100 W C The First LEGO Minifigure By Krzysztof

His face was yellow, his hair black,his body had 5 buttons. Yellow hands, black pants and a camera in his right hand. People loved him, played with him, put him into ships, space ships and buildings. He was the first minifigure in that time. Years passed. LEGO made a new minifigure to play with. It looked better than the first one. The new one had more details, his eyes were brighter , his face was peach coloured. The old minifigure was  forgotten and thrown out on a rock and joined by a group of ladybirds.

Dream Come True by Anthony Week 7

His 23 year old sister suffered from cancer. Jamie came to visit her and asked her what was her dream. She wished that he would go to a mountain to get the world’s sweetest smelling and most beautiful flower. Jamie took his camera and flower pot. He flew off to Australia. He found the mountain,climbed up and found the flower on top of a rock in a loveliness of ladybugs. He took a picture. Then he pulled the flower and put it in the pot.Back in Ireland he gave the flower to his sister.She hugged him very hard and thanked him for bringing the flower to her.

Lego Man by Alan week#7

I was playing with my lego character. He was extremely popular.I was one of the lucky ones to get it. I was grateful, walking home but I decided to go outside and left my lego man inside.  My little brother threw it out the window. I was in shock. My lego man flew and then I lost him. I was heart broken…

Hi, I’m Bob the lego man. Every year there is a lego race and today is the day. I skipped most of it. I struggled through the last stage, a loveliness of ladybirds. I succeeded.

100wc by David l

It was a nice peaceful Friday night. My family and I were just relaxing. Dad on the couch watching the television. Mom in  the warm bath. Jake out the back with his friends. And I was on my iPad in my bedroom. So silent until Jake roars MOM GET OUT OF THE BATH.

And she did but she got out for nothing. He said he slipped but he didn’t. In fact nothing happened. Jake was crazy. He was also colour blind. And he said he saw me as an orange person. So he just danced for a minute straight until Mom said she has chocolate. Jake liked boxing and he was good at it. But also  boxed clumsily. He is a good brother.

Jump by Eoin

Wing Commander Marco Gundogan gunned his fighter plane’s engine and soared into the hazy orange sky. Forty minutes later he was hovering over Bath, ready to deploy the deadly missiles that would wreak havoc and devastation across the city.

That was the plan until he saw three dots in the distance coming towards him. He had to release the bombs but they were much too close. He danced and dodged around them for a few minutes before clumsily grabbing his parachute, wrenching open the cockpit door and leaping out into the air, hoping and praying to God that nobody saw him landing in the barren fields rushing up to meet him.

The Arena… By Darragh Q, Week 6

As I entered the arena my heart started thumping against my chest. I was shaking all over and I could barely hold my sword. The opposite fighter at the other end of the circular arena had already picked up his weapons. He was gripping a heavy-looking sword and an orange coloured shield. I clumsily picked up my own shield and began slowly walking towards my opponent. He danced in front of me. I could hear the crowd chant his name, BATH, BATH, BATH!!! He seemed to have a lot of confidence. We’ll see about that, I thought…

My Invention by Nathan wk 6

I danced clumsily around my new invention, The fighter plane. It had taken me years to build this to get everything right. But finally I built it and just in time too because somebody had killed a Duke of someplace, now Germany had invaded France and Britain have declared war on Germany.

So now I am off to a city called BATH to see if they will use my invention but if the don’t I’m going to Munich and see if they like it.When I got to the city I met an orange faced old man who really liked my invention and ordered a thousand. Now I am off to Munich and I hope they order lots more.

The Orange Dancer By Craig

Once there was an orange dancer who always danced clumsily. He was also a fighter and you may be wondering to your self how is he orange well he filled a bath to the top with fake tan, yes an entire BATH!

You maybe wondering why he would do that well he was as white as a ghost and that’s why he is permanently stained orange. When he dances now he stands out compared to the other dancers.  When he’s on stage and his bath tub is also stained dark orange and so are all his towels and clothes.

Week 6: Skydiving By Michael

Ring! Ring! I answered the call. It was Simon, my friend. “We need you at the military air field in an hour” he said. “OK I AM IN THE BATH” I SHOUTED ANGRILY. I clumsily got out of the bath and put on my uncomfortable military uniform. I hopped into my orange Vauxhall and set off. As I got closer to the air field fighter planes danced in the skies. When I arrived everyone was waiting for me. We got inside the plane and took-off. In half an hour we were in cruising altitude. After Simon jumped it was my turn. I counted to three and jumped.

The Thing I Forgot by Stephen

” Damn it” I shouted as my car broke down again. My real car was being repaired so I had to borrow a car from the garage. I was beginning to panic as I had an appointment in Bath in 50 minutes. I clumsily kicked the car and it revved up again. I got in and put my foot down on the pedal. I passed a group of scots as they danced around an orange poster of a famous fighter from Scotland. “What a weird bunch, ” I thought to myself as I came to the border control. I reached into my back pocket to take my passport when I realised that I had forgotten something… a pack of cigarettes.

