The bull by Noel

Once upon a time there was a farmer. The farmer had bulls , horses, goats, sheep and geese. He was quite proud of his bull. He weighed 1.5 tonnes in weight. At this time the farmer was very sick but nobody knew. One day the bull broke out chasing the horse and the sheep around the yard. A neighbour came to tell the man about the bull. When he realised he was dying he called an ambulance. The man came out the very same day. If the bull didn’t break out the man would have died. In memory of the animals three statues were built.

Creepy Week4 By Killian

I was lying in bed when I heard a thunk! I ran downstairs to see what it was and I found my family sitting around the TV. Dead. I turned around to find three tall figures made out of metal. I screamed and ran upstairs to my bed. I ran into the room to find the TV on. It said that three metal figures were killing people all over the country. I turned around and they were there…


There was once a haughty group of animals. They thought they were better than everyone else. There was a Helen Horse,  Brian Bullock and Reginald Ram.

One day they met Warwick, a wise old warlock. Warwick proclaimed that if they did not give up their wretched ways he will conjure a cauldron, bubble a broth, sprinkle some sparkles and pluck a pointy pineapple’s prickly cactus to turn them into silent, unmoving, everyday rock sculptures.

The band did not heed Warwick’s crucial words and while walking through a clearing (after tormenting a poor hare) they were turned to stone.


100WC Week 4, Turned To Stone… By Darragh Q

Off we went galloping and charging across the vast farmland. The ground underneath us was extremely hard. We could hear our enemy behind us. With every second he was getting closer and closer. Suddenly a thick dart flew over our heads. But as the second dart came, it hit Zac square in the neck. He suddenly stopped and surprisingly turned to stone! Jamie and I stood there in shock, horrified. We turned and charged across the field once more but even quicker this time. But just then we came across a deep river. We knew that this was the END…

A Matter Of Life and Death by Nathan wk 3

As the three gods of all herbivores watched and waited for the carnivore army to clash with their army, the squirrels spotted the carnivores coming slowly towards the army outside the forest. The squirrel commander gave the order to “Fire” and  every single artillery gun opened fire to begin raining hell down on enemy troops. Bodies were flung high into the air as shells rained down upon them . When the gods heard the Booms from behind them they knew the army was coming so they moved the gatling guns up further and they immediately  started spewing out bullets . Onyx the goat god phoned to begin the dive bombing . On the other side of the forest the flamingos were being loaded up with acorns that once dropped would drill into the ground and explode. Meanwhile the gods sent the tanks forward.  Suddenly there was a streaking sound above them. They looked up and saw eagles diving towards them. After 24hrs of non-stop fighting the herbivores won. Now there is a memorial honouring what 3 gods did to protect their kind.

The Evil Witch by Dara week 4

There was a witch who was always around her cauldron mixing her potions. No one knows what all her potions were for. One was green, white and purple. About two weeks later my friend and I were in the woods walking our dogs and we came across this very old shack. It looked damp and there were three heads on the roof: a ram, a horse and cow. We were like what if the witch lives here? About two minutes later the witch came running after us but we outran her.

                THE END

BOB by Stephen Wk 3

I had done it. I had created the world’s greatest robot. It would do anything you asked it to. I had named it BOB. I was about to begin testing when my phone began to flash. I ignored it and started testing.

“BOB, come over here!” I commanded.

The robot turned on but it seemed to be going backwards.

“Ma I ereh, ” BOB said once he had reached me.

I stared at him in disbelief. I thought for a second and then asked him to get me my sandwich.

” Ko ,” BOB said and then fetched it. This was amazing.

The Red Eyed Technician by Alex

As we clambered down the ladder, we saw the robot but it seemed to be going backwards.

“Someone has all ready been here,” I told Jimmy.

Then we saw him at the far corner. He was a technician. He turned around and his eyes went red. Was he manufacturing  more robots? He stopped what he was doing and ran into the shadows. We ran after him but there was a vault door locked from the other side. All of a sudden all the robots turned on and looked at us. Were they robots or zombies?

A Not So Pleasant Trip by Sean o S wk3

My  friend and I were on our way to the mountain near our house. We were on our way up the mountain when we heard a weird sound coming from the engine. I got out of the car and opened the hood. The battery wire was cut. This was no accident , I thought to myself. I got back to the car and tried my best to move it forwards but it seemed to be going backwards. That’s when we saw the crooks that cut it.

