The Cup from “The World of Giants” By Michael

One normal day I was going outside to play in the garden. I saw something shooting down from the sky. It looked like a tea cup but I knew it could not have been one. I ran back inside and it crashed in the grass. It was actually a tea cup! I was surprised it did not break. I went outside to explore it and saw some writing on it. It said “From The World Of Giants”. I could not believe it. If the cup actually came from some giants this could be a big discovery for the whole world.


The Ifo tea cup by Nathan

It was a fine day on planet TEA. Pilot Green Tea was preparing for a spying mission to Planet Coffee. His mission was to find a military base and report back . The day came when Pilot Green Tea was due to fly to Planet Coffee , he said goodbye to his kids and wife. He climbed into his tea fighter and took off. 10 hrs later he entered Planet Coffee’s atmosphere , went through the clouds and saw hundreds of  Coffee fighters in a zigzag. They all started shooting. Pilot Green Tea had no choice but to fly through them.Once he hit the wings of the Coffee fighters his wings got torn off and he started to plummet to the ground at tremendous speed, he had no time to eject.  His Tea  fighter slammed into the ground  digging it self into the dirt. R.I.P Pilot Green Tea.

The Magic School By Charlie

It was time. I was going to go to a magic school with my friends. It was a big risk.I climbed in the portal and teleported into the magic land. It was very weird. There were people with strange clothes and sticks. I had weird clothes and a stick too! I went to a class about *Re-sizing*. We were brought out to a grass field by a witch. She showed us how to do it and I gave it a try. I held a teacup and zap kaboon#* palash! The tea cup was huge and I was as small as an ant. I ran and ran, shouting. I eventually got back to normal and one thing for sure is that I’m never returning again.

The Parents -by William

I’m sick of this everyday, my parents boss me around and tell me to do chores.  But what if I was in charge…they would be the ones doing all the chores and cleaning.  I would be so happy if that would happen.  That night I went for a glass of water and saw a gold lamp.  I touched it and saw a green genie with sparkling clothes.  I was amazed.  He said “You have three wishes. ” I wished that my parents would not give me chores and it came true.  I wished that we got no homework for the rest of the year and Mrs O’Sullivan amazingly gave us no homework which I was so grateful for.  The other wish I made was for a theme park in my back garden, but this one didn’t come true, I don’t think we had the space.

The escape/By Charlie/100 wc

There I was in the army working as a slave. I had been there 2 years now. Everyone treated me and the other slaves badly. I was absolutely sick of it. So one day I had a thought: But what if I was in charge? I had a plan! I was going to steal a uniform from the staff area. And so I did, I ran into the staff area grabbed a uniform and flew off. But then I heard someone saying AYE! I ran and ran but then I tripped. My leg had a huge gash on it. I could not run. It was over. I didn’t think I could survive. It was over.

Week 23 League Final Day By David A

It was League Final Day. We were coming second and drawing on points. If we won this game we would win the league. We were definitely going to get promoted as the top 2 teams got promoted.

We went out for our warm up and 10 minutes later kick off came. Our captain was Chris Stewart who had never been captain before which was a risk.

Even at kick off we looked the weaker team. Then right on half time their captain blasted the ball into the back of the net to make it 1-0. The second half came and we were looking a bit better but they were still stronger. They scored another goal and won the league by beating us 2-0.

When we came in to the dressing room I thought to myself, What if I was in charge?

100wc by David L

The picture of the china mug really got me thinking that there could’ve been a normal Planet Earth.  It got taken up into the sky and went into a very small version of earth with mini people that lived on this small copy.  They didn’t know what it was but decided to make it their big home just like a mansion.  Or else the mini people crashed down, having it already as their home and tried their hardest for days and days to get out of what they thought was a prison. But it was actually a massive back garden.

Week 24 The Giant Teacup by Shane F

I was strolling through the greens fields of Galway . It was nice,breezy and a generally warm day. Then I saw it . A giant teacup . I was surprised, shocked and even scared . It was half buried in the grass . I cautiously walked towards it. It was white with a gold brim decorated with golden flowers .

