The Evil Robot Dara Week5

Bang, boom, clang! This robot was going to be a really good servant. It was insanely smart and fast at responding. It was silent on its feet too. It was going to be my money maker by assassinating millionaires. It reminded me of a time my granda would give me £20 every time I would visit him. At first it was like it had a  clamp on its leg but after a while it got better. It would pursue people like a cat sneaking up on its prey. One day it came home with a torn off arm, just like a vicious dog.

The War by Charlie Barry week 5

I got nervous as I clambered onto the noisy ship. This reminded me of the time when I went fishing with my grandfather. A question in my head that kept ringing was, “Would I ever get home?” I knew that with the number of soldiers waiting to get on the ship that the ship would be unpleasantly over crowded. I clambered into the noisy ship. I hoped that I would be lucky and get a bunk bed. I heard the general shouting “Valuables! If you win the war you get them back. ” Then I stomped down the stairs in despair.


Yesterday, I went to see a movie called,” The Meg (Megeladon)”. It was a bit like Jaws. It reminded me a time when I was jetskiing with my cousins. A baby shark swam up from beneath me and snapped at the jetski . Although it was a baby shark I didn’t know that at the time. After this we skied back to shore as fast as we could. Anyway the movie was 2 and a half hours long. We then got KFC on the way home.

REVENGE by William week 5

Hi, I’m Bill. I live with my uncle, a MI6 agent. My mother and father died after a guy called Big Shack, (not the rapper) but a guy that owns Big Shack cars, shot them. He is a really unpredictable man. He has been spotted talking to people from Tim Juicy Chicken. He took them to his secret lair in north Mexico. They got in to the helicopter and got there in less than 10 seconds. Then I heard on the radio that he had killed them, it reminded me of a time when my uncle said my parents had been killed.

3 planes Out of Nowhere Week 5 by Michael

I flew the fighter jet across the clear skies. One hit anywhere on my plane and it would be going down. All of a sudden 3 other enemy planes came out of nowhere. One of them shot my plane and an alarm went off. It reminded me of a time when I saw planes going down in movies. I only had one choice, to jump out of the plane with my emergency parachute. I opened the hatch and jumped.

Back In The Days Week 5 By Killian

I was in my sitting in my living room watching a movie about The Second World War, it reminded me of a time when blood was everywhere. It was a time during the second world war. Clambering over bodies, drenched in blood and begging for water. Suddenly, I heard shouts and cheers and I saw a German officer strolling towards us waving a white flag. That was a happy day.

100 WC Week 5. Running… Darragh Q

I charged through branches connected to large tree trunks. The branches grazed my arms, it reminded me of a time when I dropped two knives in combat training and there were cuts all over my left arm. I snapped back to reality when a big crash came from behind me. Whatever it was, the explosion from it shook the muddy ground. I ran. I ran faster than I ever ran before. I could hear footsteps trudging across the soft ground, they came from everywhere. I had nowhere to run. But just then my eyes lit up as I found my escape…

100 W. C. Week 5 Time W. 3 By Krzysztof

It was 02:00 January 2020 when five shots came out from the North Korean navy ship. Boats approached the bay near Golden Gate Bridge. People were dashing through the roads to save their lives.  One of the soldiers ordered to fire. Just then a rocket shot out in the air, got split in half and blew up an eighth of a city. It reminded me of a time when my grandfather told a story when he saw a nuke accident. I sprinted down the hotel stairs, through the corridor, but I stopped. I knew I was not safe.

100wc by Alan My Favourite Toy

Once I learned in school about some “back to the future”. It reminded me of a  time when I was small. I loved playing with one car I had. I played so much. I played for four years I also had the full set of it. After two years I stopped and now I’m all about soccer! In school it wasn’t “back to the future”it was what would you like to be in the future.I said soccer player. Then my friend Jim said he wants to be a fireman. And my other friend wants to be a police man.

The Farmhouse By Shane H week 4

It was in the 25th century today but like the book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. All animals were going to be frozen in Ireland. At midday a crack of thunder filled the air. It was 2458. Every bodies death wish. The thunder made a force field around one farm house. All of the animals in that farm house would have to supply all of Ireland. Every other farm animal in Ireland would be frozen to concrete, unbreakable concrete at that. It was like a famine but worse. No supplies/No population. Ireland was at its last.


Hallucination? By Cillian Week 4

Once upon a time a boy named John woke up on a sunny morning. He lived on a farm and every day he’d go out to help his dad. But today was different, his dad wasn’t there. John could hear something bellowing. He went outside and saw a bull! John never ran faster in his life. At  the house he saw a horse. He was so confused. There was a ram in the house! Then a car pulled up and his dad got out. John told him everything. “Nonsense,” his dad said. Was it all an hallucination? The story has lived on to this day and recently a local sculptor remade the animals they are now up for auction.

