An post comp by Charlie The London Eye Mystery (different ending)

My plan had worked. I had got away! I ran down with my friend across the bridge. I was skeptical about where to go next. I had no money to get to Manchester. How would I get a train? I waved to Tom and watched him disappear into the station. I put my hand into my pocket and took out my coins. Only 3 pounds. I had to make a plan if I was ever going to get back to Manchester. I went to a small store and headed down an alleyway. This was where I would spend the night.. I wondered what stress my parents and relatives were going through.

Next morning I was woken up by the sound of the Big Ben and the frantic rush of everyone trying to get to work. I grabbed the worn out bag that I had found in the bin with my water and headed off. I was nervous but yet excited. I waited 5 minutes which felt like an hour and then the Manchester train arrived. I was going to sneak on the train. I scouted the train up and down and had 2 places in my head. The back of the rear carriage or the toilet. I decided to head for the toilet as it was a bit more secure. I scrambled onto the train and saw the ticket inspector give me a look. I got in the bathroom hastily and hoped for the best…

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