100 Word Challenge Week 21 By Cillian McSweeney

Adam and I were scaling a huge building when we heard shouting. When we looked down the guards,security and the K9 were there. We didn’t know what to do. When we got up to the top, we barricaded the door. Then I remembered the garbage below. “We could make it.” “Are you crazy?” asked Adam. We had no choice. We heard the door shake violently. Then, bang, they got through. We jumped and just barely landed in the garbage. We were moving fast when… The K9 tracked us down. Then we hopped the fence and legged it! We moved quickly towards the old train yard. The K9 was put into a van and they drove right past us! “That was too close,” said Adam. Turns out we were scaling a huge security building.

The End

One thought on “100 Word Challenge Week 21 By Cillian McSweeney”

  1. *Remember, a space comes after a comma.
    *Maybe use more adjectives next time.
    Sounds like a game that’s kinda like Subway Surfer except, it’s much more realistic.
    Good job Cillian.

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