100 W.C. Start week 6 By Krzysztof

The clock alarm went on as Nevil woke up. In his head, he spoke to himself. “Another day”. While closing the door two men in a black suit stood in front. Nevil asked ” Can I… “Hi my name is Mr. Orange and that’s Mr. Fighter. We are working for BATH and we’re here to take you. “No, I’m …Mr. Fighter pulled out something like a gun and put it up to Nevil’s neck. He felt a small pinch and fell. Clumsily they dragged him up to the car. When Nevil woke up someone danced in front of him.

I Thought I Was Dead

I woke up and it was the day of the circus.I got dressed and headed there. I was the big clumsy clown with the big orange shoes. My best friend was a fighter. He was fighting a kangaroo. My turn was up now. I clumsily made my way up onto the stage. I walked out and someone screamed from the crowd “BATH BATH” coming down on me. When it hit me I barely felt anything. I threw it off me and danced a jig for the rest of my part.

The Fight by Noel week 6

The night had come. The fight had come. BATH Breht was fighting The Orange Fighter. Bath Breaht leaped clumsily onto the stage. The Orange Fighter ran onto the stage showing off his horrendous dance moves. One person in the audience threw a squished rotten banana at him staining his perfectly pressed orange jumpsuit. When the fight was over the referee called the two fighters together to shake hands but  instead Bath Breahd started dancing in front of The Orange Fighter. A person in the audience threw a size 5 Adidas trainer and knocked him clean out. That was the end of our fighting experience.

Bath Week 6 By Killian

I work for BATH. A secret organisation. My most recent mission was to go to the Amazon Basin to find The Tiger Diamond. We flew through the clouds and found a blaring orange sun in front of us. The pilot clumsily landed the sea plane on the Amazon River. We could see the Tiger Diamond that we were looking for. But around it was hundreds of venomous snakes. A fighter plane flew in, hovered over it, took it and disappeared as soon as it appeared…

The bad night by David

One night Tom got asked by his friends did he want to go to a party. But Tom didn’t really want to go –   it was a fancy party but Tom didn’t really like the people that were running it. Tom wasn’t the greatest dancer he was pretty clumsy. At the party, there was a  chocolate fountain in the form of a bath. As he arrived he saw the fighter -at least that’s what they called him. He was a bully that picks on every one. Tom had no clue why he was there.  He ruined the whole thing.  How could it get any worse?

Fighter Pilot by Alex

“AHH” screamed the enemy pilot. He had just seen us on the horizon in front of the orange sun. We could hear him because his mic was hacked. He was flying an f1 fighter jet. He clumsily flew the plane turning it left to right trying to shake us off.

” He’s dancing for us” exclaimed my co-pilot Krytonzz.

You see we work for a special organize called “BATH” that no one knows about except the people who work for them and you know about it too.

The Athletic Man Week 6 By shane h

Happy New Year!! Every one shouted -finally 2018 is here.  We filled the BATH with confetti.  My great Grandfather 92-year-old Tim  was a young fighter in world war 2. He was clumsily dancing on the dance floor. His dance was called Orange Justice.  He was an athletic man for his age and he lives alone so we said we would invite him to our house for once.

5 4 3 2 1 it’s time –  we rang apache pizza and got takeaway OUR first ever takeaway of 2018 and we loved it.

                                The End

The punishment. Week 6 by Alan

Once Tom the fighter was on fighting training and he fought clumsily. For his bad fighting he got punished – the punishment was to get inside of an ice cold BATH. What a ice cold BATH! And Tom needed to dance in circles and shout “I’m a weird guy haha”. After two hours Tom went shopping and found a really nice orange jumper that said” Tom is the best”on it . But he didn’t know should he buy it as it was€ 142. He bought it any way . As he walked home he was happy that he bought it.

GET OUT! by Ronan week 6

It was Friday night and the kids were out. It was the perfect time to take a well deserved bath. The boiling, bubbling and scented water was ready for me to dive in.

“GET OUT OF THERE! screamed Máire at the top of her lungs.

“OUT OF WHAT?” I screamed back slightly louder and more aggressive. THE BATH!” exclaimed Máire,”IT’S GOING TO EXPLODE!”

Even though it was water, it did. They were yet to become homeless. The firefighters came at supersonic speed to the house. One fire fighter came over to them sadly. Every thing was destroyed. Others danced as they cried. Máire clumsily  slipped over their only food, an old orange peel. They had nothing.

Truth or Dare by Anthony(week 6)

One day, me and my couple of friends were playing truth or dare. We had a lot of fun. When my friend asked me truth or dare I said dare.  He dared me to wear orange underwear and dance on the pool.

First I said no but if I did it I would get $500. Then I thought that is better. The next day, we went to the pool. First I saw there was a lot of people there. I wore my underwear and went to the pool. Then I danced.

All of them were looking at me/ They laughed and recorded me. I got my money and went home.

I will never play truth or dare again.


