100WC TVision by Krzysztof week 12

Finally it was Christmas Day . With my sister I sprinted quickly down through the hall to the sitting room. Under the tree stood a black, huge box with words NINTENDO 4DV. I pulled one edge and my sister the other. Finally I plunged the cable and pressed the START button. We saw sparkles coming out and we seemed to be on the television in a video game RIVE. After few seconds huge steps came. It was my mother and she shouted, “WHAT!”

One thought on “100WC TVision by Krzysztof week 12”

  1. Hi Krzysztof, I think this is a great story and an original take on the 100WC prompt. I especially like the sparkles before you joined the game. A good use of ‘huge’ to describe the mothers footsteps mad e me think of her a human size and you shrunk to game size. Excellent work, well done.

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