The Attack (Week 21 Paddy 6th)

“Minion!” said a voice from the massive leather chair in the centre of the room.

“Ready the Deady Bears!”

“Yes master,” replied a whimpering voice.

There was the noise of a button being clicked and an enormous mechanical claw came down from the ceiling, holding a crate. From within that crate a scratching noise was echoing ,with the occasional grunt. The crate burst open with a splintering noise and out came… millions of adorable, plush bears.

“Gaah! Minion what have you done?! My weapons!”

“I’m not your minion. I’m FBI Agent Turncoat and you’re under arrest!”

“Dang and blast!” roared the evil villain. And that is how teddy bears came into the world.


Rise Up Brothers by Eoin; Week 18.

Day 737,444.

Another 24 hours has passed since we were frozen like statues over-looking the harbour below, emotionless, expressionless, lifeless. But the time is beckoning, the hour approaching, soon we will be free, to serve and protect our elders, and to spill the blood of anyone who opposes them. The boy, he has used the key and opened the first lock. Any day now he will push open the gate to life and motion again. For now, we will gaze at the tide and comings and goings of our seaside surroundings, and strategise our next move.


The Chase by Stephen

Kyle swerved around another corner clipping the kerb. He was driving in darkness, relying only on his memory of the town. He had his headlights turned off in case anybody spotted him . He was heading towards the tunnel which was the only way out of town. Kyle clipped another kerb and decided to slow down a bit. 10 minutes on and he was midway through the tunnel. Kyle could hear something coming towards him.Suddenly a truck came  out of nowhere. The light blinded him. He skidded off course and was heading towards the cliff edge. He tried to brake but it was too late.


Week 11. Evidence… By Darragh Q


Yes, finally, my first case! I immediately started looking for the murderer. Where could he be, I thought? As I read the newspaper I discovered that as he escaped from the crime scene, he stole a bike and cycled away. I decided to search the forest. I don’t know why I chose to search it, I just had a feeling there would be something interesting there. And I was right, as I strolled through the forest I could see something in the distance. When I advanced closer to the mysterious object, I could make out a bike. But the thing that shocked me was that the bike was stuck in the tree. Evidence! Finally, I thought…



I slowly walked into the swamped corridor of our sinking ship. I was down here looking for my friends that were trapped behind a huge metal door. As I reached for the handle, I wondered what was behind the door. Well there was only one way to find out, I thought. I wrenched open the door. Immediately gallons of water rushed at me like a bus. I was knocked off my feet and got swept down the corridor and forced against the wall. Suddenly something hit me. I opened my eyes and saw something horrifying, one of my friend’s motionless body. That’s when it hit me. I had to find a way out soon.


The day Someone Bought Me By Charlie Barry

The day had come! Somebody had finally bought me! Soon I would be out of this sweltering hot packet and into fresh air and light! Suddenly I heard a loud rumble and I was jolted back. I was excited as we drove around the bumpy road. So bumpy that someone dropped me and I fell out of the car. I got sick and dizzy as I flew through the air. Then my packet hit a hard surface and ripped open. I never expected things to go like this. I walked awkwardly out of the ripped packet. Then I saw these red bugs all around me. A chill went down my spine.


The bull by Noel

Once upon a time there was a farmer. The farmer had bulls , horses, goats, sheep and geese. He was quite proud of his bull. He weighed 1.5 tonnes in weight. At this time the farmer was very sick but nobody knew. One day the bull broke out chasing the horse and the sheep around the yard. A neighbour came to tell the man about the bull. When he realised he was dying he called an ambulance. The man came out the very same day. If the bull didn’t break out the man would have died. In memory of the animals three statues were built.

Week 1 The Trick Coin by Ciarán

“Knock, Knock, hello! Anyone home? I have been getting some complaints.”

A Week Later…..


“You’re right, if they find out…”

“What are doing here?”

“We could be arrested!”

“George, keep an eye out.”

“Where should we go?”

“Turkey,Egypt,Italy or Russia?”

None of those. We’re going to America.”

“All of us?”

“NO, we go one by one.”

“Then it is settled that we go….”


“Please, please, we can settle this in an easy manner. Flip a coin, heads we go tails prison for rest of our lives.”


“Looks like it’s heads.  Bye…. ”

5 minutes later:  “Wait a minute, it was a trick coin.”

The Masons by Abdul

The masons were secret people. They had a building called Masons Temple.The masons make things out of stone. They got people on their secret team.

One day they were going to recruit one of the best masons (they thought).This was in the 1700-1800s so they used horses to meet up. The man recruiting was wearing old-fashioned clothing, knee-breeches and stockings. They all wore the same type of clothes.The man we  now call The Giver handed over a pen and paper to sign. The statue helps us remember them in stone.

