Paddy 5th : The War Of Ink.

In the beginning Splatfest was a happy time. But then again, a lot has changed since “The beginning“. In “The beginning” there were no salmonoids to attack us. In “The beginning” Splatfest was for all ages, with sales in all the best stores, free t-shirts for anyone who voted in the ballot for what people prefer. This time it was action movies V.S. comedy. Now, as I clutch my Splattershot in the wrecked remains of the square, staring at the cracked, flickering screen advertising Splatfest, I almost smile. And as I swim through the ink as a squid I cry to myself, knowing that we may have won this battle, but the war is not over.

2 thoughts on “Paddy 5th : The War Of Ink.”

  1. Hi Paddy,

    Loved the imagination in this as you talked about Splatfest and I enjoyed that you demonstrated that times have changed.
    The cliff hanger at the end when you say the war isn’t over is very interesting and leaves the reader on edge!

    Keep up the writing this is great

    Milly (Team100) from Leeds

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