The Office 100 word challenge week 9 by Noel

When I was little, Dad told me never to set foot inside his office or there would be trouble. I always wondered what was behind the door. But I am twelve now I’m not small anymore. After dinner I crept quietly and slowly towards the office. When I entered the office, rows upon rows of dockets and papers filled my eyes. I spotted a computer at the far end of the room. I powered up the ancient piece of work. Just as I was about to investigate, I heard footsteps outside the door. All the windows were locked so I grabbed a book and threw it through a window. I leaped out. I didn’t know how long I could hang on for dear life while those jagged shards of glass were piercing my palms.

20TH FLOOR week 9 Paddy 6th

We swept the building. Our gun sights aimed down. Alpha squadron rappeled down the building and stayed above the window leading to the 20th floor. Beta squadron swept the first floor. Charlie,my squad,would land on the top floor. There was nobody there but,judging by my communications link, Beta squadron was receiving trouble.Once we reached floor 21 and Beta reached floor 19, Alpha entered the 20th floor. Beta squadron stormed up and just before my squadron could, there was a FFTHUNKCLICK! We tried the door. It wouldn’t budge. I wondered what was behind the door as I prepared to kick it down.

Loftus Hall Week 9 By Killian

Some dare show had picked me to go to Loftus Hall at midnight on Friday the 13th. I was nervous and excited. If I completed the dare I would get all the money I wanted. There I was, walking down the road towards the hall with my heart  pumping and I wondered what was on the other side of the door. As I touched the door handle, I slowly …

…I wondered what was behind the door… Week 9 Dominic

Today I was at home minding my own business and I was really tired . I went on my bed and when I was thinking someone knocked at the door really hard . I was so scared that I went to my parents’ room to take a gun . Then I went downstairs and then he started to break the door open. I ran somewhere in the house and it was a big house . He was searching the whole house . He was shielded with armor so I was going to hide. I was terrified . I was going to shoot him but I didn’t . He was trying to find money.

Then he opened his helmet and I shot him.

100wc by David Lehane Week 9

It was a Saturday night and I was the caretaker cleaning up in the school. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from one of the classrooms .I was stricken with fear. I opened the door to take a glance. I didn’t see much until I turned around and BOOM…All I could see was a blurry face right over me. It was so unpredictable . I got a punch to the face. I thought I was losing consciousness. But I had to get up and run. I wondered what was behind the door. Who was it? I wanted to  fight back but I had to preserve my energy to sprint. I tried to run. But a gun was pushed against my face…..

Week 9. The House. Darragh Q

It was late at night when my friends and I were walking around the park. We came across (what the local people called) ‘The House.’ The house was abandoned for years. No one went as far as the front door. Suddenly my best friend Jake nudged me in the back. “Dare you to go inside,” he whispered. I  didn’t want to look scared in front of my friends so I cautiously approached the old house. I made my way into the mysterious house. I began to walk slowly towards what seemed like a metal door. That is strange, I said to myself. I wondered what was behind the door. But suddenly something grabbed me by the arm…

Week 9: Disaster by Michael

I put my helmet on and headed inside the blazing house. My fellow firefighter John and I ran inside and started extinguishing the raging fire. All the people got out safely so all we had to do was finish extinguishing the fire and exit the building in one piece. Suddenly I heard a beeping noise coming from my oxygen tank. I looked down at it and it said I was out of oxygen. I shouted for help but nobody came. John was gone down into the basement so nobody was there to help me….

Week 9: Caught by Michael

I ran down the wet stairs and found myself in a basement. I looked around and I found an interesting door. I wondered what was behind the door. The second I opened the door I was shocked. It was a cave! After I entered I heard bats and mice. A few minutes later I found some cool looking rocks and a little stream. Suddenly I heard a door open and close. I started looking for a hiding spot but it was no good. I looked back and saw that there was no need to run, I was caught.

The Mysterious Door Week 9 By DACIAN.R

Another day of exploring the forest. It was turning night time. We had to set up camp or sleep on the forest floor. After we set up camp we went fishing. I saw a creepy looking creature in the water. Unpredictable it was and dangerous so I took my chance to capture it. I tried but I saw a door in the bank for only five seconds. I was shocked. I wondered what was behind the door … But the creepy creature disappeared. I went back to camp and I told my friends what I saw but they didn’t believe me.

David The Haunted House Week 9

It was Halloween night. My friends and I went out to a haunted house. I didn’t really think it was haunted.  At least that’s what everyone was saying . I went with two friends Tom and Tim. We entered   the so called hunted house seeking to see if was really scary. There were signs  everywhere saying, “Get out!” We heard a noise behind  this door.  Tim and I looked behind us. Tom had vanished.  We had looked everywhere. At one point we heard  laughing.  We could not find him all this time. I wondered what was behind the door. There was only one place left to look.

