A MISTAKE…. A BIG ONE TOO wk#22 by Ronan

It has been three hours since we left the house and we still haven’t made it. We decided to stop to eat and use the bathroom. We planned on going to a restaurant later with the family so we didn’t eat much. I shouldn’t have gone to wash my hands. I sprinkled some salt and plopped some red sauce on the side and planned on drizzling some vinegar over it when I came back. After coming back from the bathroom everyone was laughing  and the vinegar was open. I assumed someone used some for themselves. I poured a slight bit of vinegar over the chips but the vinegar was too sharp. It was so bitter I couldn’t breathe.

One thought on “A MISTAKE…. A BIG ONE TOO wk#22 by Ronan”

  1. really interesting how you describe the reaction of tasting the sharp venigar! I can almost feel it myself.

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