The Chase By Stephen Sheehan 100WC

I could hear the steps coming closer. I took a left and came to a dead end. “Damn it,” I thought. The steps were getting closer by the second. I had to move. I attempted to jump over the wall but failed miserably. The steps were as loud as ever. “Come on,” I thought. Suddenly a door appeared. I ran through without thinking. I was outside and it was pouring rain. The steps were so close my ears were hurting. Then I heard a rattle. I looked up. I saw something move and then it came down the drainpipe.

2 thoughts on “The Chase By Stephen Sheehan 100WC”

  1. Wow Stephen – what a mysterious piece you’ve written this week. I thought it was great!
    I’m wondering who or what was chasing you?
    Keep up the superb work.

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