Week 9 What’s Behind The Basement Door by Anthony

Long ago, there was a handsome man named Jack. He was smart and evil. One day, Rose fell in love with Jack. He took her into his house.

Jack said,” I’m going to my friend’s house. I want you to look after my house, I will give you my keys and an egg. You can go everywhere but you can’t go to basement door, and you must hold the egg everywhere you go.”

She did go to the basement door, she was so curious. She saw a big bowl and inside was a lot of blood. She was so scared and the egg was bleeding blood. She tried everything to stop the egg bleeding. Jack came and he saw the egg bleeding. He got the butcher knife and chopped her into half.

Merry was the smartest one. She knew that Jack was the one who killed her sister. She followed him to his house. He gave her the same thing again, then he went out. Merry knew a trick. She used a black blanket to cover the egg. She went to the basement and she saw her sister’s body. She put the body together, her sister went back to normal and they hugged each other.  They had a plan to trap Jack  when he came  back. He went to his basement and found out that the body was gone. The two sisters snatched the keys and locked him in the basement until he starved to death.


I slowly walked into the swamped corridor of our sinking ship. I was down here looking for my friends that were trapped behind a huge metal door. As I reached for the handle, I wondered what was behind the door. Well there was only one way to find out, I thought. I wrenched open the door. Immediately gallons of water rushed at me like a bus. I was knocked off my feet and got swept down the corridor and forced against the wall. Suddenly something hit me. I opened my eyes and saw something horrifying, one of my friend’s motionless body. That’s when it hit me. I had to find a way out soon.

The Ravaged House by Callum Week 9

Here I was going into this forsaken house. You see this was all a dare . I wondered what was behind the door that my parents told me never to open but here I was. I bravely opened the door and warily walked through.  There was nothing there. At least  that’s what I thought.  There was what looked to be a ghost but that was impossible. From instinct I swiftly moved back from the door but it slammed shut. The wretched creature  took a step out of the shadows. It was very tall.  It had small but deadly eyes.

“Oh no,” I said.

Week 9 The Box by Alan

One day my friend and I were playing soccer, just passing the ball around. We suddenly heard a loud noise. I found a door on the wall beside the pitch. Hmm, I wondered what was behind the door. My friend and it were so curious. Suddenly some alarm came on and started beeping. A box fell on us and we were  stuck in a big black box. The only way out was the door.

Johnny The Lego Man by Stephen

Johnny the lego man was about to do what every lego character dreamed of. Johnny would cross… the garden! Many had tried and failed. All the population of Lego City were watching from the window sill, watching  anxiously. Johnny was about a metre away from breaking the world record. All that stood in his way was a large group of ladybirds. Johnny struggled through them with his camera and backpack. He was 10 centimetres away and everybody began to cheer. SPLAT! A child had stood on half the ladybirds as well as poor Johnny. The lego population decided to put a memorial stone  where he died.

Week 7 A Little Discovery by Eoin

Sam trudged through the immensely deep mud, his legs sapped of strength and his uniform caked in mud, dirt and grit. Suddenly he heard a scuttling by his ankles. Aiming his flashlight down he saw to his relief that it was not in fact cockroaches but something a bit more pleasing. It was a a loveliness of ladybirds.

“I have discovered a new species,” Sam cried out triumphantly.

“Simon! Dinnertime!”.

John set his Lego figurine down and rushed downstairs for a mini feast

Week: The Great Toy Escape by Michael

Everyday the children played with me, not knowing what I was doing when they were away. I have probably tried to escape this house 10 times and failed every time, but tomorrow I am going to try to escape again and I will succeed. My plan is to hop into one of the kid’s bags and hop out once they exit the house.

The following day, I grabbed the camera and hopped into a bag. A few minutes later I saw the door shut behind me so I jumped. I landed quite roughly in the worst place, a loveliness of ladybugs.

A Marketing Scheme?

In the middle of a show of Charlie Chapman’s, something very unusual happened. At first you could hear a weird, windy sound around the room then suddenly, BOOM! Charlie had turned into a Lego man! The audience couldn’t believe it. Back then most people didn’t know what he had turned into. Then two of Charlie’s security pulled him back stage. Many years later Lego released a set in memory of him, it is one of the rarest collections.

Ladybird Basket 100 word challenge week 7 by Noel

Frank was a certified MI6 agent. He was sent to Australia to reach Ladybird Basket. This assignment would take courage, skill and most importantly a camera. Ladybird Basket was at high altitude so it would take a lot of climbing. At Ladybird Basket there was chaos because the humans were trying to change the way of the ladybirds. Frank’s mission was to bring peace to the loveliness of ladybirds. A helicopter took him to his destination. As he ascended he saw the chaos below. He jumped out the helicopter and deployed his parachute.

