(Holes) Different ending by Michael

As I climbed the mountain I checked back to see if Zero was alright. We didn’t know what was on the other side. Maybe there was a town or  civilization of some sort, or maybe there was just nothing. After about what seemed 8 hours we reached the top. We were absolutely shocked when we saw what was over the mountain. There was a road that stretched out for kilometres. Although it was so big and long we couldn’t see any cars passing. A car would only pass every five minutes or so. I asked Zero, “Should we go down there?”Zero nodded. If Zero said yes I was in.

The road was quite a long way away. We would have to go now if we wanted to get some help. The terrain going down the mountain was rough. At the bottom we were relieved. We sprinted up to the road to see what was there. As we approached the road we noticed a pick up truck coming. It wasn’t any ordinary pick up truck. It was the one from Camp Green Lake. At that moment we knew we made a mistake. As the truck approached we saw who was in it. It was Mr. Pendanski. We would’ve been better off going back. Way better…..