Kanturk Art’s Festivle, I Got a Lot of Phones, by Mikolaj

I got a Lot of Phones


Mikolaj Muzyk

So, I was sleeping at my house and I suddenly heard a loud, eroding knock at my wooden door. I was petrified, hearing all the police alarms going off, waking everybody up. I decided not to open up for a while but a second later I heard a lad shouting loudly to another to call the fire brigade to break down my door.

Meanwhile, I was getting out of my bed, the door protested as it slowly opened. They ran breathlessly up my squeaky stairs. I was hyperventilating with fear but I shouted, “I’m here”. They pulled their guns out and slowly crept into my room. Thankfully, they didn’t shoot but told me to go to the person that was talking to me right now. He was kind-of choking me and asked me why I did it. Oh yeah,  I didn’t even tell you what I did…

So I was in the apple store trying to buy the new iPhone 11 pro max that were just released, but I ended up stealing all of them and a few XR’s too. On my way back I decided that I would look rich when I  killed 10 people on my way back so I did. The police found out and I’m here now. Alcatraz. It’s located in San Francisco Bay, 1.25 miles away from California, where I lived. Well ,I don’t now so…

When it was night time, I decided to try to escape. The storm must have lulled everyone to sleep, that’s why I was the only one not asleep. I got out of my jail room and I swam up to the ship that still hadn’t left. Thankfully, I’m the best captain but I nearly drowned. I got to the place I wanted and finished writing my story.