by David Lehane Week 12

It was a Friday night and just like usual my family and I were going to get takeaway as a treat. So as soon as the pizza came, I rushed down to my room and turned on the television. “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” was on tonight. And I was never going to be missing that show . I had noticed minutes later that there was an echo. It sounded like it was  coming from the television. So I then tried to turn the volume down. But that didn’t work. Soon I found myself in a television set with the other kids. We seemed to be on television. My first thought was will I see my parents again?

4 thoughts on “by David Lehane Week 12”

  1. That is kind of creepy! I love how it is like that! It leaves suspense to your story which is amazing to me! This is well writtten! Never give up on you writing dreams!

  2. Hi David! I like how you showed that you wanted to get takeaway as a treat, and then you decided to watch your show. It is so crazy that you ended up in the television with all the other kids. That’s pretty scary. I really wondere if you will see your parents again. Good Job!

  3. Hey David!

    I like how in your story you enhanced how you were not meant to be on your favorite show. It just happened. That really made the story better.
    Keep up the good work and keep writing!

    IL USA

  4. Dear David,
    I’m curious about the show you’ve mentioned. Maybe you could create it to be the next reality TV show! When you ended up in the TV it made me think about one of my favorite movies, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Silver
    IL, USA
    Team 100

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