Week 1, by Mikolaj

I wasn’t sure was I in the right place but I went on. I met this dude and he told everybody where to go. He just didn’t tell me. I made a deal with him because he was just so dumb. I gave him a ten euro voucher in an envelope but there was actually nothing inside. He showed me the way and I ran off. I found the place that I was looking for. It was a church, just an ordinary church, you know, nothing special. I hadn’t prayed for a long time. That’s where my parents would want me to be.

Week 1 Um… by Matthew D

“Will you join?” Jim asked.

“I will,” I said.

He then brought me to a castle and down to the basement. There was an old half-rotten wooden table in the middle of the room. There were 6 men at each side of the table. In the corner there was a bucket and that was it. They then started walking very slowly over to me. It felt threatening. A man with a bushy beard and a scar above his eye cornered me. He told me to repeat, “I swear an oath to tell nobody about the club I’m about to join.” The words came out of me so fast I’m surprised he even understood me. When I went home my mother asked what I’d done. My reply was “Um…um…”

Week 1 BANG… By Danny

One day Tom was walking down the road when suddenly he heard a bang. He went over to the building and saw that that there were about 12 people in there. He went in and said, “What was that bang?” They said it was nothing but Tom knew something was going on. He told him to skedaddle so he did but what they didn’t know was that he only went outside the door. They then started talking again and Tom heard everything. So he barged in the door and said, ” If you don’t want me to tell everyone in town your secrets, then you should let me in your club!”

Week 1: Recruitment By Naglis

“We need to recruit more members,” I whispered.

“That lad over there doesn’t look bad,” replied Marcus.

Later on I sauntered over to him and asked a few questions. I was about to let him in until he said he was a trainee.

“I’m sorry but we are a doctor-only organisation.”

You could see the misery in his eyes. I could feel the weight of the guilt pressing against me.

“Actually alright, you can try out.”

There were realistic electronic dummies that needed saving and he saved them. We let him in and he saved hundreds of ‘real’ lives. So we built a statue outside the hospital to show what a good doctor he was. 

Week 1, The Group by Tim

In the early 1500s lived a man named Leopold ‘Harris’ Stotch. He was in a secret society with some other men he knew. But no one else in the small town knew about. One day Leopold held a meeting in his house with his group to talk about something until one of the men in the group saw a man staring through one of the windows. When he realized they spotted him he ran away. Leopold ran after him and caught him by the arm. He asked him what he had heard and the man told him. Leopold was mad so he gave the man 3 choices: 1) he would join the group, 2) he would leave the town and 3)he would be killed. The man decided to leave the town for good.

Week 1 WWII football by Mathew O’G

Gun shots wouldn’t stop… these past years have been so lonesome, being so far away from my family.

But I’m not letting that horrible German get away with it.

I missed playing football with my mates on a Tuesday night.

I dreamed of playing a game of footy to settle this.

It was getting close to Christmas now and I wished the war would end before Christmas so I could go home.

Sergeant burst  through the door holding a white flag.

“Let’s play football!!!”


We were taking a break from all this shooting…now lets beat those Germans  at our own game.


Week 1 The Society by Szymon

“May I join?” the man asked.
” We will see about that,” replied the mysterious figure.
The man wanted to join the secret society for a while now but only dared to ask now. He waited for a response but got none. The man went to the mysterious man and asked about it.
“I thought you got the letter,” the man eagerly replied.
Only then the man realised that he sent it to the wrong house. He sent someone to poison the man’s food and water. As he was in the kitchen he heard footsteps. But where would he hide?

Tadhg: The Award Week 1

“Tom, you won! How do you feel, buddy?”

I could remember that day so well. The roar of the crowds as I walked out of the building. The rush of people trying to get into the building. It was amazing. My claim to fame some people would call it .But what I didn’t know was that winning the vote for president would attract the wrong attention. Whoosh! I felt it go through me. I fell to the ground, writhing in pain. I knew this would be my last few seconds of consciousness, my last few seconds of life…

Johnny Peter and Patrick the Mason By Jack

“Hello, Johnny. Today I spotted a man in the town square by the name of Patrick. He looks to be a senior stone mason. There was a queue the length of the building we’re in now asking him to do things like make a fireplace or build a wall.”

“Well, Peter, do you think he should join us?”

“Well, yes.”

“Okay, so you know what to do. Watch him for the next few days.”

“Yes, John. See you on Monday.”

“Fine but hurry along now.”

