I’m on her Tail by Callum wk 17

I was in pursuit of a bank robber who seemed to be a female. I’ve been on the force about 14 years and have dealt with lots of bank robbers in my time but this particular one was different. As she turned the corner in her 1979 mustang, I received a call from my wife. I hung up and continued driving but when I turned the corner, there was no one there, only other cars but no 1979 mustang.  But how could she just disappear? And that thought will stay with me until I’m on my deathbed. Hopefully, someone else would figure it out.

One thought on “I’m on her Tail by Callum wk 17”

  1. An unsolved mystery! Very well written Callum. I wondered if it weren’t the kind of tech that shrinks things like in Ant-Man and she was sitting there observing you the entire time!

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