The day that changed everything by Eoin

I was sitting in my usual spot outside the café on Main Street when it came down the drainpipe . I was loping around the perimeter when I heard a whirring noise and a small, neatly knotted , brown parcel came to a stop at my feet . When I tried to pick it up it whizzed off in another direction leaving a blue trail of smoke behind. I chased after it , running around in circles until I collapsed on the ground , puffing and wheezing. They must think I’m mad , I thought. “Then again, ” I sighed. ” They always thought I was mad.” Suddenly , a blast of warm, golden light blinded me and I lost consciousness. I woke up surrounded by …

2 thoughts on “The day that changed everything by Eoin”

  1. This story has a definite “Hogwarts” feel to it!
    It would be a great opening chapter in a novel.
    I’d love to know where you ended up?
    Super work, Eoin – well done!

  2. Hi Eoin,

    A really good short story. I thought you did an impressive job in setting the scene so clearly and carefully. Great use of adjectives for description and a very good cliff hanger to end.

    From Milly (Team100WC)

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