AAAAAHHHHHH! By Killian M Week 26

I had just woken up and I already knew that it was a bad day.  I had got out of bed and stubbed my toe on a loose floorboard, then bounced around on one foot and banged my head against my cupboard door. My little brother came running into the room holding my Cozmo and threw it on the ground. I was so cross I’m pretty sure you could see steam coming out of my ears. And to make matters worse I tripped on the last step of the stairs and landed on my dog. Why does it have to happen to me?!

One thought on “AAAAAHHHHHH! By Killian M Week 26”

  1. Dear Killian,

    What a story, I’m sorry you had such a bad day. My favourite part was your description of ‘steam coming out of your ears’; this is excellent imagery.

    Well done!

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