100 W.C. Start week 6 By Krzysztof

The clock alarm went on as Nevil woke up. In his head, he spoke to himself. “Another day”. While closing the door two men in a black suit stood in front. Nevil asked ” Can I… “Hi my name is Mr. Orange and that’s Mr. Fighter. We are working for BATH and we’re here to take you. “No, I’m …Mr. Fighter pulled out something like a gun and put it up to Nevil’s neck. He felt a small pinch and fell. Clumsily they dragged him up to the car. When Nevil woke up someone danced in front of him.

One thought on “100 W.C. Start week 6 By Krzysztof”

  1. An original piece – it certainly engages (perhaps even terrifies!) the reader. It had pace and was really effective.
    100 words is a short amount for a story and I felt it might have been best to leave out the alarm clock and start the story with Nevil leaving the house. Perhaps ‘something’ could dance in front of him at the end – this would create a little more mystery.
    These are just minor points. You should feel proud of this piece – very well done!

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