100 word challenge Karma at its Worst by Dan

It was a dull , grey day on Mr .Browns farm while he was milking his cows preparing them for their long day of grazing ahead.

Bang , crash , smack , a metal figure randomly fell onto the hard concrete floor of Mr.Browns milking parlour.

“It must have been that or else some imaginary tall figured animals had come back to haunt him,” he laughed to himself. He would soon regret this laugh.

“I must be hallucinating,” he thought to himself. He ran outside and down to consult with his wife but it was too late , she was lying stone cold dead on the hard unmarked wooden floor.

A Lucky Find By Michael Week 4

If I didn’t find anything today I would surely be fired. Everyone else had surely found some historic item. I dug and dug for the next few hours but I couldn’t find anything. Just as I was about to give up and leave I felt something in the ground. It was a head of some animal. I called a digger over so I could get it out. After we dug out the first one we found two more that were the same size as the other one. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

Sean 6th class:

Todd and I woke up after our long night’s sleep. We had to go hunting today before the snow came. We got our boots and all our other gear on and set out. The first animal of the day was a rabbit. It was really no good to fill our stomachs. We saw a ram grazing in a big field. I aimed down the scopes of my rifle and took a shot. We headed back to our cabin and cooked the ram. The next morning, more snow everywhere . I glanced to my right and saw three statues less than 200 metres away. I walked over and BOOM, I heard a shot. It turned out that they were put there overnight as a trap. Someone must have known I would be there.

The Dungeon by Charlie

There I was, running down the muddy track, trying not to be spotted. I had been sent by my king to gain back his precious gold that had been stolen. Then I came to a field with 3 statues. I had to try a lot of combinations. The ears and horns of the statues were disguised as levers. Then finally I lifted the ram statue. I went down the ladder into a damp and dark dungeon. I walked down a cobblestone passageway. Then I saw it, the room full of precious gold. I walked in the room quietly. Then disaster struck! The door slammed shut. I tried opening it but it was no good. I was terror stricken.

World War 3 by Stephen

It was the day when everything would change. It began with an animal killing a man. When people heard the news a riot began. World War 3 had begun. It was animals vs humans. The humans were favourites but as usual their cockiness lost them the battle. The animals learned to speak and took control of the world. If I’m being honest, I’m happy that the animals won. They have stopped global warming and everybody is kinder now. In the centre of the world, there are three statues dedicated to the leaders of the animals: The Ram, The Horse and the The Bull.

Checkmate by Eoin

“The doors locked,” I panted breathlessly. “The only way is forward”.

I glanced around the vast room, taking stock of my pitch black surroundings until I saw them, the opposition. They were chess pieces but 100 times enlarged. That’s when I realised the bizarre task we had to complete . I looked at my partner in crime, my brother Michael and from his terror-stricken face he knew the insane feat also. “All right, then,” I sighed. “You take a knight , I’ll take a horse.” I paced over to my piece, my heart pounding in my chest like a drum, my weary legs dragging across the cold, bare, concrete floor. I took a second before hauling myself onto my steed. “Pawn to D4”.

The Shrub by Ronan week 4

In the depths of the forest, the three kings of the jungle, a ram , a horse and a bull were on an adventure. At first, the journey began at the river. They went around the jungle,wandering over yonder. Soon they came on the first problem, the cliff. They turned around to find a path none of them ever went before. During the walk down the path they heard a strange noise coming from the shrub next to them. A tall but fat man jumped out at the warriors holding an awkward mauve coloured weapon. He shot each of them one by one. They began to turn to stone.

Three Head Animal Story By Anthony

Those statues were built by ancient people. They were a goat, a horse and a bull. They were at an ancient place. They thanked those animals for giving them a lot of things. Like the goat gave them milk, meat and a lot more. The horse was used for war, riding and carrying stuff. The bull was used for meat, carrying heavy things and was also used in Rome to be killed in shows. So those ancient people made them with stone. They built them like their gods.

The Festival by William

Today was Ram Day, every body would dress up like rams. But the horse and the bovine people were angry that nobody would visit their festival celebrating their town animals.  So that night they built a big ram so they could get  in . They pushed the wooden ram up on to the wall where they could see everybody having a great time at the festival .Then the bovine and   the horse charged down the wooden door. Then everybody fled in fear but  the ram and the other 2 animals got a bucket of cement and they were left like that for ever.

The Party by David B.