It was massive about two times the height of myself . I saw a torn piece of paper. I picked it up. It was old really old.

It said “To whoever finds this and retrieves the rest of the set, you shall be rewarded dearly.”

“So you found it!” a voice echoed from behind me.

Teacups by Sean

It was going to be an exciting day because my family and I were going to Muck Ross House. As we were going to Muck Ross House we saw a sign that said “Teacup Turn.” It was a long walk but we made it. When we got there we saw something in the distance. It was a huge teacup. We got close and it just got bigger. It was like a little hut with no door. When we had to go we stopped playing and got back to our journey.


Week 24 The Tunnel by Laurynas

” Jim, do you think this is safe, going so near an object that we don’t know about?” asked Jake, feeling very worried.

” Oh, don’t be a scaredy-cat, it’s just a massive cup.” replied Jim.

It was a sunny afternoon when two brothers stumbled on a giant cup standing in the middle of nowhere. Jim was looking at it when he noticed inside the cup was a dark hole. He took out his torch and shone the light into the hole. He could see a tiny sparkle.

Jim jumped down and seconds later shouted back at Jake to come down. Once Jake was in the hole he saw that around him was a cave full of gems of all sort.

” We’re going to be RICH!” shouted Jim, full of delight.

The Ifo tea cup By Nathan

It was a fine day on Planet TEA. Pilot Green Tea was preparing for a spying mission to Planet  Coffee. He was ordered to look for a military base and report what he saw. On the day he was due to fly he said goodbye to his kids and wife. He flew out to space in his tea  cup spaceship towards Earth. 10 hrs later Pilot Green Tea entered the Earths atmosphere and saw hundreds of coffee spaceships in a zig zag . They all started to shoot at Pilot Green Tea . He had no choice but to fly into the coffee spaceships. As soon as his wings hit the coffee spaceships they were torn off . His ship was plunging towards the ground at tremendous speed. He had no time to eject.

Little Teacup by Ronan

In a very small garden, someplace in Northern Ireland, there was a very small teacup. This teacup was made of very delicate porcelain and had a gold band inside and out. It was dug into the ground and stood slightly tilted. The handle was chipped and the rim was cracked. By the look of it, it was very fragile. It had been tilted for years in the very same place, but the question remains: Is it  from another dimension or is there is a saucer to go with it which is hidden in some other place?

100 word challenge. By dan. Custom Made Cup.

It was 4pm and the nation was having their afternoon tea. This included a giant who had just been gifted an absolutely massive tea cup to cater to his every need.

“News just in, an absolutely massive giant is terrorising his way through the River Thames. The Giant claims a white bearded male had tricked him into dropping his cup in a nearby meadow.The giant also says that there will be absolute havoc if his mother finds out he broke his expensive custom made cup that she gifted him 3 hours ago…”

It has been a long hour but the police officials have finally contained the beast.





By shane om : Teacup

I just woke up, ready to eat my breakfast. I ran down the stairs to the breakfast table and ate my egg, rasher, sausage and toast. After drinking a cup of tea I look at my teacup as it vanishes in to thin air.

As usual we go for a walk through the forest and park. As we walk through the park I come across a teacup half submerged in the grass.  It was white with gold stripes and a handle that looked very fragile with writing engraved on the bottom.


The Haunted Cup by Stephen

“Colin, I dare you to go into the big cup” I shouted daringly.

“Ok,”said Colin.

We headed down to the haunted forest,joking about Trump’s wall. When we arrived at the old square (which is where the big cup is) we looked at the cup. We would have never been allowed to go down there on our own. I looked into the cup which was supposed to be cursed.


Colin stepped into the cup anxiously. Suddenly Colin started being sucked into the cup. I quickly pulled him out and we legged it. From that day on we never went there again.

