow Sunday by Ronan

At dawn, Misty went out for a Sunday morning jog when something very strange suddenly happened. Misty shouted as loud as possible before her death.

Three days later on Wednesday all of Misty’s family and friends watched with possibly the rest of the town – Misty’s coffin was carried to her grave.

Back at the crime scene at the street of Misty’s house was a stream of crimson coloured blood all dried out as a stain on the footpath. Who killed her? –  nobody knows from then on. And the dried out stream of the crimson coloured blood is still there today.

Week 29 Don’t cry over spilt oil, By Eoin

It was a misty morning at the North African oil plant, a rare occurrence, especially as there was an upcoming drought.

It was lunchtime when an employee lit a cigarette and set the tanks alight. Kaleb, another worker who witnessed the incident that was to cost millions, of dollars and lives, frantically ran for the boats. On his journey, he shouted to anyone and everyone who would listen, telling them they were all in grave danger though none took much notice.

By the next morning the sea was crimson with… well you know …don’t you?

Week 29 By Michael

Boom! Crash!

I had to leave the city immediately. I was in grave danger. I frantically packed my crimson bag and left. I shouted for help but nobody seemed to hear me. It was a very misty day so I put on my coat. I ran for what felt like an hour to look for safety.

I reached an old abandoned cottage and decided to stay there for the night. A few minutes later a man entered the cottage. He took out a weapon and threatened me with it.

Week 29 by Alan : Weird day

My mom shouted at me and I didn’t come downstairs when she told me  – finally I came down. She told me to put on my crimson jacket and go outside.

My friend and I went to the graveyard because we were bored. Also it was misty outside. So my friend ran frantically because he saw and heard a bat. But after he came back.

So we had a walk until we saw a weird looking creature chasing us  –  we ran as fast as lightning.  After a long time we wet to my friends house at 19:33 and we saw in his house a …

Week 29 The Chase by Noel

Frantically I ran through the fields scrambling over trees and bushes. It was a  misty evening and I had turned crimson with the cold. I couldn’t leave them catch me. I could still hear them behind me. I could their roars getting louder and louder. I climbed a tree but I hesitated because there was a man standing outside a house He shouted to a man inside “here’s his grave” he shouted. The man went back inside.

I got ready to run again but I heard a rustling of bushes behind me!

Week 29 The Plan By David A

Misty and I had been at the table for hours. We had been planning on robbing the Crimson Manor. Tonight was the night.

At 23 hundred hours we drove to the halfway point. We would take it on foot from there. We walked through the foggy graveyard where all the graves had been there for more than 50 years. We arrived at our destination and climbed through the window.

We went down the corridor where we found the vault. I put the code cracker on it and the vault opened. We took all of its goods and headed for the door. Misty shouted the signal to tell me the coast was clear. We had escaped for now.

Week 29 Disaster Cruise by Charlie

It was the day. I was going on my 5 day cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. I got a crimson bus to the harbour and in no time I was on the ship. We set off.

I did not know what danger was ahead. It was a very misty day. The ship sailed smoothly through the sea. I was sitting calmly in the dining room when I heard a loud bang. An alarm went off.

People shouted frantically. I knew what had happened. I rushed to the lifeboats . I was in grave danger. Everyone was stressed. I jumped into a life boat and hoped for the best.

But then I spotted a puncture.

Would I survive?

Week 29 Trapped by Ewan

I knew that we were in grave danger. I had heard the crunch of the ship after it had hit the iceberg so I started running through all the hallways and down all the steps of the stairs to reach my friend in our small little cabin in the second class section.

When I got there he was already gone so I sprinted towards the stairs. it was blocked. I shouted frantically with a crimson red face. I then heard the water trickling down the hall towards me. The water was so cold there was a mist rising from it as it came to my feet.

What could I do?

Week 29 Grave Danger By Shane C.

“Run for your lives unless you want to end up in your grave, ” Nicholls frantically shouted as his face became crimson. The French were quickly approaching.

I had taken in every word he had roared but couldn’t bring my wounded self to my feet to get away. I knew there were only moments left until the French would come running around the corner and find me.

I was lucky I hadn’t blinked when Turnbull ran past otherwise I would’ve missed him. “Turnbull help,” I managed.

“Alright mate but we ain’t got much to left now,” he replied as he grabbed me in his arms through the misty weather.

A sudden “Pow” – gunshots –  I fell to the ground and my heart stopped…..

Week 29 The Risk by Laurynas

My finger rested on the trigger and I waited for my target to appear. The gun was scraped and the handle was almost broken. I just waited. If I shouted I would be seen and killed.

I frantically crept towards the window to look outside. It was misty and only one grave in the cemetery could be seen. I saw a couple of creatures walking and sniffing the air for flesh and blood,… my flesh and blood.

I turned around and saw a crimson light shining in the corridor. Something was shining there and I had to check it out even if it costs my life.