Ladybird Basket 100 word challenge week 7 by Noel

Frank was a certified MI6 agent. He was sent to Australia to reach Ladybird Basket. This assignment would take courage, skill and most importantly a camera. Ladybird Basket was at high altitude so it would take a lot of climbing. At Ladybird Basket there was chaos because the humans were trying to change the way of the ladybirds. Frank’s mission was to bring peace to the loveliness of ladybirds. A helicopter took him to his destination. As he ascended he saw the chaos below. He jumped out the helicopter and deployed his parachute.

One thought on “Ladybird Basket 100 word challenge week 7 by Noel”

  1. A great action story, Noel. I loved how you used the prompt to create an almost spy feeling to the story. You have used some good, technical vocabulary which helps the reader sense the expertise of your agent eg deployed, altitude, ascended. You have used a good range of sentences and your writing flows well. Well done!

    Yanalie (team 100) Spain

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