Monday came and Peter thought he should join. John was ready with his flintlock just in case he refused but he didn’t. He agreed and went on to be the greatest stone mason that had ever lived.

Week 1: Men In Black by Sean

One day two men in black were standing with a flag and they were talking  about the war. They were having some fun and laughed   at me when I walked past them. One of them asked, “Are you homeless?”

I was so I said yes. They laughed even harder. They were the bullies that hit my dad. So I said that bullying is not right because karma is real and they were wrong.  They got pushed into mud and they were not happy and I won the lottery. My dad and I were so happy we bought a new house and lived happily ever after.

Week27 Soccer Shirts by Anthony

I was playing the semi final at the soccer match at 1978. I am playing with an  Italian team. Next week we  play against England.We sent our clothes to the person who washes our clothes. Finally the day had come. Our shirts were delivered back in a box. We opened the box, our shirt was black and white but it is the wrong colour! Our shirt was supposed  to be red. We have no choice to wear it. When we came out on  the field, we won! 2-1. Now we won every match! and even won the final. People says the shirts keep us winning. Until now at 2019 the shirt colour was the same.

Week 28: The Landing Pad by Michael

21st of March 2521. I buckled up my seatbelt and gave one last look at planet Earth.  My co-pilot (Ben) and I, were going on a mission to a planet called Libyacon in Andromeda. As we took off, I felt the oddly satisfying feeling of the space shuttle vibrating.

3 hours later… “We’re nearly here, Ben!”

Ben looked back at me and gave me an excited smile. As we approached the landing pad, Ben looked back at me and said, “What’s that? What happened to the landing pad?”

I hopped out of my seat and looked out. Our landing pad on the swamp was destroyed. Not only was the landing pad destroyed but the swamp was too. All of this was done by someone. Someone we don’t know.

Back To Reality By Cillian Week 28

I had to get out of this cold, damp, wretched place. Behind me was the piercing sound of this terrifying, demented creature. And to top it all off I don’t even know where I am. Am I in a new planet?Galaxy? or even a whole new universe? Wherever I am, I have to get out. Eventually, I stumbled upon a ladder. This was my only chance. The second I put my hands on the cold metal ladder, I knew something was wrong. But as I climbed up everything was turning back to normal. I could eventually hear my mother roaring at me to wake up! Was it all a dream?

Aliens By Charlie Barry

The first sign of alien life had been found and I was coming to check it out. I stepped out and was shocked to how similar this planet was to Earth. I seemed to have crash landed into a marsh land. I hopped out of my spaceship and gazed in amazement. I trudged along trying to find some form of life. I spotted some kind of a hut in the distance. I felt excited but also nervous. I glanced back at my spaceship and noticed people were in it. My heart started racing. I dashed back until suddenly a bullet hit my back. I had been shot.

kelpar 186f by Alex

The discovery of the new plane, Kelpar 186f, means that if this world were to become uninhabitable, that we have a back up planet. Kelpar is in one of the habitable zones and is the same size as our planet Earth. The surface consists of mountains and rivers.There are many islands which we can make cities on. There are a few small islands where the ground looks soft and there are remains of some sort of tree or creature. The planet is only three weeks away and we can take all 7.53 billion people too.

The Triathlon by Stephen

The Galaxy’s hardest race. On planet Zog, every 3 years a triathlon is held. This year is set to be its hardest course ever. First, there is a kilometre of swimming across a bog. Then, a 20k cycle with slopes of up to 27%. Finally, there is a cross country for 6k through a bog with tree stumps towards the finish. Only 72 people were competing ??????????. I had done well in the swimming and came out of the water ninth. In cycling [ a mixture of mountain biking, cyclo cross and road racing]I caught up to the man up front. It was him or me and there was 1 kilometre to go.

FREEDOM wk#28 by Ronan

To big people, it just looks like a small, peeled twig with a leaf attached to the top of it but to me it is my boat. I, Ant Lookup, will travel down the stream of consciousness to find nothing but pride and honour. I will put all my effort into sailing my boat down the long stream nobody has travelled before. People have tried but have not succeeded. I will do more than travel down but I will walk back up along the side. I was ready, ready as I will ever be. Just as I sat on the boat I heard a cawing sound. The word went down my spine like an icy finger… birds.

