The Fast Roller Coaster Week 20 by Dara

Every year there is a wild Carnival on 15 of July. It is lots of fun.After about two hours at the wild carnival. I decided the go on the fastest roller coaster. It was called “The Doom Coaster”. On top of the roller coaster was a really good view of the town. We were moving very fast.When we were at the very top of the roller coaster it was one of the fastest roller coasters on earth. it cost £25 to have a ride around the whole wild carnival. It takes about 15 minutes to ride it.


One thought on “The Fast Roller Coaster Week 20 by Dara”

  1. *Watch your punctuation.
    *Use more adjectives next time.
    This story reminds me of when I first went on a roller coaster and boy
    was I scared.
    Well done Dara

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