100 wc bye sean o sullivan

One stormy evening my sister and I were out walking. We were walking home from our grandparents house when we heard something on the roof of our neighbours’ roof. We looked to see a little kitten on the roof!! We thought it would jump so we tried to get up to it but we couldn’t. When we got back to the front of the house we saw that it came down the drainpipe. Somehow it slid down and didn’t get hurt. We were so delighted to have her. When we got home we told our mom and dad about what had happened. They were also surprised how it didn’t get hurt. Days passed and it was getting to be fat, tall and strong!!! We love our cat.

2 thoughts on “100 wc bye sean o sullivan”

  1. Your use of the prompt was very clever, especially as cats are so nimble, they would certainly be able to get themselves down a drainpipe. I also very much enjoyed the ending to your story where the cat is growing healthy and strong. Well done.
    Ms. M. Team 100WC Sydney, Australia

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