A Not So Pleasant Trip by Sean o S wk3

My  friend and I were on our way to the mountain near our house. We were on our way up the mountain when we heard a weird sound coming from the engine. I got out of the car and opened the hood. The battery wire was cut. This was no accident , I thought to myself. I got back to the car and tried my best to move it forwards but it seemed to be going backwards. That’s when we saw the crooks that cut it.

One thought on “A Not So Pleasant Trip by Sean o S wk3”

  1. Hi Sean!
    I like how you left the reader on a cliffhanger at the end! I wrote about this prompt too, my story was about time going backwards in school! Did you know a lot of people try to cut the wires in the car. For example, in the movie Scooby-doo meets the chupacabra a bad guy cuts the wires in the car so they couldn’t get away from the chupacabra. Are you going to continue the story in your next post?
    Hapy Writing!
    From, Amalia

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