Unlucky! By Killian.M Week 23

I was having a normal day walking downtown with my friend, when I walked under a construction man’s ladder. My friend gasped and explained about the 7 years bad luck in a stuttering voice. I told him it was a load of mumbo jumbo and walked off. On the way home I was walking over a bog and tripped over a log . There was a warm red liquid coming out of my nose. I started sinking into the mud and had to pull very hard. My bag tore on the log and all my books and coins and stuff landed in the mud. This is going to be a long 7 years.

The Atlantic by David week 23

When the storm came everyone was worried . But I kept hearing the strange noise that wasn’t the storm. I went out as careful as ever only to find a dog with his leg caught in barbwire. I knew I had to do something. So I went to the pavement right by the edge of the cliff. The dog could get blown off  at any time. I got to the dog in time but his paw slid out. There was a red ladder but before I could do anything, the wind picked back up. I was swept off. Sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. I saw so many golden coins underwater. The storm calmed and I was had  the luckiest escape of my life. The dog was safe and sound.

Craggle by Stephen

I clambered up the ladder knowing that I was about to pull off the biggest robbery ever. The city had been put on red alert to look out for “Craggle”. Being the Craggle wasn’t easy as I was no. 1 on every country’s most wanted list. I could hear the coins jingling in my bag along with the rubies, sapphires and diamonds I had stolen. Avoiding the pavement I made a dash for my apartment. A sinking feeling washed over me as I reached the door. I didn’t go in but began to climb the wall. This decision turned out to be most vital.

Lost By Charlie wk. 23

I walked hastily down the dusty pavement, craving for food and warmth after spending the night in an abandoned building. I had been captured by enemy forces and was driven for about ten hours until I managed to escape by picking the lock of the truck. This was furthest away you could get from a red letter day. I saw some coins scattered on the ground and I grabbed them. I had a sinking feeling and within the blink of eye I was being chased. I had totally forgotten I was wearing my special forces uniform. I clambered up a ladder but I was aggressively pulled back. I couldn’t do anything….

week 23 Dominic The Saviour

Today I went up my ladder to paint my wall red. I was going to paint it white but I didn’t. When I was finished, my family and I went to the beach to have some fun. Then I saw someone sinking and I said “Mother, wait! There is someone sinking.” Then I ran to save the boy. When I saved him, I went to find his family and go back to my mother.

                                         THE END

Ladders by Craig wk 23

My friends always made fun of me for being superstitious. They always tried to get me to walk under a ladder or something. It was a Monday morning. I was really tired, on the way to school. I saw men dressed in black overalls. They were carrying a ladder. I walked faster to avoid going under it. As I was near them they threw the ladder in front of me. I started sinking. I just walked under it. My face went red with anger. I fell to the pavement. I looked down and found a coin. Maybe my luck did change.

Never again… By Darragh

Once again I found myself walking down the pale pavement, two minutes from my house. As I looked on I could l make out a sun-beaten ladder in the distance. As if on cue, I started sweating and turning red. I tried my best to walk past it but I couldn’t. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach when an old lady asked me if I was alright. I didn’t even answer her, I just ran home. I could feel my loose coins in my pocket jingle together as I ran.’Never again,’ I thought to myself, ‘am I going back there.’

Week 23: The Bomb By Michael

I ran down along the narrow pavement towards my new red jeep. This mission might well be my first and very last one. I had to defuse a bomb that was found yesterday in our headquarters. When I arrived I got my key and tried to open the door. It wouldn’t open….. I tried sticking in a few coins to try to open it but that was hopeless. The only thing I could do was kick the door down. I counted to three in my head and then I ran in and kicked it down. The second the door slammed down on the ground. I heard someone climbing down the side ladder of the building. I felt a sinking feeling in my heart…

100 WC. Week 23 The Duty by Krzysztof

Above Pacific Ocean 4.00 am.


The squad jumped. The night was cold, stars shone and the moon’s reflection looked like it swam on the water.

“Ship on target,” repeated the Captain.

They landed.

“Move, Move!” he said.

“RED! Go on.”

Again he said, “Faster, move, move” to the squad.

RED opened the door slowly and walked in.

“No one’s here”


Everyone felt a shake. The ship seemed to be sinking. The pavement broke and Jim fell inside.




Coins floated and more water poured in. It seemed to be the end of it all.


There have been children missing for over nine months now and their family have just given up on them. But they were my two best friends so I will never  give up on them. I have to go to school. Monday morning came and it was the same old boring, old day at school. Today my brother hit a ladder and then pushed me to the pavement and the pain was so severe that it felt like I was sinking. All my hand was red and then I pushed my brother into the water. Before he dropped two coins and the missing children’s faces were on those coins…….

