The Escapist by Stephen

Mr Johnson looked up from his work. Something was wrong. The classroom was… quiet. He scanned the classroom and his eyes froze over an empty desk. Emily’s desk. “Class, has anybody seen Emily?” asked Mr Johnson.  “She was here a minute ago,”replied Eva. “I’ll notify the principal,” said Mr Johnson ” But how could she just disappear?”

In fact Emily was on the other side of town with a half eaten sandwich and a bottle of Club Orange. “This is the life,” she thought to herself.  She got up and walked out of the shop.

The Invisible Girl by David

It was an ordinary day for jenny. It was bowling night. Jenny and her family would go because the two boys Tim and John loved it. Her sister didn’t really like bowling, probably because she was 17. After Jenny and her family had dinner. Then they went to bed.

It was the next morning. Jenny had to face another day of school. School itself wasn’t bad for her. The bully was the problem. She wasn’t having a bad enough day to forget she had a test. As she was walking down the hall she met the bully made a laugh of Jenny. Jenny just wanted to go away to disappear so she did. But how could she just disappear? Be careful what you wish for.





But how…? week 17 by David L

I couldn’t feel my legs. All I saw, when I glanced up, was my brother lying on the floor. I was terror-stricken. My mother was in this plane too.I turned my head to see her in her seat. Her seat belt was choking her. Her neck was all purple. But my brother was more damaged than my mother. I had to keep one of them alive. I turned over to my brother as quickly as I could, desperately trying to get to him. I suddenly felt hollow and dizzy. Well, it was all coming from tough, disturbing, bizarre scene around me. BUT HE AWOKE. I was so thankful. I turned my attention to my mother only to see nothing .But how could she just disappear…?

Missing by Nathan WK 17

It had been 2 months since Ciara O’ Brien disappeared and we were getting nowhere in the investigation until we found, hidden amongst the hedge shrubs where she was last seen, a little penknife with specks of blood on the open blade. We brought it back to the lab and got it analysed so we could identify whose blood was on the knife. When the results came back, it was Ciara’s blood as well as somebody else’s fingerprints on the handle. We now had a murderer  and Ciara’s body  to find but how could she just disappear when she was seen by loads of people in broad daylight?

White as a Ghost, by Eoin, Week 17.

I thundered down the alleyway in pursuit of the paranormal being I had spotted during my nightly jog. I soldiered on, my heart beating in my chest like a drum, my head pounding, my legs starting to weaken. As I rounded a corner, a shiver ran down my spine like an icy finger. There it was, though to be polite, there she was. A young girl of but 6 or 7, but pale, ghostly pale. She was staring at me. Out of nowhere, she started getting paler and paler, thinner and thinner, until she vanished into thin air.

“But how could she just disappear?” I wondered curiously. Suddenly, my surroundings started to fade, my complexion turning pale too, just like the girl’s…


My partner Jimmy and I were in the middle of an intense highway pursuit of a 46 year old Mrs Chan, a math teacher at the local school. She was in a red Ford Mustang and just because she was a teacher doesn’t mean I was going to go easy on her. She took a sharp left into a dirt bike stadium and then she took a sharp right and boom! But how could she just disappear?

“Copy. We lost the subject on Westend, Fortune Valley. Mission failed. We’ll get her next time, Chief.”

“Copy, over and out.”

“Copy that.”

I’m on her Tail by Callum wk 17

I was in pursuit of a bank robber who seemed to be a female. I’ve been on the force about 14 years and have dealt with lots of bank robbers in my time but this particular one was different. As she turned the corner in her 1979 mustang, I received a call from my wife. I hung up and continued driving but when I turned the corner, there was no one there, only other cars but no 1979 mustang.  But how could she just disappear? And that thought will stay with me until I’m on my deathbed. Hopefully, someone else would figure it out.

Magic by Dara week 17

One day I was bored. My mom asked what was wrong. I told her and she suggested that we go out. So off we went to see this spectacular nine year old magician. It took 2 hours to get there but it was worth it. We were in the middle of a carnival. We went on bumper cars, a ferris wheel and then it was time the go see the magic show. It took a few minutes for everyone to enter but all of a sudden the little girl appeared out of nowhere. she welcomed everyone. She did lot of tricks and she said she would disappear. Bang and she was gone but how could she just disappear?

Another World:Paddy 6th

I know this world is another dimension, but how could she just disappear like that!? Then I heard a screech, that tore me from my thoughts. I turned slowly, just glimpsing the creature I had to catch. I fired my glu gun, hoping that it would be trapped,but it kept circling me until… WHAM!!! I was thrown against the wall by an almighty force. I leaped to my feet and checked my suit for damage. As I was doing this, I heard a snarl. I unhitched my glu gun from my utility belt, spun on my foot and shot the monster,trapping it in a chamber.I shrank the box and went back to base.

