Holes Hector’s point of view By Killian M

Hector was walking through the hall looking at all the stuff sent to the Homeless Children’s Centre. He was supposed to be in the dormitories but wanted to take a look at the stuff downstairs. He saw a pair of shoes belonging to Clyde Livingston. He really wanted them. They’re in his Homeless Centre so they’re technically his, right?

He took the shoes and shot out of the hall and down the road towards a bridge. An officer saw him and started to chase him . When he reached the bridge he threw the shoes off and tried to catch his breath. Too late. The officer had caught up with him and grabbed him by the hood. He forced Hector into his car and drove him to a bus. He got on the bus and sat on a seat near the back. He asked the bus driver where he was going. The driver didn’t answer.

Then a guard got on and he asked the same question.

” Camp Green Lake,”the guard replied. Ooh a lake! he thought. The drive went on for eight hours and when he got off he couldn’t see a lake. The guard walked him to a building where a man in a cowboy hat was sitting. He gave him a shovel and told him that everyday they had to dig a hole five feet deep and five feet wide. He walked him outside and assigned him to tent D. Then he walked into tent D.