The End… By Darragh Q. Week 20

Bullets sprayed all around us as we galloped through the enemy’s trenches. Our hooves thumped dangerously against the hard, muddy ground. We heard the roaring of the men and the crack of the rifles. The noises were deafening  but we kept on moving. Soon we were moving very fast when a stray grenade rolled violently along the ground. We forced our legs quickly to a stop. We stood there not knowing what to do. Then suddenly there was a flash and a bang. When we opened our eyes we were covered in dust. Every muscle in our bodies were aching. We just managed to lift our heads when we  saw something in the distance…

3 thoughts on “The End… By Darragh Q. Week 20”

  1. Dear Darragh,
    Thanks for taking part in this week’s 100 Word Challenge writing prompt. What a great post! You’ve written a very action filled and suspenseful story! I love the strong verbs and adjectives you used that help me to make a clear picture of the scene in my mind and make me feel as if I am there amongst the action. As the previous commenter mentioned, I too would like to know what they saw in the distance. Perhaps you can continue the story in another post. Keep up the fantastic work!
    Mrs. Schmidt (Team 100WC)
    Grade 3 Teacher
    Pennsylvania, USA

  2. That was very good, Darragh! I enjoyed reading that from start to finish. Your use of vivid verbs was outstanding! I love the starting sentence. Keep up the terrific work.

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