100wc by Alan My Favourite Toy

Once I learned in school about some “back to the future”. It reminded me of a  time when I was small. I loved playing with one car I had. I played so much. I played for four years I also had the full set of it. After two years I stopped and now I’m all about soccer! In school it wasn’t “back to the future”it was what would you like to be in the future.I said soccer player. Then my friend Jim said he wants to be a fireman. And my other friend wants to be a police man.

One thought on “100wc by Alan My Favourite Toy”

  1. Hello Alan, I like your discussion of the future. It is clear that the narrator has an affection for the car. I would have liked to learn more about the car, though. It is good though, how you show how the character has moved on and is now interested in soccer (has a different passion). You are also able to show how people all have different ideas. Well done.

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