Kanturk Arts Festival “A Big Problem” By Marc

A Big Problem


 Marc Watson

“Please don’t!”

My brother and I were hoping to change our parents’ minds. Our parents said they had to go away to Norway for a week. They said they were going because of work. We were petrified that something would happen to us or them. We all traveled to English Bay to say goodbye.

“Bye,” I was mumbling because I was crying so much. My brother got distracted by the enormous boat. The boat was in front of us one second and the next, it was disappearing in the fog. I realised what a big mistake I had made.

The next evening I pretended to go to bed. I took some of my parents’ money. They wouldn’t notice because we were wealthy. I stole £50 and got a suitcase, packed and ran away. There were guards outside, I was sneaking around like a fox. Suddenly, I heard a twig snap. My brother was following me. We made a break for it to the harbour just on time.

It was a stormy night and we were in the eye of the storm so it was perfect. We sneaked onto the boat as stowaways and left the harbour. Some time later, the boat hit a whale and we fell overboard. We both clung to different planks of wood. I thought we wouldn’t last another day. 3 days later, without food and the water too salty to drink, I was looking up at the crepuscular stars. Out of the blue, we saw an island and floated in.

“Food and water!” we yelped with gratitude.

“Land!” I sang joyfully. We started heading along the shore to a bay. There was a boat coming towards us. We were pulled aboard. Somehow, it was the same boat as our parents were traveling on!