Men in Black,Week 25 by Eoin.

The door’s hinges opened reluctantly, creaking like an old woman’s joints. The black and not-so-white-anymore checked floor was coated in a thick layer of dust and grime. Massive oak stairs in need of vanishing had become riddled with gaping holes. I glanced over at a sign reading, “Candy Bar.”

“Fat chance of getting so much as a square of chocolate from there,” I muttered, dejected and underwhelmed by the place that looked so grand and magnificent from the outside, like Hogwarts or the like. I turned towards the door to be on my way when I noticed figures in jet black, hooded cloaks blocking my path. Suddenly a hand gripped my shoulder. An icy chill ran down my spine…


An Awful Day By Cillian Week 26

It was just a normal, wretched, dreadful Monday morning in school. I thought everything would be fine when the morning passed but I was very, very wrong. After maths we went to PE, so that wasn’t too bad but the day just kept getting worse. Andrew, the school bully, was giving everyone trouble and I was no exception. After a while I confronted him and I really wish I hadn’t because he and all his ‘friends’ did was laugh at me. I was so  cross that I went into the gym to hit the punch bag.

The Bullets By Charlie wk. 26

I was so cross that I slammed my gun on the ground. All the ammunition scattered across the floor. All of our squadron had been tricked. We looked at each other with fright and confusion. For all we knew the enemy forces could be waiting outside for us. We walked outside cautiously. We looked around sharply. We jogged in zig zags to avoid being shot. But suddenly a bullet flew past us. We all dived on the sand -covered rocky surface. We couldn’t see a man or a gun in sight. All we saw were the vast desert plains. I heard countless bullets again and again. My heart raced and I hoped for the best….

Week 26: Isolated by Michael

Here I am, stuck in the middle of nowhere. My expedition team are well gone by now. But that’s not what frustrates me. When my expedition team stopped here for some food, I wandered off looking for rare animals. By the time I came back, everyone was gone. I was so angry that I was about to give up and just live on this island forever. But now I have some hope. Yesterday I saw an oil tanker ship in the distance. For now, I will have to stay here and plan my next move to get out of here.

DON’T DO IT wk#26 by Ronan

We were running behind time. The traffic would have already built up. My alarm didn’t go off (or I just slept through it).  I was the one who wanted to go but Dad had to drive me. But the most devastating event happened. We couldn’t get past the train tracks and we were first in line. A vein was popping out from Dad’s forehead and he was grinding his teeth. I was also cross. I was so cross that I was thinking of skipping over the tracks. But dad must’ve known what I was thinking of doing because he locked the door.

AAAAAHHHHHH! By Killian M Week 26

I had just woken up and I already knew that it was a bad day.  I had got out of bed and stubbed my toe on a loose floorboard, then bounced around on one foot and banged my head against my cupboard door. My little brother came running into the room holding my Cozmo and threw it on the ground. I was so cross I’m pretty sure you could see steam coming out of my ears. And to make matters worse I tripped on the last step of the stairs and landed on my dog. Why does it have to happen to me?!

100 word challenge week 26 “The Dream” by Noel

One day I woke up happy as could be. The birds were singing and the sun was splitting the stones outside. I jumped out of bed and changed into my clothes. When I ran to the door it was locked. That’s when I remembered I was grounded for breaking the vase in the kitchen with a football. I peaked through the keyhole as I heard muffled noises outside. I saw mum packing stuff  such as clothes and old shoes from Sarah’s room into a bag. I could make out the letters C-H-?-?-?-T-?  S-?-O-? on the bag. When she passed my room to the games room, I realised the writing said CHARITY SHOP. When I saw my game station being packed into the bag, I was so cross that I screamed, waking myself up from a horrible dream.

The Match That I’ll Never Forget. Shane week 26

It was the quarter final and I was in midfield [my main position]. I couldn’t wait to get started. We were against one of the worst teams in the division and we were so confident that we would win. We were about to start when a fight broke out. It was my best friend and another kid from the opposite team. We all went in to try and calm them down but they wouldn’t stop. Eventually the ref came in and called the match off. I was so cross the I could have nearly blown a fuse but being angry wasn’t going to help so I went and bought an ice cream to calm down.

The Cycling Race wk 26 by Craig

Yesterday I was at a cycling race. It was three laps of the Velo Park in Kanturk. I was first for the whole race. Suddenly, I got a cramp and I started slowing down but the race was nearly over. I could make it, I thought. The last stretch go.  My trainer said it was a photo finish. Sadly, Joe had beaten me by an inch. I was so cross that I punched my handlebars multiple times and cracked my speedometer. What made me most mad was that my Mom said, “Better luck next time, pet.”

Finale by David week 26

Today we played a soccer game. Not just any soccer game . But a completely unfair one. It was the Cork County Final. The referee was not doing any good deed for us. When we had a corner he said it was a goal kick. And how dirty was the other team? We should’ve had about fifteen penalties. They were offside about 1 MILLION TIMES. The referee gave us 3 red cards and 5 warnings. But we had the smoothest tackles ever. I  was so cross that  I nearly went to the referee and I nearly did a bad thing… Never would I ever play a soccer game again.