Malfunction By Killian Week 2

I was getting ready to go on The Big Rip. I hopped on and put on my seatbelt. It started moving  but it seemed to be going backwards faster and faster. I looked behind me to find a drop in the rail. It was around a hundred metres away and there were ten people on the ride. I decided to stop the ride. I pulled a small steel rod out of my pocket. I leaned over the side of the carriage and stuck the rod into the track. Surprisingly it worked. But not enough. We were leaning over the edge and we were just about to fall when…


Today was the 25th of August 2018. It was the final. It was Kanturk Football Club vs  Mathematical United and the game was on. Our striker  Charlie Barry went in for a shot but he fired it over the bar. It was then their kick out. Their striker Jamie Johnson tried to take a shot but Noel Ford saved it with a clash from his glove. It was then our ball. Noel rolled it to me. Then I passed it to Stephen and then he passed back. Then I had a chance on the ball but it seemed to be going back wards……….

The Convoy By Cillian

The convoy was here.

“Oh no,” said John

“Be quiet!” I said.

We were on the run from the Germans. It was World War 2, John and I were from the British Airborne Division. But the truck seemed to be going backwards. We were all confused.

“We had to retreat,” I said wrote to my wife.

The Germans had broken a combat rule forbidding gas weapons. They had gassed No Mans Land and our trench using Lufftwaffe planes. Then we retreated back to our camp, what would happen next?

The Escape By Michael Week 3

My feet felt like they would refuse to move. I looked down the long, busy street. I didn’t see any police. I saw a squadcar with its sirens on but it seemed to be going backwards. I ran into a tall -looking modern building and took the lift up to the fifth floor. I sprinted into a room with no furniture and locked it. I glanced out the small window and saw a blue helicopter flying around the city. Police were going into the building and surrounding the streets. I had no way to escape.

The Axle by Ronan. Week 3

In the very small town of Hellswinky, everything was run by goats walking in circles every day 24/7. The goats were spinning a wheel which spun on an axle. The axle ran all the power in Hellswinky. But one day someone looked at the axle. It looked almost the same but it seemed to be going backwards. The power stopped. If it wasn’t moving clockwise it wouldn’t work. Until suddenly SNAP! The axle broke in half. The Hellswinkyans went mad. Most of them moved to different countries or died of pure boredom. Hellswinky was then renamed Helsinki.

Avalanche 100 wc by Charlie

My feet ached as I struggled up the mountain. I came to a stop after an hour of hard climbing. After I had eaten I got a notification on my phone. An avalanche was expected to hit soon and everyone had to evacuate. I was disappointed that I could not climb the mountain but I had to get going unless I wanted to get hit by the avalanche. But then disaster struck. On reaching the car, I tried to accelerate  but it seemed to be going backwards. Then I heard a crash. I felt like I had broken every bone in my body. I could not walk. I could not see. I had been hit.

Regret by Anthony Wk 3

One day, my friend and I were going to a camp. We were very naughty. The camp leader sent us to find branches. We found alien looking stuff, we were curious so we broke it but it seemed to be going backwards. We went back to our camp. We saw everything around us going backward slowly. First we thought it was fun. Many years went by, but we still did not get back to normal. We were sad and lonely. 30 years went by, we finally went back to normal. We were extremely happy. We went back to our home but no one knew us, we tried our best to explain but they still did not know, so we got out of our house. We felt regret for breaking the thing.

A Close Call by Nathan Wk3

It had been a nice, calm day on the Mediterranean Sea. I was on my yacht with my wife and kids. We were all relaxing on deck when I noticed the water being churned by something. I walked towards it with curiosity and saw a huge cargo ship with it’s huge propeller slicing  the water around it. At first, I thought it was preparing  to  go forwards but it seemed to going backwards, right towards us. I ran into control area and failed to start the engine so I started to honk the horn in an attempt to warn the captain. Thankfully it worked and the ship started to move further away from us.

The Robot by David Wk3

One day mom and I went to buy a robot. We were looking at it for a long time. It was called the Tech C9. It was the next big thing. It could cook, do house work and be your friend. Really it could do anything you wanted it to do. When we got home it was a luxury to have someone to do it all. As I walked up the stairs all I could hear was an alarming noise but it seemed to be moving backwards …  its face was red. This never happened before. We never bought one again.

Oh No by Dominic wk 3

1 year ago I was at a train station . I was  going to Dublin until I saw a meteorite . I ran onto the tracks and ran as fast as I could. Then I saw a train coming but it seemed to go backwards. I went off the tracks so I didn’t get hit . Then I saw  another meteorite falling on me. I woke up in the hospital in Cork with a broken leg. I was in hospital for 3 months. When I went home everything was over .



On The Day By Shane H week 3

We were on the way to the Kanturk Soccer Semi-final.  About half way there our car broke down and we had stopped the car on a hill called the Magic Hill but it seemed to be going up the hill. Then we researched the history of this hill near Abbyfeale. If you stop on this hill a magnetic pull will make you roll up the hill. Then we called the mechanic to fix the car and he did. We went all the way to the final and brought it home and went on to win the league.


The Walking Dead by Dacian wk 3

It was a normal day with my insane babysitter. I went over to the TV and turned it on. I was watching Sponge Bob, it’s so funny . At once it showed a warning sign.

