Kanturk Arts Festival The Tragedy By Szymon

The Tragedy


Syzmon Kuras

No one exactly knows what happened there. It all took place on 15th of May 1843. One of the biggest merchant ships sank. It departed from Portsmouth in England and it was sailing to the east. The captain’s name was Terence Walters and he brought his two children, Mary Rose and Terence Jr.

The ship was returning when it was caught in a ferocious storm. Black clouds rolled in above the ship. Soon the waves started crashing against the vessel. The wood weakened and what they didn’t know was that jagged rocks were peeking out of the water. The children were the only ones to realise this but it was too late. The ship was torn in half.

The children reacted quickly and jumped in the freezing water. They both swam as fast as sharks to a nearby rocky island. When they reached it they  were shivering. They decided to climb up to the highest point on the rock. They could taste the saltwater that was splashing into their faces. Their bodies were numb from the cold and their clothes was clinging to their bodies. They were so petrified their faces were as pale as two ghosts and they couldn’t move a muscle. They were staring lifelessly at the sinking ship. They could smell the disgusting odour of seaweed. The salt cracked their lips, making them bleed.

Their bodies were never found . It is said that each year on the anniversary of the ship sinking, you can see the children on that same rock staring out at the doomed ship.