All Over… By Darragh.Wk.28

I stood there looking at the aftermath of the disaster. The trees had been burnt, all the houses had been demolished and the land was ruined. How dare they come to our planet and do this! A tear trickled down my eye as I remembered my family and friends. Just then the ground shook from underneath me, causing me to stumble into the boggy land. As I regained my balance, I heard a vicious growl from behind me. A small, deadly looking creature stood before me. Without thinking I ran, but that was when I realised that I was stuck in the bog. It was all over.

week 28 Dominic The Planet

3 years later, we have finally landed on the new planet. When I arrived I checked if the oxygen was fine and it was. When I came out, I saw a big puddle of blood. I was terrified and then I saw a zombie chasing me. When I ran , a ship started going after me. When I got in, I launched the rocket at full throttle. When I was at space, I launched a missile at the ship. Then it was the end.

ALIENS! Week 28 By Killian. M

Squelch!I slowly got off the rocket and stepped on to the marshy ground . All seemed tranquil. I took another step but as soon as my foot touched the mud, creatures with pale faces and tentacles rose out of the swamp. I tried to trudge back to the ship but the creatures grabbed my legs and I slipped into the freezing mud. The monsters advanced on me, their cold, slimy tentacles stretching out. One was under the mud and started dragging me in. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light…

Week 28 by Alan The Walk

Joe was taking a walk in the park and suddenly he heard a really strange noise in the trees.  Joe decided to walk though the woods. As he was walking he scouted the area and there was nothing to see except trees and little puddles. A few moments later he saw this strange looking place. It looked like it burned down. Some creature jumped in front of him.  Joe got terrified and ran away from the creature.  He went home, told his parents and never came back to that weird place again.

Men in Black,Week 25 by Eoin.

The door’s hinges opened reluctantly, creaking like an old woman’s joints. The black and not-so-white-anymore checked floor was coated in a thick layer of dust and grime. Massive oak stairs in need of vanishing had become riddled with gaping holes. I glanced over at a sign reading, “Candy Bar.”

“Fat chance of getting so much as a square of chocolate from there,” I muttered, dejected and underwhelmed by the place that looked so grand and magnificent from the outside, like Hogwarts or the like. I turned towards the door to be on my way when I noticed figures in jet black, hooded cloaks blocking my path. Suddenly a hand gripped my shoulder. An icy chill ran down my spine…


An Awful Day By Cillian Week 26

It was just a normal, wretched, dreadful Monday morning in school. I thought everything would be fine when the morning passed but I was very, very wrong. After maths we went to PE, so that wasn’t too bad but the day just kept getting worse. Andrew, the school bully, was giving everyone trouble and I was no exception. After a while I confronted him and I really wish I hadn’t because he and all his ‘friends’ did was laugh at me. I was so  cross that I went into the gym to hit the punch bag.

The Bullets By Charlie wk. 26

I was so cross that I slammed my gun on the ground. All the ammunition scattered across the floor. All of our squadron had been tricked. We looked at each other with fright and confusion. For all we knew the enemy forces could be waiting outside for us. We walked outside cautiously. We looked around sharply. We jogged in zig zags to avoid being shot. But suddenly a bullet flew past us. We all dived on the sand -covered rocky surface. We couldn’t see a man or a gun in sight. All we saw were the vast desert plains. I heard countless bullets again and again. My heart raced and I hoped for the best….

The Punch wk26 by Dara

One day I was at home and I was just sitting down on my couch watching t.v. And then my brother came in and took the remote for the T.V. I was so mad that I punched him in the face and he got a nose bleed. So we were fighting for so long, we stayed up until 5am in the morning. THE END

Week 26: Isolated by Michael

Here I am, stuck in the middle of nowhere. My expedition team are well gone by now. But that’s not what frustrates me. When my expedition team stopped here for some food, I wandered off looking for rare animals. By the time I came back, everyone was gone. I was so angry that I was about to give up and just live on this island forever. But now I have some hope. Yesterday I saw an oil tanker ship in the distance. For now, I will have to stay here and plan my next move to get out of here.

DON’T DO IT wk#26 by Ronan

We were running behind time. The traffic would have already built up. My alarm didn’t go off (or I just slept through it).  I was the one who wanted to go but Dad had to drive me. But the most devastating event happened. We couldn’t get past the train tracks and we were first in line. A vein was popping out from Dad’s forehead and he was grinding his teeth. I was also cross. I was so cross that I was thinking of skipping over the tracks. But dad must’ve known what I was thinking of doing because he locked the door.

AAAAAHHHHHH! By Killian M Week 26

I had just woken up and I already knew that it was a bad day.  I had got out of bed and stubbed my toe on a loose floorboard, then bounced around on one foot and banged my head against my cupboard door. My little brother came running into the room holding my Cozmo and threw it on the ground. I was so cross I’m pretty sure you could see steam coming out of my ears. And to make matters worse I tripped on the last step of the stairs and landed on my dog. Why does it have to happen to me?!