The Object… By Darragh

I was so cross that I stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind me. I decided to go for a walk, I had to get away from the scene. As I began to walk down the road, my dad’s car shot past me. Immediately, I rang him to find out what was going on. But he said he didn’t take the car out for a drive. Without thinking, I darted after our bright red car. Not knowing what I was doing, I started shouting after our car. Just then, the figure driving it jumped out and pointed something at me. It took me two seconds to notice what it was…

Week 26 Bad Day by Alan

I was having an amazing day one Wednesday and my friend  Bob went with me on a walk to the park. I was really excited about my new bike at home. Everything was going great until my mum called me and said she couldn’t get the bike today and that she could get it next week. I was mad but it was okay. Then my friend Bob knocked my ice cream out of my hands. I had bought it for myself and I was so cross that I ran away from him and went to the woods and stayed there.

Pipped At The Post by Eoin Week 26.

We were nearly there, on the edge of winning the glorious national championship. Up by 2 points with 20 seconds to go, I could picture the trophy raised aloft  above my head. Their point guard ran hastily up the court with the ball  and passed it to his teammate in the far corner. 10 seconds. Watching, it was like slow motion: he jumped, released the ball on what was to be a game-defining shot and landed. The ball floated through the air and fell into… the basket as the buzzer sounded. I was so cross that I could swear there was smoke billowing from my ears. I felt like slamming the ball into the other coach’s face. But I just looked on, forlornly, at what could have been.

DIARY FRIDAY 25TH OF APRIL. by Nathan wk 26

I heard my mom call from downstairs to go and say sorry to my little brother for giving out to him. I knew I had to do it or else she would keep nagging me to do it. I put down the pillow I had been punching for the past hour or so. I looked at all the feathers that were on my bed from the pillow and made up my mind that I would tidy it when I came back up. The reason I gave out to him was that he wouldn’t  give me a turn on the XBOX and I was so cross that I pushed him and stormed up the stairs. Now I`m going  down to say sorry. I hope he will accept my apology.


Troublemakers By Cillian Week 25

Once upon a time two boys, Tayto and Cadbury, were running away from home in search of a new life. On their adventure, they brought their horse, Tadhg. Along the way they slept on hills, under hedges and even traveled on cargo trains! But one night they became very hungry. So they decided to go to a town called Palace Town. After everyone had left the local cinema Tayto, Tadhg and Cadbury sneaked their way up to the the back door. They got their food and turned on the movie after pressing every button. But what they didn’t know was that when they turned on the movie, they turned on the front lights as well! They were doomed!

The Raid By Charlie week 25

My family and I walked in through the door and into the theatre. We had saved all our hard -earned money to go to the show. I walked up the red carpet. I felt like a king doing so. I entered the show room and was amazed by the atmosphere. But as the show started a man rushed in shouting, “We’re getting raided!”

We all looked at each other is disbelief. My older brother had described the raiders as aggressive with swords. He told them to  clear anything in their way. My heart raced as we sprinted hastily outside. I heard shouting and screaming. I tried not to think what was happening to everyone inside.

The Fire by Sean 6th Class week 25

There I was,standing in the middle of the screaming crowd. I had got such a shock that I just froze. There was smoke around me and what looked like flames on the stairs. I had to get to the door fast before I passed out but I couldn’t see through the vast amount of smoke. I just felt myself getting weaker and weaker. Finally, I just ran and hoped that there would be a door,but there wasn’t.

Week 25: The Building by Michael

This was the day I’d been waiting for. I had finally been granted permission by the mayor to have a look at the biggest building in town. Some people say it was a church before, some say a theatre. Nobody knows.

As I stepped inside I took a look around. It was cold, dark and damp inside. I walked down a broad stairway that led me into a lobby or hall. To my left I saw a stand which said, ‘ Candy Bar’.  This was my chance. I could check how old the chalk was and reveal how old this building was. I pulled out my equipment and started working on the writing.  I heard my machine beep I looked at it. It said 135 years old.

The Complex by Alex

The rundown castle has a candy bar and a public bar. It is suitable as a hotel with 90 bedrooms and one master suite. It will need a bit of TLC. One of the rooms could also serve as a cinema. There is a swimming pool at the rear of the complex and there are extensive grounds. A  gardener would need to come in every day for a few hours to manage this.

The Cinema week 25 by Dara

1923. I was going to the cinema. I was going the see a horror movie. Its name was “Down the Street” and it was meant to be a really scary movie. It was rated 15 but I was allowed to go see it by the manager. My Dad was really good friends with the manager and now I was waiting for the doors to open to the theatre. It took about 1 hour but I didn’t mind. It was really scary.

