Malfunction By Killian Week 2

I was getting ready to go on The Big Rip. I hopped on and put on my seatbelt. It started moving  but it seemed to be going backwards faster and faster. I looked behind me to find a drop in the rail. It was around a hundred metres away and there were ten people on the ride. I decided to stop the ride. I pulled a small steel rod out of my pocket. I leaned over the side of the carriage and stuck the rod into the track. Surprisingly it worked. But not enough. We were leaning over the edge and we were just about to fall when…

One thought on “Malfunction By Killian Week 2”

  1. Hi Killian!
    I liked how this was about a roller coaster ride. Hey you wrote about a roller coaster and I wrote about time going backwards. Maybe you should not leave your writing as a cliffhanger because then there is nothing more to the story and the word when is not the best cliffhanger word because then people can get mad or they want to know more you could have used “but then…” that is much better. Bout overall good story.
    Happy 100 wording,
    Zainab in Illinois

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