When I was a kid, my mother would make my deliver groceries to the poor old lady next door. But really she was cruel and was loaded with money. But one day she said bitterly to me, “You will never make anything of your life and you will be as poor as your foolish mother thinks I am!” So that day I swore that when I get older I would rob all the loot that old women had stashed in her house. So the night of our story I sneaked in the window of her house, crept into the hallway and peaked into the sitting room and sure enough she was asleep. First I checked under her mattress, nothing. Then I checked behind the photo frames for a safe, nothing. Lastly I checked under the rug, BINGO! It was a trapdoor. When I opened it a glistening light shone out. My gaze was soon interrupted by a shadow. It was the old lady. There was a sheet under the diamonds and gold so I caught each corner of the sheet and made it  bag shaped. Then I legged it out the door where I joined my brother. We were moving very fast when……….

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