It will be all right by Abdul

It Will Be Alright

by Abdul Yesufu

“Get to the farm, get the animals, get ready for the storm.”

I got the milk and came back to ask about the storm.

“You want to know about the storm,  Arnold. You’re young, you’ll learn when it happens.”

The next day my family and I visited the vessel we would ride on to get to New Zealand.

“Two more days!”my Grandad  announced to the public as my dad reminded him of his recent heart attack while I looked at the new vessel with astonishment.

Then my sister who’s about ten (close to eleven) started sobbing.

“Why are you such a baby?”I said in a complaining voice.

Then my mother gave out to me for arguing. We then went to bed to rest for our new life in New  Zealand. We lived in Tasmania which is a part of Australia which is close to New Zealand and we were going there because the weather here is not the best. The bad thing was that there would be a  tsunami coming, so it was a big deal.

I woke up thinking of my odyssey.


I woke my sister. We changed and looked outside. As old as I may have been, I actually was scared of the booms and zooms that were going on around the place. We ran to get on the ship but…it was gone, it had completely vanished. We ran to all the other ones… completely gone.

“Get on!”I heard from the distance. We got on the last vessel and followed the other ships. It took me a few minutes to comprehend what had just gone on. I was saved. I couldn’t believe it.