Bruno came home from school to find Maria, the maid, packing his belongings. He would always play with his three best friends, Karl, Daniel and Martin. Gretel,Bruno’s sister, was also moving to a new house. This was even worse for Bruno along with the rest of his family. They had a get-together at the house for a last goodbye. Their house in Berlin was perfect to Bruno but they had to move due to their fathers job. Bruno wasn’t so sure what his job was but he had a big office so it must be important. Bruno had to lose everything: his friends, his house, his school and his grandparents. After moving Bruno was as bored as a blind guy watching a silent movie. He had nothing to do and no-one to play with. There, in the new house, they had a chef called Pavel. He trained as a doctor before he became a chef. Behind the fence of the house was an open forest. One day Bruno went off into the woods to find a fence, a fence of barb wire. The fence went around the circumference of a concentration camp. OUT-WITH. But Bruno didn’t know that at first, until he met Shmuel. From that day on Bruno would go to Shmuel to do different things each day. They would discuss differences between each others life. Once the dug a hole to get Shmuel out. Once that was done, they ran.