100 WC Week 13 NO ONE by Krzysztof

Fire burned, the sea was shallow, stars shone and a little breeze came upon their shoulders. Luke shouted out to his men, “WE ARE GOING WEST FOR SOME FOOD!” He picked out his 5 men and marched west. When they reached the Dry Valley, Luke heard abnormally big steps. The person was a Giant with an awful smell and he had a huge hammer. They started to sprint down but they were exhausted after a kilometre. Luke, John and Ben were those left. The Giant grabbed Luke and spoke out with a loud voice, ” WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”

“My name is No One!”


One thought on “100 WC Week 13 NO ONE by Krzysztof”

  1. Hi Krzyzstof, Great punctuation throughout and I like the uppercase letters for the giant’s voice. A very well put together story with excitement and a real surprise when the giant grabs Luke, at least I didn’t expect it! I like very much your descriptive opening and feel you have taken your readers to special place (I had pictures of a sea shore with a blazing log fire in my head). Lovely bit of creative writing, well done.

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