My Invention by Nathan wk 6

I danced clumsily around my new invention, The fighter plane. It had taken me years to build this to get everything right. But finally I built it and just in time too because somebody had killed a Duke of someplace, now Germany had invaded France and Britain have declared war on Germany.

So now I am off to a city called BATH to see if they will use my invention but if the don’t I’m going to Munich and see if they like it.When I got to the city I met an orange faced old man who really liked my invention and ordered a thousand. Now I am off to Munich and I hope they order lots more.

One thought on “My Invention by Nathan wk 6”

  1. Hi Nathan,
    I enjoyed your story and how you linked the words, incorporating them into a story around the war and the invention of the fighter plane. The outcome of war would have been very different without aeroplanes!
    My only hint would be to check that your tenses are consistent, as you sometimes write in the past tense (danced) and at other times, it is in present (I’m going to…).
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your tales.
    Kind regards from Australia,

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