Food for Thought by Eoin Week 12

My friend John and I were wandering around the studio, bored as usual. You’d think it would be exciting with your dad writing the script for the evening news, but as childcare is expensive and my mam works also, I was stuck ambling around aimlessly through the various sets.

Today, the broadcasting company was adding a new set for a cookery show. We decided to take a peek. As we opened the door extremely slowly and genteelly we heard the frustrated director rushing about frantically shouting about ” Ze Coookerrs, Vere Are Zey?”

Suddenly he glimpsed us, whisked us away and plonked us down on stools. A minute later we seemed to be on television, LIVE television.


One thought on “Food for Thought by Eoin Week 12”

  1. Hi Eoin, this is a very different approach to the prompt. I like the way I was hooked at the opening sentence; very well done there. The structure of your 100WC story is strong and and you’ve used punctuation and speech brilliantly. I really liked the directors ‘foreign’ accent.

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