The horrible handyman by Eoin

I’m going to tell you about the terrible excuse of a handyman who came to our house .

We hired him to replace some tiles on the roof that had flown away in the previous storm . I always knew he was a bit dodgy when he clumsily scrambled up the ladder , nearly falling to a treacherous death . When he was finally up there , oh my God the noise he made was horrendous , it made your spine chill and made your back arch. It was the last straw when he came crashing through the ceiling , that wasn’t even the best part , when he came through the roof all he said was “could you put the kettle on ?”.

3 thoughts on “The horrible handyman by Eoin”

  1. Hi Eoin,
    I thought your story was very funny! I especially like the ending, when after ruining the roof, all he can think of is having a cup of tea! What I particularly liked about your story was your use of vocabulary; you have really tried hard to use descriptive words. Well done! Keep up the good work!
    Yanalie (Team 100)

  2. Well done on a super story this week Eoin. I really enjoyed it. A great take on the photo prompt.
    I loved your ending – so typically Irish – when all else fails have a cup of tea!
    Mrs Boyce

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