A Matter Of Life and Death by Nathan wk 3

As the three gods of all herbivores watched and waited for the carnivore army to clash with their army, the squirrels spotted the carnivores coming slowly towards the army outside the forest. The squirrel commander gave the order to “Fire” and  every single artillery gun opened fire to begin raining hell down on enemy troops. Bodies were flung high into the air as shells rained down upon them . When the gods heard the Booms from behind them they knew the army was coming so they moved the gatling guns up further and they immediately  started spewing out bullets . Onyx the goat god phoned to begin the dive bombing . On the other side of the forest the flamingos were being loaded up with acorns that once dropped would drill into the ground and explode. Meanwhile the gods sent the tanks forward.  Suddenly there was a streaking sound above them. They looked up and saw eagles diving towards them. After 24hrs of non-stop fighting the herbivores won. Now there is a memorial honouring what 3 gods did to protect their kind.

One thought on “A Matter Of Life and Death by Nathan wk 3”

  1. Goodness me Nathan! I was not expecting such an action packed piece of writing. Even though I don’t like the idea of war, it appears to be a fact of human life. However, the thought of the animal kingdom treating each other the same way is intriguing, especially as it was not clear form your piece who were the goodies! I don’t eat meat so should I support the herbivores? Why were they fighting?
    Well done, I really enjoyed reading it.

    Ciara (Team 100)
    Wicklow, Ireland

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