Hi my name is OSCAR the orange. I am flying to the Roman city Bath for a dancing competition. When I got there on the plane there were two people called Bill Banana and William Watermelon. William was very aggressive on the plane –  well he was a fighter but Bill, on the other hand, was a very cowardly person. When we got off the plane I called Uber and an old man in a banger of a car collected us. It took us 2 hours and 29 minutes. We then arrived at the competition.  I was up next. I danced very poorly and clumsily. This was the worst day ever.

Halloween week 6 dara

Get down here now my mom said. And I was like oh no it might  be that vase I broke a few days ago. I ran down the stairs clumsily. Get into the BATH now. And after put on your warrior fighter suit for the night. So I when up for a bath and after I got dressed for the night of eating sweets. At one house I got an orange but the next twenty houses I got two bags from each of them which equals forty bags. I went to bed and only ate ten bags and the next day I got sick all over my room.

Was I really sick or faking so I didn’t have the go the school?

Sean vs Bath Time by Cillian

“BATH TIME!” mum shouted,  Sean hated bath time. A full on battle would commence when it was bath time and Sean was a reluctant fighter. If he lost the so-called ‘battle’ he would make his way to the so-called ‘hell on earth’ as slowly and clumsily as possible. When Sean got in he usually danced around for as long as possible before the so-called ‘lava’ was poured on him Sean imagined it was a hot, orange lava. Whenever he got out he always said he would never get in again (until next week).

Leechwood Institution pt 2 (Paddy 6th week 6)

The orange  glow from the chest faded as Samuel looked over at Annie. She had just grabbed him out of the blue, so he thought it fair that he should ask some questions.

“Okay Annie, where are we and why am I here?”

This outburst startled Annie, but she decided to give him some answers

.”This is BATH, also known as Leechwood Institution.” she spoke evenly “BATH stands for Birmingham Adolescent Training Headquarters. You’re here bec…” she stopped as the room fell into darkness.

As the light filled the room a silhouette danced past him. He clumsily adopted a fighter stance…


The Secret Story By Cillian Week 5

One day Michael was telling a story to his two sons, John and Peter. Michael was always going to keep this story a secret but his two sons had got interested in cars. They were talking about the new Toyota Supra A90 that was coming out.

“It reminded me of a time when…”

“What Dad?” exclaimed Peter.

“When I was a street racer.”

“What?!” gasped John.

“Yup, Adrian, Hector and I, we all had nick names. Mine was Tfue, Adrian’s was Ninja and Johns was Nitrous”.

“What car did you drive?” asked Peter.

“I drove a Nissan Skyline R32”.

“Cool,” sighed John.

“Anyway time for bed, guys”

Week 5 Paddy, 6th: MY TEACHER EXPLODED.

My teacher exploded.

She was shouting at one of my classmates, Brendan, when her hair started smoking. There was steam coming out of her nostrils and ears. A crimson shade was crawling across her ravaged features. Her fists were clenching and unclenching. It reminded me of a time when I sprained my wrist and the physiotherapist said to squeeze and release the stress ball. She looked as if she was about to burst. And then she did. With a poof of smoke and a gigantic POP she was gone. All that was left was a pile of greyish-black ash.

Never Again by Eoin Week 5

I trudged through knee-deep mud, my legs sapped of strength, my arms sagging from the weight of my elephant-like pack. As I clambered out of the ditch onto a country road, I noticed a cottage ahead in my moonlit surroundings. Desperate to see civilisation I sprinted over. When I reached the house I peered through the window with my binoculars. It was a family. Similar to my own actually, it reminded me of a time when I was still at home. When I had no worries. “But that life is gone,” I muttered to myself, cursing the war and my luck. I turned away and delved into the blackness of the ditch once more.

Nowhere To Go by Seán

No house, no food, no water. Just walking through the wood. It reminded me of a time when I was a young boy. Just like my mother said, ” If you don’t go to school, you wont get a job and then you’ll have nothing.” Thinking back now I should have just gone to school instead of skipping most of my classes. Even if I was in class I wouldn’t listen. I would just keep talking until my teacher caught me. And when he would turn around I’d just start talking again. What would I do?

The Haunted House by Stephen

I glanced back briefly before turning my attention back to the dimly lit corridor. I had been stupid enough to take up a dare my friends had challenged me to. All I had to do was walk through the haunted house and they said they’d give me a tenner. It reminded me of the time when I used to love reading books but now I felt like I was in one. I kept walking until I came to a dead end. I was about to turn around when I heard a rumbling noise above my head. At first I just stood there but when a tile landed centimetres away from my head I snapped out of my daze and looked for somewhere to hide.

Train Wreck Week 5 by Ronan

Initially, it was just a train ride, and I didn’t expect what was yet to come. As I plunged onto the little, single person, silk couch, the ground shook the mantle piece and made a small lego man, standing tall, fall over. It reminded me of a time when I was on another train. The tracks were supposed to be closed but they were not. The solar- powered train, going at the speed of light, on the hottest day of the year in Italy, was about to stop. It was too late. My life was ruined. Never to walk again.