100 word challenge week 26 “The Dream” by Noel

One day I woke up happy as could be. The birds were singing and the sun was splitting the stones outside. I jumped out of bed and changed into my clothes. When I ran to the door it was locked. That’s when I remembered I was grounded for breaking the vase in the kitchen with a football. I peaked through the keyhole as I heard muffled noises outside. I saw mum packing stuff  such as clothes and old shoes from Sarah’s room into a bag. I could make out the letters C-H-?-?-?-T-?  S-?-O-? on the bag. When she passed my room to the games room, I realised the writing said CHARITY SHOP. When I saw my game station being packed into the bag, I was so cross that I screamed, waking myself up from a horrible dream.