100 word challenge by Noel

Once upon a time there was an agent called Adam Johnson. Agent Johnson was particularly good at obtaining information. He was involved in major missions and the boss had raised him up to be the main man of the whole industry. The latest mission he was assigned to was classified but I can tell you that he was transporting a shrinking/growing device to a classified location. He placed the device (which was the size of a nail clipping) inside the walls of a tea cup. Sadly the plane crashed and everyone aboard drowned but the agent’s case landed on an undiscovered island. When the case landed the teacup grew and grew and grew.

Banana Squish And The Teacup Fighters By Killian Week 24

The teacup fighters were going to land somewhere.

” I found an uninhabited planet called Banana Squish,”said T (teacup) fighter 17 into his microphone.

“Great!”replied the commander.

They flew down to a patch of grass, only to find out it was actually a green mushy banana. Squish was the sound they made when they came in contact with the mushy green banana.

“Bleurgh!” went T fighter 18 and all the others.

The commandant gracefully stepped out of his ship… until he stepped on a banana and then he stepped back into his ship and flew off with the rest of his crew. That was a very unsuccessful conquering of a planet. Until they found out there was gold on that planet…


It was about 100,000 years ago when the china people arrived in tea cup transport. I thought it was funny but my grandmother didn’t. She said if I saw them I wouldn’t be laughing then. So I set out to look for them. After 4 days of looking I saw glimpse of a massive cup. I wandered to see what I could see and then I saw a mini town of small houses. I knocked on the door to see a small china cup called Jim, he was the mayor of China Town. He called a meeting to show me all the people of China Town. I was amazed at what I saw but then not so happy. I was their sacrifice in China Town…………………..

Gold Rush! By Shane C

“No you go first,”I insisted to Pete. So,Pete reluctantly stepped inside  the dark and damp teacup shaped tunnel.

I tagged along behind him. At length I saw a beam of light in the distance. The two of us moved as quickly as we could to the beam of light even though we couldn’t see where we were treading.

After a solid twenty minutes we hit a wall,literally!

There was a brick missing from the wall which was where the light was coming from. So I peeked through to see what was behind the wall. When I saw what I saw my mouth made the shape of an O. Gold Rush!

Week 24 The Teacup David A

Over the years there have been uses for the massive teacup.

2 decades ago it was used by the local school kids as they played soccer after school in the park.

Or like the time the worst storm ever recorded in Ireland came and it gave shelter to those who were out in it.

To many tourists it may look like something that just sits in the middle of a park. But to the locals it is used for everything.

Shops, soccer, shelter and many other things.

It has been here for about 5 decades and is nearly gone. So that is why we need to use these things before they go to waste.

Sweat Blood By Shane C.

It was the relegation play off for Division 4 and we were playing Park City. We had won no games and only drawn one. We had a horrific captain though. He was so lazy,if you asked me to describe to you how lazy he was I would say”At night he probably waits in the kitchen for his bed to come to him.”

I always asked myself the question”But what if I was in charge?” Nobody would be left play unless they would sweat blood. Lazy man Dylan would be on the bench . Fat Pete would stand on the goal line instead of sauntering around. And I ,well I would be the striker, then Park City would be put to the sword….


Training by Laurynas

” Right Lads, I want you all to start your training AND NO MESSING.” announced Sergent Thunder.

The soldiers immediately started their training which included 40 push-ups, 30 sit-ups and many more other drills. Sergeant Thunder left, leaving the soldiers doing their training but once he left the room they started messing.

Just then the janitor passed the room and saw the soldiers “acting the maggot”. He thought to himself quickly, ” They won’t have any chance of success and Sergeant Thunder doesn’t know about this. But what if I was in charge?.

The janitor entered the room and shouted out orders. The soldiers thought that this was Sergeant Thunder and started their training once again. After a half an hour of exercises they were absolutely worn out.