Confusion week 23 by Alan

After my chores, my mum gave me  10 coins so I sprinted to the shop. When I reached the shop, I thought about what to buy. When I made up my mind I decided to buy a red cherry drink. It cost me 3 coins. On my way home I had 7 coins left. When I reached home my mum gave me another 10 coins to go and buy a ladder. I didn’t question her. I just went to the store and bought it for her. After that I walked along a pavement. I was sinking into a foul mood for no reason.

Wk 23 Fighter plane (Paddy 6th)

Flying over the streets of France, I feel free as a bird. I still remember running down the pavement, dodging old ladies and sprinting underneath ladders, coins jangling in my pocket. That was my first toy plane. And now I’m actually flying! The exhilarating rush left as soon as it had come and with a sinking feeling in my stomach, I remembered what I was here to do. I pushed the red button on the joystick. Five 250 kg bombs dropped on to the city below, killing millions. Tears came to my eyes as I flew away.

100 WC Week 23 by Noel “The Veteran”

Yesterday as I was strolling down the pavement from school something across the road caught my eye. It was a really old man with a wooden leg selling books. He told me the books were tales of his days in the navy. He told me once that when he was at sea, pirates sneaked onto his ship and kidnapped him in his sleep. He was woken by the sound of gunfire and it wasn’t the navy ship firing. Raiders had attacked the ship he was on looking for gold coins. As the ship was sinking a wooden beam fell on his leg. Red blood pumped through his uniform. As the raiders were climbing the ladder of the ship they heard his cries and saved him.

Unlucky, by Eoin, Week 23.

It was a tough choice, 7 years of bad luck for a whole 3 pounds or a normal life, penny poor. I contemplated the situation, walking under a ladder and being unfortunate was a myth, a conspiracy, right? I didn’t wait around much longer, I darted forward, nabbed the coins, and stole away from the scene of the crime, still unsure. When I eventually stopped I realised my mistake –  Gran! She’d kill me for walking under. My face went red at what she’d think of the whole thing. Suddenly in all my worrying I hadn’t noticed a car mounting the pavement heading straight for me. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I gulped…

Treasure by David week 23

Another day in the ship. My crew and I sailed around the ocean looking for coins, gold, treasure, anything really. There were rumours of this lost city. So we sailed north to find it. We came across a place with treasure everywhere. So I put my gear on and went down for a closer look. The rest stayed on deck. I stood on the pavement and reached for the gold. I looked up to see our ship sinking but there was a ladder leading up to a red treasure chest. I got it and swam off only to see a rescue boat. We were saved.














THAT’S JUST UNLUCKY wk#23 by Ronan

Walliam wasn’t superstitious. It was Easter and it was Walliam’s favourite red-letter-day. On his way home he walked under a ladder because he knew he wasn’t going to get 7 years bad luck. He strolled down the pavement to his house to find his skateboard snapped in half. He ran inside crying with a sinking feeling inside. The day couldn’t get worse… but it did. He went to count his money to see if there was enough for a new skateboard only to find it empty. He asked his family if they knew where all his coins were. They didn’t. It wasn’t the ladder, it couldn’t have been.

PEARL HARBOUR by Nathan wk23

The red alert didn’t sound until after the raid had begun on Pearl Harbour. All the soldiers were asleep in their bunks when the first bombs fell which woke them. They lay in their beds thinking was the noise a dream or was it real. In the command tower the General could see little crafts coming towards the harbour filled with Japanese troops. He sounded the alarm and ordered everyone to make barricades along the coastal roads to defend the important buildings. After hours of intense fighting the Americans won. As they began to repair and tidy up they found Japanese coins along the pavement.

A Mistake? By Cillian Week 23

This was my big day, the day I would meet Gordon Ramsey! I was so excited. I would be going on the cooking show at 10 pm. After I picked up the ingredients, I headed to London. After one of my fellow contestants, Simone,finished I went on. I only had 10 minutes so I had to be quick after I was done I gave the food to Gordon. He took one bite and made a rather peculiar looking face. The vinegar was too sharp, I could already tell. I apologised but Gordon laughed. He ended up loving it!