Week 16: 2 Flying Objects By Michael

I was just coming home from work when I realised I still had a long day to go. 2 pink, flying, bubble shaped objects were flying in the sky. Questions fired into my head. I quickly called the police. As I watched I couldn’t make out whether there was something inside the half transparent object or not. Was it empty? Police quickly arrived in their squad cars. Each car had a mountain bicycle on top of it, probably to go up the mountains for a better view. Police were taking videos and pictures. 20 minutes later the area was flooded with people. Then suddenly the 2 flying objects lit up very brightly and disappeared……

Fighting by Nathan

We sat in our tent waiting for something to happen. Jim was chewing pink chewing gum and blowing bubbles. I was reading a book when we heard the sound of a truck approaching our camp. When it came through the gate it was riddled  with bullet holes. We all went to the back of the truck to see it half empty with wounded men from Baghdad, the rest were dead. Now it was our turn to fight in Baghdad. We piled into a truck and drove to Baghdad. When we reached Baghdad, we jumped out of the truck and moved to where enemy forces were. As we walked we saw a civilian on a bicycle and more on the streets. Suddenly shots rang out and dirt was flung everywhere. We dived for cover behind a building and fired back in the direction of the shots. This was going to be a long battle.


The Chase By Charlie Week 16.

I scampered along the busy, urban areas with the pink bicycle that I had stolen. I was being chased by highly -intelligent robots that only had one goal: to kill me. I thought I had been working for a bank company but instead I was working for a highly illegal spy group that hired me to use me. Suddenly one of the robots fired a scorching hot laser only to miss me by centimeters. I rushed into an alleyway and hit a dead end. My eyes scanned the alley and focused on a tub heating on a fire. I threw the tub of water that was boiling so high that you could see the bubbles. The robots had no hope. I was safe for now…

The House By Cillian Week 16

The house was empty, or so it seemed. This was no ordinary house though. In fact it was very unusual. The door was bright pink! But everything else was either black or grey.

Jim and I had used our bicycle to get here. Yes, the bicycle we shared, so it would be hard to escape if we needed to. I said this to Jim and he said “That’s nonsense, you’re exaggerating.”

When we entered the building, it felt very unstable but I trusted Jim. Suddenly a loud bang shot through the air. It was as if a gun had been fired. Then bubbles started appearing at the end of the hallway. This was really a mad house. When we decided to leave, it was too late, we were trapped.

week 16 Fired by Alex

” Today the evil scientist, Bobby Sport, was arrested for making a deadly pink acid.” said the TV reporter.” The bubbles from the acid could kill people and destroy metal and carbon fibre vehicles. He was arrested after some of his employees rang the police and told them what was happening and what he was making.He will be sentenced in the coming week.”

Meanwhile, all of his factories around the world have been closed and will be inspected thoroughly. All of his employees have been let go and there are now over 100,000 people without work across the world.

Get out week 16 by dara

“Get out now!”

I had just been fired from work. I went home but it was empty, nothing at all left. I went for some interviews. I went for a local one and they said “Okay, you are good enough to work here, see you tomorrow at 7:30.” I went to buy a new bicycle. I was cycling past a park and there was a lot of bubbles. There was a bubble artist. I gave him £5. He said, “Thank you so much.”  I asked, “How long have you being doing the bubbles?” He said 10 years. THE END

The Invention By Sean week 16

Today I was going to finish my invention. I was trying to make bikes faster. I was going to fire pink bubbles out of the bicycle. Also when it was empty I would just pull a string so the can would tip and it would be done. So I took it to the competition and everyone loved it. I got second place . My family were delighted. Could I have come up with the best way to travel?

ROBBERY by David Lehane week 17

I was riding on my bicycle when I heard what sounded like a pistol that had been fired.So I went over to check it out. I was behind the wall across the road from what was happening. I peeked out from behind the wall to see a house robbery. There were these three guys, dressed up in ripped clothes. They had black masks on. After about five minutes of thinking should I get involved or walk away. I decided to help. I was making my way over through the empty parking spots. I saw a little girl wearing pink. I saw bubbles of water slide down the stairs. And a man in red coming towards me…

My Birthday! By Killian Week 17

It is my birthday today and I am opening my presents. I got a bubble blower that can make any colour. I also got a bike. I played a game and fired pink bubbles at my new bicycle until the bubble container was empty. Then I refilled it and made them blue. I spent the next hour dyeing my bike and in the end had a very colourful bike. My mother called me for cake. The cake was a huge five-tier cake with pictures of video games on the side. Then I watched a movie and went to bed.

SET SAIL wk#16 by Ronan

I looked like a total fool, riding around town on my sister’s bicycle. It wouldn’t have been too bad if it wasn’t bright pink. As I went around the park, I hit a pothole which sent me flying into the muddy grass. Cycling home, I started going up and down. The wheel popped. My parents forced me into the bath, full to the brim with bubbles. In the bath, my toy pirate fell overboard.

“Fire the cannons!” I said to myself, as if I was the captain of the ship. Everyone fired the  cannons but the barrels were empty.


Last week, I bought a  bicycle. It was powered by pink bubbles. It was a 1959 bicycle, the first bicycle to have wheels the same size. I fired in the bubbles. It made a weird growling sound. I opened the bubble container. It was completely empty. What would I do now? I then remembered my sister who had some pink bubbles in her room but I would have to be careful. She was very serious about people taking her stuff. I quickly tiptoed in and I saw the pink bubbles. I took them. I then felt something licking me. It was all just a dream and my dog had woken me up.