” What’s happening here?” boomed Sergeant Thunder’s voice…

The New Greenroad United Manager by Michael

I was sick of it! We were losing against the worst team in the league, Park Rovers! But what if I was in charge? The following morning I switched on the TV to watch the news. The Greenroad United manager role was available. It said to send in an e-mail to the club and give them your past experiences with other clubs. I had been the Summerfield City manager before so I sent in an e-mail. A few hours later I got an e-mail back saying I had been appointed as the new Greenroad United manager. Hopefully I will do better than the previous manager.

Soccer Trainer by Ronan

My father is a very popular soccer trainer.  Everybody in the community  knows him. He is in charge of the team, the tactics and the training.  He never changes the team because he thinks the team is perfect. But what if I was in charge? I would put 1 person in goals and put everybody else near the other goals to score lots of goals. Maybe if he quits I will have to be in charge and pick the teams and make the tactics. Well he should be coach for another while. Or maybe until next year when I will be 4 years old. No wonder everyone called me the child with big dreams.

Week 23. By Darragh Q. The War Of 2084

“No, I’m too old to lead ye into this war,” explained Commander Shang.

“But sir, you know how much this war means to us.”

“No,” replied Commander Shang simply.

“Pardon me, sir, but what if I was in charge?”

Commander Shang looked shocked. No one had ever asked to replace him before, but he managed to say: “O- O-Okay,” , still amazed.

“Thank you sir,” replied the young lieutenant who was also shocked at Commander Shang’s answer. Immediately the young soldier spoke into his high tech radio.

“Everybody report to the war zone.”

“Good luck, soldier.” Commander Shang said eventually as the lieutenant left the room. The young man left the room with a huge smile across his face…

The Big question by shane om week 24

On my way to work I came across a few tips about managing a job which would be handy if I ever became a manager. This was possible as my current manager was very bad at his job and I would be better. What if I was in change? I will confer with my supervisor .

As I walk in, my supervisor passed by without my noticing. Off I went with my load after him calling,”  Gerard, Gerard.” He didn’t hear me. All that for nothing.





Parents by sean o s

I love my parents but most of the time they’re very controlling. They always say that they’re the parents and that they’re in charge. But when they say that I think to myself and say what if I was in charge? If I was in charge I would play all day and not have to clean around the house. I could also go out and play with my friends any time I wanted to.

100 word challenge by Noel

15  hundred hours



The Front

The troops were receiving orders from Captain James Boyne. There were clumps of dirt being fired into the trench from explosions. We had received word that somewhere down along the trench that a supply of grenades had gone off killing half a dozen men. A private was walking around gathering up valuables.  “If ya make it back we’ll share em out,” he roared. This was bound to end in disaster, the Germans had double the amount of troops we had. It was hopeless. I heard one of the commandants roar out,” On your ladders!” As we charged into battle I muttered to myself “But what if I was in charge?”

The Strange Amulet By Kyle

Saturday morning. Just woke up. I went down stairs to get my breakfast.I was sucked in by a unusual looking figure. It was holding a amulet. I was curious so I picked it up and it was synced with me. Suddenly I woke up in my bed again and the weapon was next to me. When I touched the weapon armour was summoned all around me and the weapon turned into a amulet. Suddenly the amulet turned into a sword, then an automatic rifle. When my mom knocked on the door and the Armour was gone. I went out with my friend and I showed him the Armour. Suddenly my friend thought “But what if I was in charge?” in his mind. I heard that. Then he tried to take the amulet  but the amulet struck back and my friend was put into cryogenic ice. I felt bad so I took him to a scientist and his memory was lost when he was put in to the cryogenic ice. To be continued

Paddy Duggan : The Wish.

“One wish each,” the Genie ordered. I knew mine immediately. It often came up in my dreams. It was always “But what if I was in charge?” I told the genie my wish. I was instantly transported into a mansion with a fancy, freshly pressed suit on and a badge stating “King Of the Universe” in bold silver letters.”My first decree,” I thought mischieviously “is to get rid of school!” Once I stepped outside I realised that in fact I was in a gargantuan library. I walked over to the “UNIVERSAL RULE BOOK” and tore out the page entitled “SCHOOL”…