Halloween Night wk 19 by Craig

It was the night before Halloween, I decided to throw eggs at my friends house. Twelve o clock that night I started throwing eggs at his house but having my luck the window was open and an egg went straight through and hit the light. It started flickering. Then the light fell and hit the bottom of his fringe .Then I just saw him go to his bathroom and he washed his face. Then I walked in to see if he was ok and it was pitch black.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Night wk 19 by Craig”

  1. Interesting story! Reminded me of the style Monty Python tells, unique. It’s not always easy weaving the words of a prompt together but you did very well!

  2. Hi Craig! I like the way how you said you egged someones house. I have actually done that before. I think that you could be more specific.

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