The Meeting by Craig

Here I was. An eerie silence hung around the room as I entered. Empty. I began the trek up the winding staircase. On the seventh floor I stopped, tapped on the wall 3 times with my knuckle and entered the room. The owners of the building had left years ago and since then it had been taken over by the I.S.S. [Irish Spy Service]. The building was perfect as not a single person ever gave a second glance. I took a seat and took out my briefcase. I produced a file on the Craggle.

“Alright, boys, let’s get down to business.”

The Investigation… By Darragh

The rundown museum in town had just been broken into. Immediately,  my four friends and I got on the case. This was big, this was our chance to shine.

The following morning we decided to investigate. As we made our way to the museum, we immediately took in our surroundings. The front window had been smashed, and there were dirty footprints all over the carpeted floor. Just then we heard a roar from one of my friends.

“Hey, guys, get over here!”

As we made our way over to him, I could make out a bright red glove lying on the ground. We all looked at Jimmy…


Week 25 The Walk by Alan

One day I decided to take a walk somewhere unusual far from my house. Most of the time I walk 3 minutes from my house but today I went 8 minutes away from my house and I didn’t tell my mum. I knew I was going to be in trouble. As I walked along there was a strange building and the door was open. I took a look inside. When I made my way inside the building there was a ‘Candy Bar’.I thought it was a museum but it was a cinema. As I made my way back through the door I fell and then this happened…

The Theatre (Paddy 6th Week 25)

We opened the main door. It creaked loudly as we stepped inside. I flipped the light switch, the artificial light casting long shadows against the banisters of the stairs. We tiptoed upstairs. Suddenly we heard a WHAM and the smashing of glass.

“I-I think w-we f-f-found our b-beast!” exclaimed my friend.

He then turned tail and ran, screaming all the way out the door. We then heard a cackling from the candy bar. We flashed our torches inside there as we came down the stairs.

“AAARRGH!” my friend screamed.

I spun on my heel to see him pinned by the beast. What was I to do!?!

week 25 Dominic

Today I was going to the cinema to watch a movie. When I was buying the tickets someone hit me on the head. When I got up there was nobody around me. I even checked the streets and nobody was there. Then I ran to the factory to turn on the robot to start working. Then the power got stable. Then I went to get some food to eat. That’s how my life was in Ireland.


There is an old man whose name is Jimmy but we always call him Old Man Jim. He bought the old theatre last year and only the old ones mostly go there now. The person at the candy bar is said to turn invisible when he ought to see a dog. The old theatre only shows old monster movies like “The Strike of the Living Mummy” and “The Over -grown Plant Eater” and an old time classic, “The Titanic”. The popcorn there is really cheap but the monsters from the movies come out at midnight so beware you might be in for a scare…….

ABANDONED wk#25 by Ronan

Chandeliers lit the halls. Romanesque arches in the walls from the entrance to the exit. The dark brown door frames and the blurred glass pane. The candy bar abandoned with no cashier or clerk. The same majestic design covering the whole run-down building. The checkered floor, the red carpet stair way. Every thing in this dilapidated building was  beautiful. It became more beautiful with age. But what if this site was renovated? All its wonder and beauty gone, to be replaced by something as mediocre as a shopping mall. The only good thing to be made was a museum of all the priceless artifacts.

Sceal Eile: The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas Alternative Ending.

After I entered the camp with Shmuel, the officers started lining us up. We had no idea what was going on. We thought we were going for a shower. But after a while we realised this wasn’t normal. Some of the men were getting upset. I had never seen a man cry  before so I knew this was serious. Suddenly, there was a loud bang and all the alarms went off. Over the speakers around the camp we heard a man shouting: “Lock down. I repeat lock down!” Then a black car pulled up and four men wearing gas masks got out. One of them shouted at us to hide, we hid in one of the camp huts. All we could hear was the shouts, cries and gunfire of the men. Eventually one of the men knocked on the door. We hoped it was safe so we opened the door. He then escorted us to a truck and we were driven away. Were we saved?

(Holes) Different ending by Michael

As I climbed the mountain I checked back to see if Zero was alright. We didn’t know what was on the other side. Maybe there was a town or  civilization of some sort, or maybe there was just nothing. After about what seemed 8 hours we reached the top. We were absolutely shocked when we saw what was over the mountain. There was a road that stretched out for kilometres. Although it was so big and long we couldn’t see any cars passing. A car would only pass every five minutes or so. I asked Zero, “Should we go down there?”Zero nodded. If Zero said yes I was in.

The road was quite a long way away. We would have to go now if we wanted to get some help. The terrain going down the mountain was rough. At the bottom we were relieved. We sprinted up to the road to see what was there. As we approached the road we noticed a pick up truck coming. It wasn’t any ordinary pick up truck. It was the one from Camp Green Lake. At that moment we knew we made a mistake. As the truck approached we saw who was in it. It was Mr. Pendanski. We would’ve been better off going back. Way better…..