Escape: Paddy 6th

“We live in a perfect world. That’s my problem.”

My father said that a lot. He also said that he saw a light in his dreams, and that the light blinded him. He was a superstitious man,throwing his life away to research half -baked theories about aliens. But one of his theories caught my interest as I was going through his old filing cabinet. His theory was that we were all in accurate simulation of life. He said the government was covering up the pollution on earth, and that escaping the simulation was our only hope of saving the planet.

One thought on “Escape: Paddy 6th”

  1. Some great writing here. I want to know more. I think you will have to write a novel explaining this man’s theory and an autobiography of the father as he sounds so interesting and I bet he would have lots of other interesting quotes to share. I like the way you have set up the relationship of the father and the son here and in so doing shown how their characters are quite different. Well done.

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