The battery powered sandwich by William

Once there was a sandwich called Paddy.

One day Paddy was walking and found a battery so he decided to eat it. It gave him the power to charge stuff and hack into computers.  Paddy also had the power to disguise himself as a piece of white paper.Paddy was so energetic he’d run for days without stopping. Paddy went to a school  in a place called Slugheads. It was a posh school by the name of it. Paddy likeed his school.One day when Paddy’s alarm went off he hurried to school with his dressing gown on. On his way there he noticed that he was wearing his dressing gown…….


One thought on “The battery powered sandwich by William”

  1. Dear William,
    Thank you for taking part in this week’s 100 Word Challenge writing prompt. You’ve written a very creative piece this week! The idea of a sandwhich eating a battery that then gave him extraordinary abilities made me laugh! I also like how you chose to use a cliff hanger for the ending. It left me wondering what his friends would think when he arrived at that posh school wearing his dressing gown – too funny! Maybe you can continue writing this story in another 100 Word Challenge post. Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Schmidt (Team 100WC)
    Grade 3 Teacher
    Pennsylvania, USA

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