100wc by David Lehane Week 7

A young boy made out of Lego was walking in Legoland. As a matter of fact he was in a real world owned by a 12 year old boy. But this Lego boy could only come alive and move around when this 12 year old boy went to school. 12 year old Brian went to school and the little piece of Lego set off to the back garden to explore. 5 minutes into the walk the Lego boy  discovered these little Ladybirds. He was terrified and thought he would be broken into many pieces of Lego. He didn’t know that ladybirds were harmless. He heard a car pull into the driveway…

One thought on “100wc by David Lehane Week 7”

  1. Hi David,
    This is a really nice piece, a great use of the prompt! This week’s prompt is photograph of a Lego figure with a camera, swarmed with ladybugs. Bringing visual effect to the picture, you describe a setting which follows a character in a domestic setting, a Lego-man photographer. By setting out the plot early in the piece, a domestic setting, you create a structure which gives the piece stability and puts the reader in the centre of the action. Using this makes the reader feel attached to the piece, and makes them more engaged. This makes the piece interesting right from the start. The theme of Lego is one that many will be familiar with, even in their own personal lives, as most people will have experienced spending time making Lego with either friends, family or by themselves, or will have watched other people complete Lego sets in their houses. This makes it very relatable to the reader. This makes the reader imagine such a visual description of the setting as a whole. I can relate to this too as I love spending time building Lego, relishing in the chance to unwind and concentrate on a light hearted project for a short period of time. I have enjoyed building such Lego sets from a young age, and loved going to Legoland, so this was a great read for me! By explaining clearly the atmosphere, that the character is actually made from Lego, you engage with the reader and add to the setting. You use imagery which fits perfectly with the setting. Bringing in specific information like the character’s name, Brian, demonstrates great imagination. This puts the reader in the front of the story, and this really makes you focus on the piece. Emphasis on how the Lego character lived in a separate Lego world within the real world, fully fleshes out your point and makes it very apparent for the reader. The piece continues to develop, as we find out that the lego boy can only come to life when Brian is at school, as it is only then he can act as he wants. Although the setting is an abstract one, fitting with the Lego theme, this description actually brings realism, as many films and stories have dealt with similar themes, such as Toy Story. The description of the lego boy walking in the outside and enjoying the natural setting, but then being frightened by the ladybugs, brings some comic elements to the piece. The ending of the car pulling into the driveway, surely signalling the return of Brian, means that the lego boy will soon have to stop again, and leaves the piece on an effective cliff hanger. Good use of grammar and punctuation too, especially your use of the ellipsis. Keep up the good work!

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