One Halloween my friend Jane and I were trick or treating. Jane said there was a party two streets down so we went in. It was almost empty but there was a person in there. He was dancing to no music and talking to no one. He said to drink some sort of potion and it will all be clear. So we did. It was some sort of ghost party.  One ghost explained that on Halloween  the humans can drink and  come into the ghost world.  It had music, drinks. A lot of them were ghost animals but if we didn’t  change back we would have stayed  one for ever.

Three Statues week 4 by Alan

One day I took a walk to a park called Noms Park. And what I saw was three statues .One looked like a ram and the second one looked like a horse and the third one looked like a bull. I saw a wizard beside them and he was the one to make the statues. I asked him did he do that? And he said yes! I asked him does he hate animals ? He didn’t answer. Once I blinked he was gone in 0.1 seconds. I was amazed . Afterwards I took a walk in the park and went home.

The bull by Noel

Once upon a time there was a farmer. The farmer had bulls , horses, goats, sheep and geese. He was quite proud of his bull. He weighed 1.5 tonnes in weight. At this time the farmer was very sick but nobody knew. One day the bull broke out chasing the horse and the sheep around the yard. A neighbour came to tell the man about the bull. When he realised he was dying he called an ambulance. The man came out the very same day. If the bull didn’t break out the man would have died. In memory of the animals three statues were built.

Creepy Week4 By Killian

I was lying in bed when I heard a thunk! I ran downstairs to see what it was and I found my family sitting around the TV. Dead. I turned around to find three tall figures made out of metal. I screamed and ran upstairs to my bed. I ran into the room to find the TV on. It said that three metal figures were killing people all over the country. I turned around and they were there…


There was once a haughty group of animals. They thought they were better than everyone else. There was a Helen Horse,  Brian Bullock and Reginald Ram.

One day they met Warwick, a wise old warlock. Warwick proclaimed that if they did not give up their wretched ways he will conjure a cauldron, bubble a broth, sprinkle some sparkles and pluck a pointy pineapple’s prickly cactus to turn them into silent, unmoving, everyday rock sculptures.

The band did not heed Warwick’s crucial words and while walking through a clearing (after tormenting a poor hare) they were turned to stone.


100WC Week 4, Turned To Stone… By Darragh Q

Off we went galloping and charging across the vast farmland. The ground underneath us was extremely hard. We could hear our enemy behind us. With every second he was getting closer and closer. Suddenly a thick dart flew over our heads. But as the second dart came, it hit Zac square in the neck. He suddenly stopped and surprisingly turned to stone! Jamie and I stood there in shock, horrified. We turned and charged across the field once more but even quicker this time. But just then we came across a deep river. We knew that this was the END…

A Matter Of Life and Death by Nathan wk 3

As the three gods of all herbivores watched and waited for the carnivore army to clash with their army, the squirrels spotted the carnivores coming slowly towards the army outside the forest. The squirrel commander gave the order to “Fire” and  every single artillery gun opened fire to begin raining hell down on enemy troops. Bodies were flung high into the air as shells rained down upon them . When the gods heard the Booms from behind them they knew the army was coming so they moved the gatling guns up further and they immediately  started spewing out bullets . Onyx the goat god phoned to begin the dive bombing . On the other side of the forest the flamingos were being loaded up with acorns that once dropped would drill into the ground and explode. Meanwhile the gods sent the tanks forward.  Suddenly there was a streaking sound above them. They looked up and saw eagles diving towards them. After 24hrs of non-stop fighting the herbivores won. Now there is a memorial honouring what 3 gods did to protect their kind.

The Evil Witch by Dara week 4

There was a witch who was always around her cauldron mixing her potions. No one knows what all her potions were for. One was green, white and purple. About two weeks later my friend and I were in the woods walking our dogs and we came across this very old shack. It looked damp and there were three heads on the roof: a ram, a horse and cow. We were like what if the witch lives here? About two minutes later the witch came running after us but we outran her.

                THE END

BOB by Stephen Wk 3

I had done it. I had created the world’s greatest robot. It would do anything you asked it to. I had named it BOB. I was about to begin testing when my phone began to flash. I ignored it and started testing.

“BOB, come over here!” I commanded.

The robot turned on but it seemed to be going backwards.

“Ma I ereh, ” BOB said once he had reached me.

I stared at him in disbelief. I thought for a second and then asked him to get me my sandwich.

” Ko ,” BOB said and then fetched it. This was amazing.

The Red Eyed Technician by Alex

As we clambered down the ladder, we saw the robot but it seemed to be going backwards.

“Someone has all ready been here,” I told Jimmy.

Then we saw him at the far corner. He was a technician. He turned around and his eyes went red. Was he manufacturing  more robots? He stopped what he was doing and ran into the shadows. We ran after him but there was a vault door locked from the other side. All of a sudden all the robots turned on and looked at us. Were they robots or zombies?