Kanturk Art’s Festival A Story From The Past By Danny

A Story from the Past

by Danny Cronin

As we sauntered up the narrow road to my Grandad’s, we felt extremely excited as my Grandad’s sister was coming home. They were going to tell us a story about when they were young. We strolled up the drive and saw that Julie was inside with my Grandad. When I got in, I had an adrenaline rush just looking forward to the story. A few minutes later, Grandad started…

It was a normal, chilly August morning. Julie and I were lazing down by the shore. We were going to the “Grand Feast”. We were both very exhilarated as we were the only children going there as our Father was the Monarch before he died. He died of consumption and it couldn’t be cured.

Suddenly, we heard a bang and the lights flicked off. When the lights came back on (or if they did),  we were gone. We were taken onto an old, desolate ship. It had vast, white sails with a massive” T” on one of them.

I asked the Captain, “Why do you want us?”

 He said, “Your father stole jewels from me in days gone by. Now it’s my time to have my revenge on him and I will kill his children but first I need my beauty sleep.”

The next morning, we woke up on a slippery rock and all we could see was the ship in motion, drifting away.We were shivering with the cold. We were both numb with the cold and fear and our blood was circulating poorly. There was water seeping through our shoes and our clothes were clinging to us. Later that day, we saw a ship. We were saved, thank God, before we perished with the cold and hunger.

What an incredible story he told!