It said “Lock your doors and block your window.”

I was terrified and screamed. My babysitter came down the stairs. Rushing to her I told her to look.

She said “Let’s go!” She put me in the back of the car saying, “Put on your seatbelt!” so I did.

She turned the car on.

She said,” Hold on tight.”

But the car seemed to be going backwards. Something was pulling it. It was a zombie.

100wc wk 3 by Alan. Lucky Goal

One day I went to sleep. In my dream …                                                                                He was running at me with a ball and said “Save this!”He kicked the ball and then it seemed to be going backwards and he scored an own goal. I was laughing. This was really good for me because we had a bet that who scores first wins €10000 and I won it. After, I sprinted to every shop and I bought as much as I could: clothes,shoes,games,food,furniture,cars,houses and much more.

100 W. C. Week 3 The Time machine By Krzysztof

It was 02:00 at night when the telephone rang. I picked it up and the voice declared, “Come quickly to the Asian Gallery Parking!”

I recognised the voice, like a 50 year old man. I got my car and drove there. The parking seemed to be empty but suddenly lights appeared. A silver Chevrolet came out of the glare. Then the door opened and the man inside was Doc. Ben.

He  said “It’s you, boy!”

With a question to my self I said, “What have you done to the car?”

“I made a time machine. Come and sit down, we’re going to travel to the future.”

We closed the door and drove away but it seemed to be going backwards. Doc. exclaimed ” Sorry, I put the brakes back”. I thought it was a dream but it was not.

The Pit by Stephen

Thomas rounded the corner, panting for breath. He began to run at full belt down the cobbled paths. He could hear the giant’s booming voice as he took another corner. Thomas knew the city inside out and was heading towards the construction site. He glanced back briefly and saw that the giant was gaining on him with every step he took. He headed towards the cement pit. He leaped onto a wooden plank running across the pit. When he reached the other side he heard the giant roar. He looked back and saw the giants hands gripping onto a metal pole. Thomas turned, grinned and began to walk home.

Bad Luck Week1 By Killian.M

It was the 54th Hunger Games and I was in it. I was being chased through a forest when I saw a tree with rope stretching to a further tree. I started climbing with a girl from District 2 waiting at the bottom. I jumped off and grabbed the rope, it was sturdy enough to hold me. She started throwing knives and I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I carried on slowly . The rope was snapping and I had to speed up. Suddenly she threw one at the rope. It broke and I fell…

The Escape by Eoin

This was it . The day I had been waiting for. I opened the door with my stolen security card and set off down the hallway, stealth-like, looking around corners with a shard of mirror . When I got outside the cell block I knocked out the guard on duty and started putting  hidden plumbing pipes together to make one large pole. I got to the East wall and took stock of my moonlit surroundings. Without a second thought I sprinted towards the bare concrete, shoved the pipes into the gravel and leaped majestically over the wall. I grasped at the telephone wires, flailing in midair . When I regained balance I slowly but surely, one hand at a time, was free.

PIGEON by Ronan

Chad said he would be home for dinner. He wasn’t. Many,many years ago, Chad went out into the woods to climb some trees when he stupidly decided to hop from tree to tree like a monkey. When suddenly, ZAP! He grabbed onto a cable. Meanwhile, back at Chad’s house his mother was getting worried. It was getting dark and Chad wasn’t home. His mother set out into the woods looking for him. He was never found. Generations later a little pigeon was sitting on the street light. The hands holding the cable were there in the middle of the street.  His dinner got cold.


“Hey, come over here! There are Alligators,” said Mark in a sarcastic tone, teasing me for my fear of anything that can eat me.

It was 10:47 to the second, my class and I had won a competition the month before last to go visit Dublin Zoo.

“It was a very trick situation,” said I, looking back on the whole trip. There were two options , run away and play with the penguins or be cool and throw meat at the alligator. I chose the second option.

My face turned mauve as I tripped and fell into the cage. My teacher screamed for help. I just barely managed to climb out.



Trouble Week2 By Killian

I was sitting in class listening to the teacher. I asked to go to the bathroom and walked out of the room. The toilet was glowing an eerie colour of mauve. It suddenly sucked me in and I whirled into the ocean. I swam to the top feeling like an alligator and started swimming to the shore. I climbed up on to the beach, to find everyone had stopped what they were doing to look at me. This was a tricky situation.

100 word challenge by Alex

It was a Friday afternoon and I had just walked into the hotel room when in front of me I saw a mauve coloured alligator. It was five feet in front of me so I walked slowly back out the door. When I was out the door I ran and didn’t look back. I had just climbed the mountain outside the village and was tired. I was running down the hall when I ran into a teacher who was in a tricky spot herself. Her flight was cancelled. She was giving out when she saw the reptile. She ran and didn’t look back.