It was time for the re-opening of The Handlebar Restaurant. It had been a hard 3 days for Jordan Clamsy.  It was a constant battle between him and the owner, Ciara, but finally he managed to make her into a professional. The food Jordan tasted was dreadful. The steak was raw in the middle and the vinegar was too sharp on the chips. The desert was terrible and had mould under it. The re-opening of The Handlebar started at 8 o`clock and people flooded into the building. They ordered what they wanted, the waiter and waitresses went to the kitchen to give the chefs the orders. When the food came out the waiters and waitresses took the plates to the tables and the customers were satisfied. The Handlebar is still open today.

One thought on “JORDAN CLAMSY THE HANDLEBAR by Nathan wk22”

  1. What an intriguing direction you chose from this week’s prompt Nathan. I like it when authors produce something I might never have expected. I *think* I know where your inspiration came from – the main character can be quite … shouty? As a customer, I’m not sure how I might have reacted if there was mould on the bottom of my dessert!
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge, but don’t forget to keep to 100 words 😉

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