The School By Charlie wk. 22

Jack munched the rather poor-quality vinegar-loaded chips. The vinegar was too sharp which caused a harsh sensation in his mouth. He threw the bag in the bin and complained to himself, “That was not very nice.” He headed off to school. He noticed something rather odd when he arrived but he just carried on. He scrambled up the stairs and headed inside. He noticed something eerie. Usually all the children would be shouting and talking but that wasn’t the case here. He walked inside and heard the door slam. The lights went out and Jack’s heart started racing. He stood as still as a statue until he saw the shadow of some figure  behind him…

The Day by Sean week 22

It was a long day and we were all tired from the waterpark we went to but we were hungry. We stopped at a chipper near our local town to eat something. I got chicken goujons and chips and a little bit of vinegar sprinkled over them. We got our food and as soon as I put that chip in my mouth I could feel that the vinegar was too sharp. We immediately left and never thought of going back there again. On the way home we stopped at a local chipper and had a nice meal with no vinegar.

Week 22: The Vinegar By Michael

Here I was in the Z01 secret base. I was in the cafeteria under the name of Kevin Johnson, a janitor who was really absent today. My plan was to scatter cameras all around this secret base in the middle of nowhere. But first I would have to have some food in the cafeteria as it was lunch time. I went up to the buffet and grabbed some chips and a sachet of vinegar. Half way into my chips I added some vinegar. As I ate the chip there was a strange taste in my mouth, the vinegar was too sharp. Suddenly I felt dizzy. Out of nowhere appeared 3 men, all in black suits. I was caught.

100wc week 22 Dinner By Shane 6

It was the 9th of April 2019, the day after my birthday and we were going out for dinner to Bobs Bar. It was their ten year anniversary so we were expecting a wonderful meal but we expected wrong. I had ordered steak and chips with a side salad. I also ordered vinegar and burger sauce for my chips. My Dad ordered the same steak and chips. My Mom ordered a chicken wrap as a starter.  Now back to my dish: the vinegar was too sharp, the burger sauce was too sour and my steak was very tough and dry. My parents thought it was bad value for money. We gave it a bad review.

The Complaint by Alex

Here we go again. Timmy was complaining about his meal. This time it was his wine. He was saying ” The vinegar was too sharp!”

“What vinegar?” I asked Dad.

“It was just an expression,” said Dad. “He means the wine isn’t nice.”

I was still a bit confused but I just agreed and said nothing. After that we went home and he kept complaining to Mom about it until he finally went home. I must say it felt like years until he left.

“Thank God he left,” said Dad. I could see he was a bit mad but Mam managed to calm him down.


I was going to get a salad from our local Meals on Wheels. This time I would try some vinegar for a change but when I tried the crystal clear vinegar the vinegar was too sharp for my liking. I just got a normal salad instead. Then the man came out of the van to give me my change. Suddenly the van went speeding down the hill and crashed in to a freeway and collided with a family car with four kids and a dog. One thing for sure, I would not like to be paying for repairs on that car……

The Fugitive

Times are tough. I had luckily escaped from the police and was out hiding on the streets. I had been accused of murdering my own sister and had been forced to flee as the police began to chase me. Now I was sitting in a chipper  with my money safely in my bag. My burger and chips were served to me but after taking a bite I realised that the vinegar was too sharp. I kept eating due to the fact that I was starving. Suddenly two policeman walked in and looked at me. I got up to leave but they shoved me back into my seat and sat down in front of me………

Christmas Dinner by Noel 100 word challenge week 22

Last Christmas, we had the old lady from next door over for dinner.

When she sat down she said, ” This chair is like a mattress of nails.”

When Mam brought out the wine she said, ” This is as bitter as a lemon.”

When Dad brought out the turkey she said, “This is as dry as the Sahara Desert.”

“Do you have any chips?” she asked.

So Mam made some chips. When Dad gave her the chips she said the vinegar was too sharp. I was told to go and get the desert and when I came back she was gone.

100 WC week 22 Trapped by Krzysztof

“OPEN! Please. I’ll do whatever I need to. PLEASE! OPEN IT! ”

Vinegar poured in the room in big drops. The Voice announced, ” Give up the money or die, Jim.”

There was no chance of surviving, the vinegar was too sharp. The  hatch was closed for ages and still vinegar poured in .

“What’s your choice Jim?  See your family again or die?”

Vinegar was up to his shoulders  when he heard steps. Then someone shouted, “CAN YOU HEAR ME ?”


The hatch opened and Jim was saved.

Worst Chips Ever by Dacian week 22

I was hungry so I went to KFC and bought some chips and a burger. When my order was ready I went to get it. I ate one of the chips but the vinegar was too sharp so I threw it out and went to buy new ones. These were too salty so I tried the burger. It was good. After that I went home and drank some wine. It was so good that I drank two bottles of wine. I felt a bit dizzy after that so I went to sleep. I woke up and saw a another bottle of wine. The End