The Hand By Killian Week 16

I was walking down a street in Dublin one day. When I saw a giant hand with a face on it on top of a building. It jumped off and ran down a dark alley. I chased after it and saw it jump in a rubbish bin. I did too.

I was zapped into a really big maze. I saw the hand turn a corner and jump into another bin. What was it with these bins? But anyway I followed and ended up in a spooky mansion and saw the hand run through a door and I saw a giant room full of them…

3 thoughts on “The Hand By Killian Week 16”

  1. Hi Killian,
    I haven’t decided yet if you were very foolish or very brave to be jumping into bins after the hand!
    I’m hoping that you will wake up shortly and find out it was all a dream.
    Mrs Boyce

  2. Hi Killian,
    I loved the fast pace of your short story and your varied punctuation was very good indeed! Your ending leaves me wanting to find out what happens next- especially since a spooky mansion was mentioned, very exciting.
    Great story, you definitely incorporated the hand into your writing very well.
    Milly (Team100wc) From Leeds

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