Loveliness Mountain by William Week 7

Hi, my name is Jeff. I  was bought from a toy store  in west London by a kid called Watermelon Head Will on his 9th birthday.  In his room there is a toxic 94 feet mountain. I have heard weird and shocking stories about that place. Many have tried to go there but have never returned. One of those people was my mother, Noreen. I have to prove to Lego city that I will make it up the mountain so I took a beach buggy there.I then heard a rumble. It was the ladybugs. They had spotted me. Will’s mom swept all the lady bugs away and I drove over the mountain. I had made it! Yes


Dimension Portal by Dominic Week 7

Today I got a Lego set. I opened it and it was a Lego dimension portal .Then I started to build . It took me a half an hour and when I built it a portal formed inside it. I was confused but when I touched it, it swallowed me. I woke up in a Lego dimension world and I was really confused because my body felt weird and I was holding a camera . I was taking photos of ladybirds.

And that’s how the story ended.

A Loveliness of ladybirds by Seán week 7

It was dark. I was on my way home from a long day’s work. I only lived 20 minutes from my work. I lived in the middle of nowhere. Every day when I was walking home I would cross the bridge over the river. As I was doing it today I saw the most frightening amount of ladybirds crossing the bridge. I was extremely scared. I ran for my life. The were trailing me. I gradually got away from them. What would I do?

The End Week 7 By Killian

Killer ladybugs have taken over earth. They kill everyone they see. There are only a hundred people left alive and I am one of them. I was doing a normal round of the day looking for food when I heard a rustle coming from the bush. A so called “loveliness” of ladybugs ran after me. One of them jumped up and made a huge cut in my leg. Was this the end?..

The day Someone Bought Me By Charlie Barry

The day had come! Somebody had finally bought me! Soon I would be out of this sweltering hot packet and into fresh air and light! Suddenly I heard a loud rumble and I was jolted back. I was excited as we drove around the bumpy road. So bumpy that someone dropped me and I fell out of the car. I got sick and dizzy as I flew through the air. Then my packet hit a hard surface and ripped open. I never expected things to go like this. I walked awkwardly out of the ripped packet. Then I saw these red bugs all around me. A chill went down my spine.

The detective Week 7 Dara

One day a detective was reading over some files about crimes that other people solved. But one was still open so he decided to help on it. It was the crime of something eating all the ladybirds in the world. Everyone thought it was a spider. But the detective was at the crime scene on his own.It was in the middle of the night so he brought a torch with him. He suddenly turned and that was the end……

100wc by David Lehane Week 7

A young boy made out of Lego was walking in Legoland. As a matter of fact he was in a real world owned by a 12 year old boy. But this Lego boy could only come alive and move around when this 12 year old boy went to school. 12 year old Brian went to school and the little piece of Lego set off to the back garden to explore. 5 minutes into the walk the Lego boy  discovered these little Ladybirds. He was terrified and thought he would be broken into many pieces of Lego. He didn’t know that ladybirds were harmless. He heard a car pull into the driveway…

Lego Man Week 7 by Alex

It was a Monday morning.Another day in the factory making lego men. The last shipment of lego men were leaving to be sold. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a lego man jumping out of the back of the truck.  He then ran under a fallen tree. I thought I was imagining it but then a loveliness of ladybugs picked him up and took him away. No one believed me when I told them what a weird start I had to the week.

Week 7 Ladybugs…Darragh

I walked clumsily across the vast rocket land. I tried and tried to find the missing object but it was hopeless. Just then I stepped into something squishy. I looked down bravely, to find a large group of ladybirds underneath me. I immediately jumped back. But I slipped on a rock and fell flat on my back. As this happened I  grazed my hands painfully. I looked on to see the group of ladybugs advancing towards me. I jumped up despite the stinging pain in my hands. I looked around and at that moment there were men surrounding me, all holding guns. And at that moment I knew that this was a trap…

THE PICTURE by Ronan week #7

They surrounded me.  I had nowhere to go. I came all the way  up the majestic mountain to get a picture of the beautiful view. On the way up I found a stream with a boat tied to the boardwalk. I hopped aboard not knowing what was aboard with me. A loveliness of ladybirds. Though they were lovely, they were angry. They chased me up the mountain at supersonic speed. Once at the top I took two things, a picture and a rest. The ladybirds picked me up and they carried me a few inches. YEET! They threw me off the cliff.

Mission Fail by Nathan week #7

My mission didn’t get off to a good start. I’d nearly been devoured by a group of cyber ladybugs. Now I was outside the factory where they built the cyber ladybugs.My mission was to destroy the facility with explosives . I took out my infrared camera and scoured the area. There seemed to be no one there so I crept even closer. As I placed the first bomb down on the fence, I heard the ‘CLICK’ of a gun. I slowly turned around and saw the owner of the factory standing on what seemed to be a very wonky leg. He said if I didn’t stop what I was doing he would shoot me. Suddenly there was a loud crackle of a gun…