Lego World by William Copy

One day in the toy shop Alex and William found a box.  It was glowing mysteriously.  They both looked in and suddenly they found themselves in a mysterious world.  There was cars hovering above them.  The cars looked like time machines.  Alex and William were a bit scared as they weren’t sure what was happening.  They sat into one of these cars.  As they were driving the seats were vibrating and there was funny noises and smoke inside the car.  Suddenly the car came to a halt and lowered to the ground.  The doors opened and Alex and William got out.  They looked around them to see they were in a Lego World.

The doors, windows, shops were all made of Lego.  This was fantastic as Alex and William loved Lego.  Alex and William were hungry so they went to a restaurant.  Tables , chairs and menus were all made of lego.  Unfortunately for them the food was made of lego too.  William was starving at this stage and said “I would really love a pizza.” Next thing a car hovered above him.  Alex and William got in, it took them to a pizza parlour.  The pizza was delicious.

William and Alex wondered how they were going to get out of this strange land.  They searched on their phones to see if they could find any maps or portals.  There was a portal showing on the other side of the Land.  They called their car once again and told it to take them to the portal.  Eventually they arrived at their destination.  They both jumped into the portal and it brought them to another dimension.

William wondered what his Mom was going to think about his explanation of where he was all day and how they were going to get home.




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