BOB by Stephen Wk 3

I had done it. I had created the world’s greatest robot. It would do anything you asked it to. I had named it BOB. I was about to begin testing when my phone began to flash. I ignored it and started testing.

“BOB, come over here!” I commanded.

The robot turned on but it seemed to be going backwards.

“Ma I ereh, ” BOB said once he had reached me.

I stared at him in disbelief. I thought for a second and then asked him to get me my sandwich.

” Ko ,” BOB said and then fetched it. This was amazing.

3 thoughts on “BOB by Stephen Wk 3”

  1. Hello Stephen, I think it is great how you show the excitement of having created a robot and then grab the readers interest by saying you were going to test it. I think it was just fantastic how you had the robot talking backwards too. I think I would be like you, I wouldn’t mind if it talked backwards so long as it would do everything I asked.

  2. I think that you did a good job on writing about a robot in only 100 words, choosing something that aloud of people like an will probably read about an i kinda made something like it but instead a Time machine

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