Paddy: Master hand V.S Crazy hand

In the begining of the universe, there were two main forces: order and chaos. Order was represnted by Master hand, a smart, by the book and gloved hand. Chaos, on the other hand, was represented by Crazy hand, who was the opposite of Master hand.

One day, over New York city, a hand fell from the sky. It was Crazy hand. He was going to destroy Earth. Suddenly, Master hand came crashing down onto Crazy hand. He caught him and threw him into a giant novelty chinese finger trap stall. Conveniently, Crazy hand got all of his fingers stuck in a trap. He was sent to galaxy jail where he will stay forever.

3 thoughts on “Paddy: Master hand V.S Crazy hand”

  1. Hi Paddy ,
    I really enjoyed reading your story this week.
    I’m glad Crazy Hand was captured. Hopefully Earth will be in safe hands now!
    Mrs Boyce

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