100 WC. WK 16 ONLY ONE TO BE HERE By Krzysztof

Just as Ben cycled his bicycle past, he heard a gun shot being fired. Streets were silent and houses wretched after the bombing. Something strange appeared to him. Slowly he moved to the door way, gazing at the pink, coloured wall.


It seemed to be empty when he heard …

“Steps,” he repeated. “STEPS!”

He couldn’t believe that he was seeing bubbles coming up. It was Jake, his old neighbour.

“Jake,”he said. “We need to go. They’re here. We need to go.”

He dashed with him to the bike and got away.

The Dream Dominic 6th class

Today I got a new present from my friends . They got me a bicycle so we can race . When it was night time , I went to sleep . I had a dream of me having a pink dress . I knew it was a dream and I turned back to normal . I found a room empty but a bike in it . Then a person fired a gun at me and I was crawling to a door with light coming out . Then I saw red and blue light coming from the door . I said, yes the police are here . THE END

My Summer Day Wk 16 by Craig

I was out at the park in the summer. I bought a tub of bubbles. They were pink. Soon it was empty so I decided to ride my bicycle around town. I went home and my mom was really mad. I asked her what was wrong. She said she got fired. So I made her a cup of tea and went up stairs to play fortnite. After a few games I got bored. So then I went back on my bike and around town again. I stopped at the shop for a bag of Taylor’s. They were nice.

The Dream By Dacian WK 16

I woke up in the morning and went to work. My boss stopped me and said I was fired. I was so confused and mad at the same time I didn’t know what to do. I went back home and it was empty. Then I saw bubbles. I went to check it out and it was a pink bicycle so I took it and went to my mom’s house. But out of nowhere a car came and hit me. I was dead but I could still see my body. I woke up and it was just a dream. The End for now.



Is this the end? by Eoin; Week 16.

“You’re fired,” the cold voice sounded in my head like a mantra.

I didn’t  know what to do, so I simply turned around, clutching my release papers and walked. I got on my lowly bicycle and trundled home. As I entered my flat ,feeling defeated, I realised my bank account was as dry and empty as the Sahara desert. Everything had been sold in a futile attempt to pay off last month’s rent. With the electricity bill looming and no source of income, my imaginary bubbles of happiness were being popped. I even contemplated begging but went bright pink at what people would think of me.

“What is one, so pathetic and insignificant, supposed to do?”

Bubbles… By Darragh

I kicked the door down and immediately darted inside.

“I’m going in, cover me,” I shouted viciously to my squad.

As I cautiously walked past the doorway, I saw something in a corner. Straight away, I aimed my pistol at it and fired. Suddenly a sharp ringing came from the corner. I walked over to the object. It was a bicycle with a pink  bell which I hit with my shot.

“The rest of the house is empty,” my partner stated.

We started to make our way outside. As we stepped out, we could see bubbles in the air. Then they popped. The force of the explosion, caused by the bubbles, blew me off my feet. It was a trap…


I glanced up at the wonderful fireworks from Sydney  Harbour Bridge to see the fantastic firework display.  Suddenly  it rained out of the heavens  above us everybody ran for cover. There was thunder and flashes of lightning. Seconds later the water came crashing up onto to pavement from the treacherous sea. Everybody got their stuff and left the carnival atmosphere.  Lots of people were disappointed  at the commencement of 2019.  It started with a bang ……. pardon the pun.  There was a man, he was blinded by the light. He had to be airlifted to the nearest hospital possible. What a day!

week 16 Monday Morning by Dara

Get up!!


It’s half seven and you have got school today.

Okay. I’ll be down in 10 minutes. I need to go for a shower.

Okay. Hurry up or you will be late. Get your brother up too.

I went into my brother’s room and opened his curtains and the light blinded him.

Get up.


I went into the shower and 10 mins later I was done.

Come down for some pancakes.

Yup. Pancakes. Is there syrup?

Week 16 Friend by Anthony

James was a 13 years old boy,he was smart,kind and shy. One day,he was at school.He was learning Irish. Out of the blue,the door opened and the light blinded him.When he opened his eyes,he saw a beautiful girl walk into his classroom.She had a cute face,big eyes,long blonde hair and a thin body.His face turned red.The girl said her name was Michelle,. When the teacher chose a place for her, she chose beside James. James had a nose bleed when she sat beside him. He went to the bathroom to wash it.He went back and continued his class.Soon they became friends.

Blinded by Alex Week 16

Let me tell you a story about a guy called Timmy. This is how he’s blind.It was finally here, the solar eclipse. For safety, we wore special glasses so we wouldn’t be blinded but of course Timmy was a dare devil so he didn’t wear the glasses but the light blinded him. Ananthirn solar eclipse happened and Timmy looked up at it. This time though he wasn’t so lucky. He was rushed to hospital and he was blinded forever. A few years later another one happened but this time he couldn’t see it happen.  That’s because he is blind.